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Let's Go!

Shadows: Demigod

Chapter 1: Stranger of the Norm

It was a beautiful afternoon in Jump City! Well, for those who could actually enjoy it without going insane from the quiet. The sun was out, the birds weren't singing, for once, no dogs were barking, no car horns were honking, no human was talking for some reason that that even they couldn't explain. Hell, the freaking fish weren't even swimming for fear of disturbing the silence. And for good reason, too.

"Now, where are we, again, hmmm?"

|Jump City...|

A lone figure dressed head to toe in -no, not black, but brown- crouched on the roof of one of the few buildings in the city that had a completely clear view of Titans Tower. From the ground, any person walking by could've seen him, but nobody really felt like looking up, also for reasons they couldn't explain.

"And… why are we here?"

|To find the other one like us... Duh...|

To any normal person who had the gall to look up, or the ears to listen in on this figures speech pattern, they would automatically assume that he was crazy, seeming to ask himself questions that he already knew the answer to. However, to any person familiar with the paranormal... They would see a person mentally talking to his shadow, a.k.a, a nut. To the first one, they'd be right. To the second, they'd be only half-right. Why? Because they couldn't hear what he could.

"Yeah, how are we supposed to detect this alleged 'person' again? Last I checked you couldn't do the whole 'super-sensory' thing. We even sure it's human, this time?"

|Bait, you moron, bait!|

"What the hell? I didn't know we were going fishing..."

|No, you moron, we're gonna USE bait to lure out the other one. Get it?|

"... What kind of bait? Are we talkin' worms, hotdogs, fishes, that kind of thing? I didn't know you were into the sport!"

Only a certain green hero of the city could've possibly heard the mind-slap that followed. The brown-clad figure fell backwards onto the concrete roof from the force of said alleged mind-slap.

|Hmm, let me think... It is bipedal... It's capable of rational thought... Plus we're currently surrounded by hundreds of them.|

"Oh, I know what you're talking about now... But how the hell are we going to catch a hundred of two-legged fly-geniuses?"

|Humans, jackass!|

"…Two-legged fly-genius humans?"

|... You're high again, aren't you?|

"Well, DUH!! We do appear to be on top of an extremely tall structure that, when you look at it the right way, resembles a building, yeah!"

|Yup, you're high. You know what, let me handle this. I've already found the perfect host for her...|

"Ohhh, Hime's here?!" The figure began teetering around wildly on top of the building. "Hey, Hime! Listen, I know we got off to a rough start, but I swear I didn't know that was supposed to be your body!"

|Shut up, idiot! You're gonna make us fall! Watch out!|

From ten stories up, the moronic-sounding undefinably-gendered being fell...

Right on top of a depressed teenage girl. Nobody walking by seemed to notice this, however, so, eh. The brown-clad would-be suicidal nut stood up quickly, brushing itself off and leaning back into the shade of the building.

"Whew, close one!""

|It was your fault in the first place, crack-head. Besides, that was our host for Hime we landed on. But not to fear! We can rebuild her; sexier, faster, stronger, better. Unfortunately not smarter, though... or with a stronger will to live... But oh, well!|

"... You got into my stash just now, didn't you?"


"How the hell did she talk so much?" This was the question Garfield Logan wanted answered, and he wanted it answered now. Unfortunately, it was already at least 11:30 p.m. on a Saturday night in Jump City, which implied several things that kept this question from being answered.

1) Robin and Starfire had gone out on a date (finally!) and had come back to the Tower at least an hour ago, as usual, and were either both asleep, or both still 'going at it'. Odds were that their 'visitor' had gone with them, but still, that wasn't what slimmed the odds. The pheromone levels weren't clogging his nose tonight, which was what signified that nothing freaky was going down.

2) Raven had most likely been at the Tower all night reading, and generally appreciating the silence that came with his absence. Either that, or she had been down in the garage-slash-autoshop fixing up one of the cars or something, trying to get rid of the ambience, as he had noticed a few weeks before. Meditating was also an expected activity, but had more than likely been mediating-slash-"spying on the happy trio" for Cyborg. Wouldn't have been the first time that had happened. Assuming that she had done any of those, she was more than likely done by now and sleeping. Peacefully, maybe?

3) Cyborg, on the other hand, had undoubtedly followed him on his 'date' with... whoever she was, he hadn't caught her name, but had come back to the Tower once he realized the only blackmail material he could scavenge was the fact that today's date would not shut up… At all… Which could not be considered good blackmail material. Why? Well, besides the fact that everyone else who heard would suffer brain damage if they heard the subjects she would rant about so callously, Beast knew that Cy definitely did not have enough metaphorical 'tape' to record all that on, not even in his memory banks. And most likely, those would have been corrupted from how she constantly changed the subject without warning.

So the man known as Victor Stone was undoubtedly heading to bed early tonight.

The shape-shifter sighed as he trudged down the stairs into the Tower. He almost believed himself to be dead on his feet, but the annoying buzz that still rang in his ears told him otherwise. Next to the aforementioned question, the next words uttered from his mouth would've made perfect sense.

"Why does this always happen to me?"

Easy enough to say, the date… didn't exactly go as planned, to say put lightly.

He had actually planned (for once) for the two to go see a good movie(B-rated horror, perhaps?) or maybe even club-hopping, have a reasonably nice dinner, you know, the complete opposite of what actually did happen. The first sign this date would go wrong? He had no idea what the girl's name was. To tell the truth, she had seemed to come out of nowhere asking him if he wanted to go on a date with her. It didn't help that he'd just finished battling Plasmus with the other Titans. Maybe that was why she'd immediately run away after he'd said 'yes'. So throughout the entire date, he'd had to avoid asking 'What's your name again?'

Evidently, that's easier than it seems to be.

However, that led to problem number two; large amounts of showering in the time period of two hours. The only way it could've been made worse, which of course it had been, was the fact that there were only four showers in the Tower, all of which had been in use, even by Cyborg, who had eventually broken one of the only two showers on Beast's floor. So BB had to 'take a swim' in the bay, as if being thrown in by Raven twice that day hadn't been enough (don't ask). Then, if that wasn't bad enough, his 'date' had redundantly commented on how he smelled, as she described it, 'fish-ay'.

Problem number three? This one involved more direct torture to the young man, mostly to his ears. And the ears of everybody they came in contact with, most of which bled once they were out of sight. The girl, whatever her name was, would not shut up! Honestly, if Raven ever compared him to a force of nature in the skill of being annoying, this girl was a freaking god! Well, a goddess, at least. She never seemed to stop for breath, which in itself was amazing, but it was how she spoke that nearly got her stoned by movie-goers, city-walkers, and diner chicks alike! She seemed to curse -loudly- once every two sentences, spoke with the bad accent of a wanna-be hill-billy Frenchman (even Billy Numerous would be ashamed of her!), and never seemed to run out of subjects to talk about. And even then, talk isn't the right word for it. More like a one-sided debate. Beast could literally count on five fingers the number of times he'd said anything to her that she actually seemed to pay attention to before going off on another rant.

Really helped with the not asking for a name, by the way.

Besides that, the only problems with their 'date' was the numerous occasions where the green teen had to save the girl from half-crazed citizens, and the silent brown-clad pseudo-spy creep that followed them everywhere they went. Finally, it got to the point where he said "Screw this", left a note saying 'I left' on the table, and flew home, smelling like the medley of rotten fruits and vegetables that had barely missed the girl.

But unknown to him, at least he was spared the confusion of seeing the Terra look-alike back at the diner, his last stop of the night. Unfortunately, this coincidence was only one-sided.

So there you go.


Once again, back with brown-clad guy, this time in a not-so popular diner in Jump City, face covered by a giant Westerny-type hat. Apparently, sound waves were back to normal, because by now nothing was quiet at all. Except him, it seemed. Mostly.

|So, Tobi, are we sober now?|

"I don't know about you, I came down off my sugar-rush about five hours ago."

|Ladies and gentlemen, we have a record! By the way, what's with all the brown clothes again? Incognito much?| Apparently, we weren't the only ones wondering.

"… They were on sale… Kind of… Besides, don't they help with the whole 'power' thing you do?"

|And the shotgun?|

Indeed, whoever this guy was, he had a sawed-off twelve-guage strapped onto his back under the knee-length trench coat. He wore a slightly tacky, dirt-colored, tight-fitting muscle shirt that didn't as much put the spotlight on his muscles, but rather, choked them, and a pair of loose-fitting brown cameo jeans, not to mention the spray-painted brown steel-toed combat boots that barely fit his feet.

"Came free with the hat... Hey, where's our target? Now that I think about it, why the hell hasn't Hime stopped talking yet?"

|I guess it really has been a while since she's done a full-body possession… Guess she's still getting breaking it in?| The stranger glanced sideways over at the still-talking blonde girl sitting alone at her table and sighed. |Hey, wait, where did he go?|

"I just asked you that, genius!!"

|So if I don't know and you don't know…|

"Let's go see who does know…"


The life of a geomancer is a hard one, especially when she has only the slightest idea that she may be a geomancer, and has no actual recollection of the first fifteen years of her life…

Nineteen year-old Sarah Markov had no idea what was going to happen when she told the handsome brown-clad figure what he wanted to know.

"Oh, you mean Beast? Of the Titans?" A slight frown tugged at her face. Only three and a half years ago had the anamorphic teen tried his hardest to get her to remember being a person that she wasn't, who she never could've been. She'd seen him tonight with… whoever she was, but had made a point not to let him see her. It was bad enough that she had those dreams, now the person who started them happening had just been right in front of her with someone else.

And who was this guy? He'd have to have lived under a rock for the past couple of years to not know who the Titans were!

"… Who of the what?" He smiled cluelessy.

"Beast. You know, green, tall, annoying? Formerly known as Beast Boy? Of the Titans, formerly the Teen Titans, in the giant 'T' in the middle of the bay?" This time there was a trace of bitterness in her voice that she couldn't stop. Yes, it seemed that the one green teen of the Titans had had a massive growth spurt in the last year or so, now he was rivaling Cyborg in height. He wasn't the only one who grew, though.

The rest of the Titans grew, too, but not quite as much as their prankster had; it was hard for the public not to notice, what with them still saving the city and all. Robin was now 20. He'd let his hair grow out for some reason, now it was longer than Starfire's crimson hair. He'd also changed his name to Nightwing, at least to the public. He'd kept the basics of his uniform, only adapting the more prominent areas to the colors blue and black. He still stuck with the weapons he'd been using all this time, though.

He was by now considered an 'average height' member of the team, next to Raven, who he pretty much now killed in the height category. This, however, did not make him any less intimidating. Sarah didn't like him that much for some reason. Annoyed her friends endlessly.

Starfire had grown also, almost towering over her (hush-hush, still secret) boyfriend, Nightwing, not to mention growing in… other ways (think female sexual organs). She was somewhere between 19 and 20 now by human standards, and her Tamaranean age remained a mystery to the public. She'd traded in her slightly skimpy outfit for a purple T-shirt that covered more of her torso, and a longer-yet-still form-fitting purple skirt. Even then, she'd grown more in other ways. One year ago, Blackfire, her also-Tamaranean sister, had crash-landed on Earth and lost her memory. All of it. And even after a few flashback crash-courses, Star had managed to get the other Titans to take the rogue alien into the Tower, at least until she got all her memory back.

That still hadn't happened yet, so, eh.

So besides growing physically, Starfire's powers were for some reason tripled at her sibling's arrival, and no one dared compare her to an airhead these days. Still, though, that state seemed to be reserved only for when someone ticked her off, which seemed to only happen in a fight, and even then, rarely. Still, no one dared to mess with her at all. Publicly, at least. Sarah herself wondered when she had become slightly obsessed with Starfire…

Cyborg, despite being half-machine, had still grown with his upgrades, maintaining his status as the tallest member of the Titans. By now he was 22 years old. A few upgrades here, new weapons there, and, well, it couldn't be said that he was unrecognizable, but he'd changed. That was for sure. He was still hairless. He was now dating… Well, no one actually knew who he was dating, but they did know that spreading rumors using any form of technology would be bad for them when Cyborg would most definitely find out. One thing he wouldn't find out, though, was that Sarah found him totally hot for some reason or another.

Next up, the darkest Titan, Raven. Raven was now 19, like Beast. She had grown about half a foot over the past two years, more than the Boy (or is it man?) Wonder had, and now practiced white, stronger Azerathian magic to go with her already-mastered dark magic. As far as the public eye went, she was doing an extremely good job at it, too. There were rumors about who she had for a boyfriend, but all of them were extremely unfounded.

Next to the limited height, she had definitely grown more in the, shall we say, Women's Department. She still wore the same uniform, just bigger in certain areas to fit her changing body. And she had also just slightly let her hair grow longer. Without knowing it, she now had at least half of Jump City's teenage male population going to sleep and waking up with a nosebleed, not to mention a certain 'morning stiffness'. As far as she went, though, these major crushes went completely unrequited. Sarah found herself hating Raven sometimes, and wishing she were there so she could talk to her at other times.

But lastly, there was Beast Boy, or Beast, as he was now called, obviously. He was only 19, but he was almost taller than his best friend, Cyborg, already. His hair was now shoulder-length, as if that mattered; it was still always messy. His uniform had changed much more than anyone else's had. He'd left his old Doom Patrol uniform behind for a green and black form-fitting T-shirt and specially made black and purple jeans. His gloves were now non-existent, the only thing he'd really been hiding underneath them turned out to be overly-furry slightly clawed hands. His uniform was decorated with green claw marks across the back and front of his torso and much smaller purple paw prints on the legs of the jeans. Strangely, they weren't form-fitting, but they still morphed with his body and for some reason never seemed to get damaged. Next to growing, Beast had also become much more destructive in combat. Helpfully, of course.

As far as anyone dared to think, he hadn't seemed to have progressed much mentally, but they didn't know all that much about him, still. He kept his fun-loving prankster attitude, but occasionally, citizen and hero alike would see a ruthless, calculating being looking through the changeling's bright eyes. Thankfully, this was rare enough for them to not comment on it when it did happen. There were no rumors about who he was dating, for nobody had to look far for him on a Saturday night, 'cruising for chicks' as he called it one time. Vaguely, Sarah wondered when she'd become so obsessed with the prankster, too.

After his attempt to get her to remember all those years ago, though, things that might have been memories started coming to her in her sleep.

"Uhmmm..." Sarah noticed the blank look of "non-comprende" plastered all over the stranger's face. Wow, and here she was thinking that her on a bad day was bad...

"Yeah, anyway, he left a little while ago." She glanced over at the check-out counter; nobody there to hear her whisper under her breath, "And the next words out of his mouth will be..."

"Would you happen to know where he went?" Sarah sighed, shoulders slumping in exasperation as she glanced at the clock. Almost midnight. Ah, screw it, she thought. If he's gonna kill me out in some dark alley, it would still be better than this place.

"You know what, why don't I show you?"


Bleeeeeggghhh, weak cliffie! Until next time, though!

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