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Let's Go!

Shadows: Demigod

Chapter 3: Just Plain Strange

Logan screamed as he jerked upright, fending off the giant killer dust bunnies that had been threatening to destroy his dreamland.

"About time you woke up, bonehead."

He quickly snapped his head to the side, staring wide-eyed in sudden shock at Raven, who was staring right back, slight smile/grimace on her face. Maybe she was constipated?

"We took bets on when you'd wake up while you were out. Looks like I lose. Damn." Ah, nevermind.

"Uh, really? How's that?" Wait, what the heck was she talking about? Why was she in his room? What time was it? Wait... He yawned openly as he sat up before taking a deep breath. Was that antiseptic he smelled in the air? Where was he? And why was Raven in the room while he was in bed in his boxers?

All this went through the young animorph's head within two seconds, each question getting fifteen different answers at once. All who were outside of his head, however, only saw wisps of smoke begin curling away from his head as he wore a slightly "not-here" look on his face.

"Richard thought you would wake up at about midnight and trip one of his alarms. Victor said you would wake up in about a week and empty the fridge. Kori and Komi put their money on the next time there was an attack on the city. I put my bets on never." Beast was still somewhat 'out-of-it', so he didn't really pick up just what she'd said. Still

"Ouch. Harsh," was his automatic reply. Well, before what felt like a grenade exploded in the back of his head as he suddenly got a split-second full-day flashback.

Fell out of bed sudden pain all over went to the Ops Room ate some weird and potentially deadly waffles while everybody stared at me like a freak and looked in a mirror then OH!! I remember now!

"You're tellin' me. Now it's down to the DoubleMint twins and our fearless leader here. Vic's gonna be pissed, so you'd probably do well to avoid him for now." Noticing the pained look on Beast's face, she explained a little bit. "He had to hit you with a few tranquilizers to keep you from busting everyone's ears. We were all the way up here before he remembered that those were all designed for larger animals, namely elephants."

Beast raised an eyebrow as the brain-burst suddenly faded. "And? It usually takes one or two of those to bring me down these da--"

"Fifteen of them stabbed straight into your back and side?" Raven deadpanned.

"... Oh. Damn." Even the green man knew his limits; he knew them well, and tested them occasionally in the field, so to speak. The last time he'd actually checked, it took up to seven standard-issue tranquilizing darts -which held enough technical chloroform to knock an especially resistant grown male out cold- to any part of his body to even make him tired. Maybe three of the heavy-duty kind on any especially good day for him, when even he would admit that he was a little out of control. Either way it played, he wouldn't be feeling too good when he woke up. Usually.

But fifteen? Holy mother.

"Uhh... Rae? Just how long have I been out?"

"Surprisingly, just five hours. And it's Raven."

"... What? You're shitting me."

"I shit you not. Do I look like I'm kidding?"

"Well... yes."


"No! No, I mean... no."

"You better mean no," the empath sighed as she got out of her seat and made her way to the door. "Victor said you might need to stay in bed for a while even after waking up, but I'm guessing you're not going to anyway." She didn't need to turn around to tell that Beast was shaking his head fiercely. He wouldn't stay in the med bay a second longer than he had to, even if he was on his deathbed. She sighed, not knowing whether or not it was a good thing that she knew this.

"Oh, and you might want to do something about the..." Raven trailed off as she turned back to face him. "... Well, you'll see."

With that mysterious-yet-cliche parting phrase, she was gone.


"Well how the heck was I supposed to know where we were going?"

"Hello?! You were the one leading us there! Well, here. Wherever here is." The easily-confused teen's expression only grew in intensity as the blond smacked her forehead. "Oh, come on! You didn't even pay attention to what you were doing, did you?"

Tobi only coughed to the side as a response, giving her all the answer she needed. He knew only as much as she did about how they'd gotten here, in this position.

"Baka! Why the hell do I ever trust you with anything?!"

"'Cuz you're just that smart?"

"You dare insult my intelligence?!"

"Scratch that; 'cuz I'm just that smart?"

"... That doesn't even make any sense! Gods, I'm such an idiot!"

"Uhh..." The one for now known as Terra sighed.

"No you do not have permission to call me an idiot."


"You know what, how can I even trust that you were even right this time, huh? Tell me, when was the last time you were actually right about something concerning that!" The rhetorical statement was taken to heart by the young hunter.

"Just last... week..." His start came to a quick close at her glare. "Why do you keep asking those questions if you don't want an answer?!"

The possessed teen huffed as she turned away from him, rotating her wrists at an awkward angle to try and get the ropes constricting her hand movement off, or at least looser. She then swore and kicked a nearby barrel as she succeeded only in chafing her wrists. Terra-Hime glared through the closest window she could see as Tobi seemed to fall asleep again.

Where were they? Well, besides the obvious, that being a warehouse, she didn't have a clue. The host's, or her body's, natural affinity with earth gave her enough information for her to know that they were still in the same town, but that's it. Then, of course, seeing as the one known as 'Terra' was subconsciously resisting her advances, she couldn't get more details from that or tap the definite power that slept deep within. Or something.

Bummer, but she would have to live with it for now.

Their captor, who had brought them here, was no longer around of course, for the time being. Then again, with luck, he wouldn't come back from whatever he'd left for. That way she could either kill Tobi without using her arms or legs and (somehow) die with dignity or make the rest of his existence as miserable as possible. And then die happy. She exhaled sharply as she banged her forehead on a barrel.

"Decisions, decisions..."

She didn't deem it necessary to pay much more attention to her surroundings. If she had, she would have registered the smoke floating by outside of the window, and the large amount of heat that would be felt from outside.

However, Tobi noticed it.


Beast was still sitting in bed, trying to figure out what time it was at the moment without getting up, and it was proving to be a challenge for him. Partially because he was a little uncoordinated because of the tranqs and partially because his mind kept wandering.

'Okay then, a couple of hours plus the time I woke up equals... Did I miss lunch? I don't feel like I missed lunch. That might be because of those meat patties from earlier, but I doubt it... Hmm, did we have pizza for lunch? Did they fight somebody in the city without me? Wait, where did my clothes go? He yawned then, scratching his head. And why is my head hurting so bad?!'

"You humans are so overrated, you know that, right?"

The green man almost had a heart attack before turning to the side, where some... creature sat, picking at its teeth with its claws. Offhandedly, he noticed that, like him, it was green.

"I mean, come on, if your head is hurting the obvious thing to do is to stop thinking, right?"

"What are you?" Being a man that knew his comic books and movies, and had something like this happen to him on a regular basis (usually at a bad time, always against his will), he wasn't all that surprised that there was a larger-that-usual lizard sitting in the chair next to his bed. Although he knew he should probably be screaming by now, he figured that would be the cliche thing to do in this situation.

And if there was one thing Beast hated, it was bad cliches. They always tended to slow down the storylines.

"What am I, you ask?" The lizard stared at it's claws, having discovered something between its fangs. After a moment, it popped whatever it was back into it's mouth and chewed. "I am, and let's get this straight, a dragon. Not a winged lizard, not a four-legged flying eel, a dragon. A reptile, not a mammal. You got that, human?"

"Oh, I know what a dragon is." The words came up without him thinking; a bad habit that he really need to fix by now. "What I meant to ask was, what the heck are you doing here? Don't you guys usually show up when something bad is happening, or when it's about to happen?"

"Say what?"

"I mean, no offense or anything, but the last dragon we had tried to kill us and take over the world. Although now that I think about it, you're a little too small to do anything like that, aren't you..."

In situations like this, in the old days, Beast Boy knew when to shut up. He usually saw that whoever he was talking to was definitely taking offense to what he was saying, and was likely to try to kill him within the next few minutes. However, since he hit puberty and (willingly) merged with his primal side, his brain seemed to be on permanent vacation.

Although his sense of humor seemed to have improved since that time, as had his skills in a fight, his mouth tended to make all the mistakes that he knew not to try. As such, this is the case here.

"... I'm sorry, what was that?" If he had looked to his left, he would have seen smoke blowing out of the reptile-in-question's ears.

"I mean, sure the other guy was stuck in a book for a few hundred years or so, but maybe that's why he was so pissed. Oh, well, nothing he can do now I guess. So," Beast finally tore his gaze from the roof, where he always looked when he was thinking more than usual. "What are you doing here again?"

This is when he saw the formerly small dragon, now ten fen length, glaring fire at him.

"I think I'm just gonna kill you and get it over with..."

Beast blinked for a second at the rows of teeth gleaming next to his face.

"So that's gonna be a 'no' to staying over for dinner, huh?"


The Titans were all down in the Ops Room together when it happened. Well, no, not exactly; Cyborg was making dinner (or rather, ordering pizza, as usual, after a hard day of fighting bad guys with most of the team) over in the kitchen, Blackfire was sleeping on one side of the couch, Raven was reading next to her, Starfire was badgering Raven about changing her bet, claiming that "Control Freak taking over our television set does not count as an attack on the city." And Robin was holding Starfire back from tackling the empath off the couch in her earnestness while watching the news, where apparently, three unnamed individuals were escaping from a burning building on the news.

Although he didn't like it, ever since Beast's "help" in destroying what was a thankfully-already-condemned building, the mayor had made it clear that he would be happy if they would just stick to normal robberies and the like. He sighed, raising the remote to flick to the next channel.

That's when they all heard the explosion a few floors up.


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