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The New Deal (Part One)

"The New Deal was just a way for Roosevelt to lull the people so they wouldn't worry, nothing more." Ashley Davies said in an extremely bored voice as she stood in the front of the class.

The blonde next to her gasped. "Are you kidding me? The New Deal instilled hope in the people during a time when they needed it. All the programs, they kept the country afloat." She said, in a loud voice.

"Yeah, they were nice, all a thousand of them. But they didn't do anything important." Ashley replied, looking straight ahead.

Spencer Carlin glared at the girl she was debating. "That's bullshit!" She exclaimed without thinking.

"Miss Carlin! Language." Their history teacher said in a gruff voice.

"Sorry." The usually more composed Spencer murmured.

"Alright, that's enough for today. Thank you Miss Davies for your wonderful interest. Miss Carlin, for your colorful language. Take a seat." He said walking back to the front of the room.

Ashley rolled her eyes and took her seat in the back.

"You infuriate me." Spencer hissed as she walked back to her own seat.

The feisty brunette snorted a little too loudly. "Yeah? Good." She spit, sufficiently ending the talking between the two girls.

Ashley spent the rest of the class zoning out. Doodling instead of taking notes. Texting. Anything to try and convince her eyes to not look at the blonde sitting in the next row. She hated that Spencer wore shorts everyday. She hated that Spencer raised her hand and answered all the questions. She hated that Spencer's voice was flowing and not monotone. But most of all, she just absolutely hated Spencer Carlin.

When the bell rang, Ashley gathered her stuff as quickly as she could and raced out of the door. On her way out, she accidentally bumped the blonde, making her drop all her books.

"Ooops." Ashley sneered at Spencer.

Spencer narrowed her eyes as intimidatingly as she could muster, and then walked away. She had more important and better things to deal with at the moment. Like Chase. Chase was good-looking. Chase was smiling for Spencer. And Chase didn't run his mouth like an idiot like a certain annoying brunette.

Ashley walked past Spencer and her boyfriend-of-the-month, Chase Michaels. Spencer was always on to the next guy. Dating one. Dumping one. Dating another. Dumping another. Ashley didn't get how Spencer was never called a slut. Ever. Maybe she was, maybe she wasn't. Ashley didn't know the personal details of Spencer's life. And she didn't care.

"Hey babe." Spencer smiled as Chase kissed her sweetly at her locker. He was a good boyfriend. He was charming. He was, Spencer thought, probably the best out of the bunch. The others were hot, they were fun, but there was always something missing. Spencer could never find that one thing that made her want to stay. She got bored. And she got bored easily. So when she did, she moved on.

Easy and clear-cut.

"Do you wanna do something after school?" Chase asked Spencer as he helped her put her books in the locker. His strong arms and hands looked good against the small books. Chase was the definition of good-looking. He had defined, strong jaw-line. Grey eyes that looked great against his black hair. And just the perfect amount of stubble.

"Definitely." Spencer said with a smile on her face. Chase wrapped his arm around her once she closed the locker. He was tall and she fit in him well.

He would do, for now.


The brunette made her way across the quad, searching for her friends. She was getting bored of this whole school thing. Everyday was the same. Same routine. Same schedule. The only solace she got in her days was being with her friends and tormenting the blonde in half her classes.

That girl seriously thought she knew everything that has ever been ever written. And Ashley hated her for that.

Ashley saw a guy wave to her from the very edge of the quad. The guy had short almost-back hair, green eyes, and he was wearing a Cobra's jersey.

What a tool, Ashley thought.

"Hey Ash." Aiden said cheerily as she put her book bag down and took a seat.

"Hi Aiden. Why are you so peppy today." She asked him, taking out a marble notebook. This is wear she kept all her lyrics. All her thoughts. She might not even open it up, just having it around gave her a sense of calm.

Aiden shrugged and took a big bite of his burger. "I'm not."

"Whatever." Ashley said, closing her eyes. It was bright out. And the sun was hurting her eyes. She was pissed, because she left her sunglasses in the car. It would be easy to just go get them now. But she was way too lazy for that.

"Hey babe!" A voice said excitedly. A shadow came over Ashley, which was nice for a second, but when she realized it was Kyla and Aiden making out over her, she almost threw up.

"Ew, guys. Please." Ashley said, not daring to look any longer than a confirmation glance. "I get that you love each other and shit, but can you refrain from doing that around me?"

"Sorry Ashley." Kyla said and sat down on Aiden's lap. "Where's Caleb?"

Ashley shrugged, not looking up. Caleb was her best friend. The only person she could be around for longer than five minutes and not get annoyed at. If Ashley had to guess, she would say that Caleb was around the back of the school, probably smoking. But smoking what? She couldn't say for sure.

"Don't you two have some cheerleading-basketball parade to go to or something?" Ashley announced towards the over-eager couple. She opened her notebook to a blank page and started to draw lines. Usually, it just took a couple of minutes of pen to paper to get some thoughts or words flowing. It didn't matter that they were just lines, they would morph into words eventually.

"No, the pep rally's not until last period." Aiden informed her with an oblivious smile. "You going?"

The bitter brunette rolled her eyes in a overly dramatic way. "Do I have to?"

"Uh yeah, unless you want an absent in class." Kyla told her sister, running her fingers through her boyfriend's short hair.

Ashley never understood this action. Running your hands through a guys hair was so anti-climactic. It was always short. She preferred some longer hair to bury her hands in. Something you can really grab a hold of.

"I guess I'm going then." She muttered.

The way my fingers feel through your hair makes me feel your mind and your heart Ashley wrote in her notebook. She scrunched her nose up in disgust at the overly lame words and skipped to the next line.

"Good." Kyla smiled happily as Aiden kissed her cheek. "Well, I gotta go, Spencer called an lunch practice for this afternoon."

Ashley rolled her eyes. She especially hated Spencer Carlin because her sister liked her so much. Kyla said she was "nice and sweet." Ashley just thought she was "annoying and dramatic." She watched Aiden stand and give his girlfriend a hug goodbye. "Have fun!" Ashley called after her sister in a mockingly excited tone.

"What's up girls." Ashley heard a voice say to her as the body it belonged to sat down next to her on the bench. Aiden rolled his eyes at the brunette's douchebag of a friend, Caleb. Caleb's studded belt scratched Ashley's side as he sat down and she scowled at him. She immediately smelt the weed that radiated off of her friend's body. In the sun, his hair was more red than usual.

"You reek man." Ashley spat, closing her notebook to turn to Caleb.

Caleb was her best friend. Her confidante. He was the first and one of the few people she had come out to a year ago, and despite his religious family, the red haired boy was rebellious by nature. His remark to Ashley's sexual orientation was as follows: "Nice! Now we can score girls together. I think my cousin might be gay, I'll set you two ladies up." Caleb was a ladies man by all the standard definitions of the word.

"Chill out Ash, who's got your panties in a twist today?" Caleb remarked, taking a bite of a strange looking sandwhich.

Aiden, still sitting quietly next to the friends chuckled lightly. Caleb threw him a smirk. "Hey buddy, be happy I didn't ask you that question."

Aiden tried to roll his eyes again, but he just looked stupid.

"No one." The small brunette girl told Caleb, giving him a hard punch to his shoulder. "You're coming to the pep rally with me."

Caleb put his thumb and pointer finger up to his face and scratched the small goatee that rested there. "Uh, no."

"You have to Caleb!" Ashley yelled louder than necessary. "I'm not going alone, and you're high so it'll be funny."

Caleb looked into the eyes of his best friend. Sometimes, he wished she were straight, because she was all kinds of hot. But it would never work anyway, they knew too much details about each others intimate lives to be together. Brother and sister was more like it. With a grunt, Caleb weakened to Ashley's insistent ways.


Spencer sighed to herself as she sat on the bleachers, watching her squad practice their routine for the pep rally that was about to take place in approximately twenty minutes. The blonde liked cheerleading, she did. She just didn't like the high school politics that were dragged along with it. The only reason she even accepted to be captain was because it would look good on her transcript and give her more extracurricular activities for college admissions. But then again, who the hell would care if she was the leader of a bunch of bitchy girls when she was a teenager?

"How was that, Spencer?" The brunette Kyla Davies asked her as the routine ended.

Spencer, having not been paying attention at all, just nodded her head and clapped her hands together. "That was great. Run through on more time."

Spencer liked Kyla. She was a nice girl and probably the only one on the whole squad who never gave her problems, bitchy complaints, or gossiped about her. Besides the fact that she had a sister who annoyed the blonde to no end, Spencer didn't mind Kyla. She always wondered how two sisters could be so different.

The hard thing about this loathing thing was that the Davies sisters were good-looking girls. There was no denying that. Spencer hated Ashley Davies like a Mormon hated a monogamous relationship, but she was mature enough to admit that the annoying brunette sister was gorgeous. So much so, in fact, that the only way to take her mind of it was to torture the brunette in class. Their hatred was mutual, Spencer was sure of this.

Students started to trickle into the auditorium just as the squad was going into the locker rooms to get ready. From the corner of her eye, Spencer noticed Ashley walk inside with her pot-friend Caleb O'Reilly. The blonde rolled her eyes, oblivious to the fact that the brunette and red-head had glanced in her direction as well.

Minutes went by and she could hear Chase talking into the microphone in the gym, making jokes and working the crowd of students. He was well-liked by the student population, except for the handful of guys that been with Spencer before him. When Spencer heard music start to pour out of the speakers, she put on a happy face and ran out of the locker room, leading her squad to the middle of the gym floor. An eye roll was effectively stifled as Chase gave his blonde beauty a kiss on the cheek for luck. At this, an eye roll in the bleachers from a certain brunette was effectively not stifled.

Ashley squirmed in the hard metal of the bleachers. She was pretty sure her ass was already falling asleep. And speaking of falling asleep, she saw that Caleb was in the same condition as her ass right next to her. She jabbed him in the ribs.

It was all Ashley could do from distracting herself from the girls in short skirts in front of her. She hated cheerleaders, but she was mature enough to admit how hot and sexy they could be. Her obsession started shortly after she had had a dream where a certain cheerleader gave her a lap dance in her uniform. Ashley enjoyed that dream and had been willing to come back to months.

The brunette watched as Spencer Carlin led her girls along to some popular song in the middle of the floor. Although she hated her, brown eyes would not stop watching her. Entranced, Ashley almost didn't even feel the nudge given to her by Caleb.

"You know." Caleb started to say, trying to gain Ashley's attention. "They say when someone really hates someone, they actually really like them. Like, kids on a playground."

Ashley snapped her head to give her best friend a glare. "Or, they actually just hate them."

Caleb shrugged, enjoying how funny the dancing girls looked in front of him thanks to Miss Mary J. "Just fuck her and get it over with."

Ashley gasped. "What? She's straight, and plus, like I would want to."

"Come on Ash. She's got that whole 'I go out with a million guys and am a cheerleader but am secretly gay and no one knows' thing going on. Plus she's hot." Caleb said rather seriously.

"You're so full of crap." Ashley mumbled, keeping her eyes trained on said blonde. It's not like she was doing anything wrong. The point of a pep rally was to watch, right? She was just enjoying some Cougar pride. Or was it Cobras? She couldn't be sure.


"Alright students, listen up. We're going to be doing a project as a midterm for class. It'll count for a large amount of your grade." The whole class groaned in unison as their history teacher blabbered on about something they would probably do the night before. "We're doing it in partners. I will read them off to you all."

Friends gave each other nervous glances. Enemies scowled at each other. Ex-girlfriends and ex-boyfriends had anxious looks on their faces. Ashley Davies rolled her eyes and Spencer Carlin yawned.

"Ryan and Patrick."

Ryan, a blonde-haired boy high-fived his friend Patrick who had messy brown hair.

"Madison and Sheryll."

Madison Duarte flipped her long hair over her shoulders and gave shy Sheryll a nasty glare. Not that Madison was mad, she was sure she could coerce Sheryll into doing all of the work.

"Charlie and Samantha."

Samantha, who had curly, dirty blonde hair, gave her best friend across the room a very nervous look and a frown appeared on her face. She looked like she might burst into tears at any second. Charlie, on the other hand, didn't look like he cared at all.

"Meg and Katie."

The two best friends beamed at each from across the aisle separating them. Meg was just happy Katie would be spending the time with her and not with her boyfriend, who she despised. For more reasons other than that he was just crappy in general. Katie was oblivious to the way Meg was looking at her.

"Ashley and Spencer."

Ashley catapulted out of her desk at the pairing of names.

"What?" She asked in a higher voice than usual.

The teacher rolled his eyes. "Miss Davies, please sit down."

Spencer opened her mouth, trying her best to get out of the situation. "Don't you think it would be best if we worked with people we got along with?"

"I drew the names out of a hat." Their teacher told them. "But maybe you and Miss Davies can work together and stop interrupting my class every day."

Ashley say back down with a frown etched into her forehead and adorning her lips. She looked to her side and saw Spencer glaring at her. The brunette gave the blonde the middle finger and the blonde just looked away, sighing to herself. She was not pleased nor amused.

Spencer Carlin stopped at the desk of Ashley Davies as students flowed out of the classroom after the bell had rung. She noticed Ashley didn't even have any books with her, just a tattered old notebook.

"So I guess we should meet to work on this?" Spencer asked her partner in a rough tone.

"Uh, obviously. We can go my house."

"Why your house?" Spencer asked meanly as Ashley got up, putting her headphones in her ears.

"Because I said so." The brunette responded, starting to walk out of the classroom.

Spencer narrowed her eyes, so not in the mood for this bitchiness. "Fine."

"Good." Ashley spat as she walked into the crowd of students that were moving down the hallway like salmon.

Spencer rubbed her temples and walked to her locker. Trying to go as fast as she could. She wasn't in the mood for Chase's cheeriness right now. And she wasn't in the mood for any more of Ashley's bitchiness, either.

To Be Continued...