Author's Note: quite short, but I'll update pretty soon. Hope you'll like it!

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Fourteen-year-old Artemis Fowl is not a normal boy. On nights of full moon he…Oh wait, no, that's not it. Not a werewolf. Oh gosh, this is going to take some time…

It was on a rainy afternoon when our favourite genius was stuck with babysitting duty while Mister and Missus Fowl are out. He wanted to complain because he was so close to finishing authenticating a long lost painting by Leonardo da Vinci, but he didn't. It would make him sound foolish and childlike. He wouldn't want to do that, and especially not in front of his father.

"You know I can always lend a hand, Artemis, I can do much more than just double kick-flip the derrières of our enemies to the other side of the world." Butler, the great manservant, offered. Artemis chuckled at the thought.

"Well, I guess I can try to make the best of it," he brightened up a bit, "Yes…I have it! It's a grand opportunity to inquire my brothers' ability to perceive and their level of comprehension! This will be so much fun, father and I used to do this all the time!" he cheered.

"Now, now, Artemis, don't get too excited." Butler smiled as they made their way to the toddlers' room.

Artemis opened the door, and a scent of day-old jam welcomed him along with the voices of his brother, "Arty-mis look at me, look at me! I make big house for Myles!" grinned a two-year-old, jam smeared, diaper-less boy bashing a red plastic hammer at a piece of wood.

"That's very lovely Beckett! Have you lost your diaper again?" Artemis was giving a glass-breaking beam, large enough that it hurts. Beckett scowled at the mention of diapers; he did not like them very much.

"Arty-mis ok?" he asked innocently at his brother's outsized scary smile.

"Yes," Artemis immediately wiping the unnecessary expression off his face.

"Where is Myles?" he asked the young boy.

"Myles go bye-bye," the young boy answered.

"Go where?" Butler asked.

"Myles walk away, he say bye-bye," the young boy answered again.

Artemis paled, "No Beckett, Artemis no jokey-jokey. Where bye-bye Myles go? I mean, where did he went?...go?" he panicked.

"Beckett not joking," he screamed, "We was playing hidey go seek, Beckett in closet and Myles no find me. I go find him, hims walk away and say bye-bye!" he sobbed.

A million thoughts flickered through Artemis's mind, and all of them ended with the same two words: Opal Koboi.