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Since this is a prologue, a lot of this will be information dump to catch up to when the actual story happens. Bear with me! It's all really important...

On September 19th (1), the family of three had died. One month and two weeks before they could have done anything good and useful in their miserable, normal lives, they were all lying calmly in a graveyard, completely oblivious. Albus Dumbledore sighed and averted his gaze from the empty - and rather broken down - cottage before him, though he was also careful to look away from the small toddler, only 15 months old, who was playing contentedly with his second in command.

He had more important things to think about, like how to keep Harry Potter - the newly christened Boy-Who-Lived - safe. The plan for blood wards was the most secure possibility, but since the Dursleys were dead in a car accident, who could take up that mantle? The Evans family, or at least those who shared a strong enough relation to Lily, was not a large one. Mr and Mrs Evans had both been the only children of only children.

Even Hogwarts wouldn't be safe enough. Not only were there people going in and out at all times, since it was a public institution, but Albus could not trust just anyone with Harry. As much as he trusted Severus Snape, he wasn't even sure if he trusted the man to be in the same country as young Harry, let alone the same dwelling space so soon. The spy had been just that out of love for Lily, and since that woman was now dead, the only remainder of her a single child who she had born for Snape's "nemesis"... there were many possibilities, suffice to say that, at this point, it would be a bad idea to have Snape and Harry in the castle at the same time.

But who could take care of the boy and keep him properly safe and sequestered?

"At the wedding, Lily mentioned an aunt who could not come," Minerva spoke from where she was playing with Harry (it was some muggle game involving a soft orange ball and a low plastic hoop-and-net that the child continually attempted to throw the ball in), as if she could read Albus' mind. More likely he had been speaking aloud. "Do you remember? Her witch aunt in Japan. Yuuko Ichihara."

The aged Headmaster winced. "I wouldn't trust that woman to raise a child Minerva," he stated carefully. "The Witch of Dimensions would not be the best role model, no matter what price is paid for her services." Every witch or wizard worth their salt knew about Yuuko, though none could claim to know her real name. Not that that within itself was strange – usually the only ones who knew a wizard's true name were his closest family, friends, and eventually spouse – but Albus would feel more secure if he did. He could not trust her, an unknown entity for all her notoriety, to raise Harry the way he had to be raised.

Minerva only hmmed while making the squishy ball fly around Harry's head; he giggled and tried to catch it. The scar on his small head stood out all too clearly. A sign of fate - of "hitsuzen" as the Witch always said - that would surely endear him to the woman who Minerva had suggested. But Dumbledore didn't trust the Witch so far as he could throw her without magic.

And yet that was the only viable plan they had come up with since Sirius Black's arrest.

After all, who could keep Harry safer than the Witch of Dimensions, who could do anything she liked short of resurrection? But the price... the Witch didn't take gold like most wizards would for services rendered. She required equal payment, including taking a person's magic, limbs, memories... anything important enough.

All magic ran on the principle of equal exchange in some way, but most magical people paid through their stamina, easily refreshed with food and sleep, and other easily replenished stores. Because of this, they had greater limitations. If her sort of magicks were the "Power the Dark Lord Knows Not..." so many possibilities were opened if he brought in the Witch, and so much control was lost.

Albus sighed once more and made to beckon Minerva come with him. They had come to finish searching the grounds of the Potter Cottage in Godric's Hollow in the early hours of the morning and brought Harry to keep him safe for the moment... but if only they actually had someone they could trust him with!

Albus realized, horrified, what he had just thought as there was a light crunch of frosted-grass underfoot. He didn't have to turn, though he did so out of instinct, to know there was a tall woman, more than half a foot over the average woman's height, with flowing black hair and wearing an outrageous dress of acromantula silk, lace, and what appeared to be some actual black diamonds put together. The mention of the Witch had brought her to them, and Albus had just made a wish, if only to himself.

It usually wouldn't work that way, but Albus knew it counted. It was probably fate again.

"Bumblebee, Minerva," the woman intoned, calling Dumbledore by the name she had used all the other two occasions of their meeting. She only crunched the grass of her own will, Albus knew, not that she seemed to be paying much mind to it or the people she addressed. She had eyes only for the toddler now standing on slightly-wobbly legs next to Minerva. "Harry."

"He has to be raised up properly, Witch," Albus would not address someone quite like that, excepts the Witch's formal title was Witch. "Not spoiled, oblivious to his fame. He can't have a big head." The wish was already made; why not try to better work it in his favor? Damn the cost! "He should grow up like any child ought to, and attend Hogwarts when it is his time."

"Did you think I wouldn't already know how to raise this child?" Yuuko scoffed at him, eyes still fixed on the boy, as if coaxing him away from Minerva. "It is hitsuzen that he should grow up in a specific way. Better me than those animals you would have placed him with; he would have grown up as abnormally as possible, unless you routinely place toddlers in cupboards or throw frying pans at the heads of children. Hitsuzen made this decision for his own good, not yours. His youth will be as hitsuzen demands.

"His room, board, and other expenses will be taken from his vault. For raising him, I will take the ring that is kept in the House of Gaunt in the town of Little Hangleton. Only you may retrieve it, Albus Dumbledore, and you may not touch it nor attempt to use it, no matter how tempting. Hitsuzen demands as much, or the price exacted from you will be tenfold. And for returning him to Hogwarts for his schooling and other magical education, I will have access to Hogwarts when I need it so long as Albus Dumbledore or Minerva McGongall are on school grounds. It will be necessary, but the ban must me lifted. Do you understand?"

Though surprised, Dumbledore agreed immediately to the terms. He only had another forty, maybe fifty years in him that Yuuko might demand entry to Hogwarts; Minerva had already decided that she would leave when he did, provided it was in twenty years or more. Lifting the old ban that had been put in place by Phineas Nigellus would not be any great effort. Likewise, taking a ring from a deserted house, from an ended line, would be no chore and not really a crime either even if he was caught.

Yuuko smiled in a serene way, and that seemed to be the signal Harry was looking for. The child staggered in the way that such young children do over to the imposing woman (to anyone shorter than the Headmaster that is) and raised his hands. "Up!" Harry demanded. The smile continued to grace to lips of the Witch as she complied and Harry seemed only too happy to sit on her hip and play with a stray ribbon from her dress.

"Remember, you have to give me the ring by next Hallowe'en," she stated, "and the wish will be completed as demanded."

"Well, I'm glad that's settled," Minerva huffed much like a cat. "We will send someone to look in on the boy now and again of course. To make sure you treat him properly."

The smile, once petite, distant, and perhaps inviting, curled into something that Albus could only describe as far more feline than any expression Minerva had ever had. Like the cat that caught the canary. "I expect nothing less."

For some reason, Albus felt a shiver of impending doom move down his spine as the Witch of Dimensions retreated from the half-collapsed house.

Ichihara Harry had always known about magic. The wonders it could perform, and the associated costs, had been a fact of his life ever since he could remember. Once, he had found an injured bird at the park and taken it to Yuuko, asking her to heal it. She said that if the bird took the cost, other birds would shun it for being touched by humans, and if he took the cost, his arm would be bruised for a while.

That was the first "wish" he ever made to Yuuko, and even though it hurt to play for a couple weeks, he didn't regret it. He had been four years old.

At five, he began to wonder why children walked by, all wearing the same clothes, and couldn't come to the park until after four in the afternoon. Yuuko said they went to school, to learn the things that she had been teaching him since he was two-and-a-half, when he learned to read. She said they couldn't read yet, and that was why they had to go to school.

Harry wanted to go to school too, but Yuuko said no. It was fine for him to play at the park where she could watch him, or in the house with Marudashi and Morodashi – two little girls without souls who worked for Yuuko and had been Harry's playmates since he was a baby – but she had to watch over him, look out for him, keep him safe. There were people in the world who would want to hurt Harry, because of his parents, or Yuuko, or even something that happened before Yuuko took him. At school he wouldn't be safe, but he could go to a special school when he was eleven.

Harry could accept this, but he wanted to know about his parents and what had happened that would make people not like him. Yuuko told him whatever he wanted about his parents; that they were a witch and wizard, that Lily was her niece through extenuating circumstances (2), how both Lily and James had been kind people, but James had been mean as a child. Nothing about Potter James and Lily was withheld, but Yuuko wouldn't say why people might want to hurt Harry.

That was the first time she ever said "no" to him about revealing any information pertaining to himself. He could ask where babies came from, why Moro and Maru were soulless, even about some of the clients, the ones who seemed interested in making sure he was alright before making their wishes, but his aunt would not say that one thing. Harry didn't like it, but he knew that there was a reason. It could wait until his eleventh birthday, because that was hitsuzen, the one force that controlled everything.

When he was eight, right at the start of another school year for his playmates, something changed. Where once a brown haired boy with equally brown eyes a year younger had come to play with him, he found himself playing with a boy with black hair and blue eyes, and remembered having done it even though he never had. This boy had the same parents as the gold-eyed boy, and they didn't notice anything wrong, so Harry didn't say anything. Yuuko said it was because he lived in her shop that he noticed at all. (3)

Kimihiro was a lot more emotional than Syaoran, but Syaoran had a better imagination. Maybe it was because Kimihiro was constantly attracting spirits that made him less fun, but Harry had a falling out with Kimihiro within the month and he spent more and more time at the shop learning from his books and trying to do magic like Yuuko's.

Before Harry even realized it, it was his eleventh birthday. Seasons didn't mean much in the shop, the passage of the year marked by visits from spirits and Harry's occasional trip to festivals and temples. He always did his best, and learned to cook and clean so that Yuuko wouldn't have to pay a price and have magic do it.

His eleventh birthday was both a disappointment and very exciting. Eleven was a lucky number to wizards, because that was when the body could handle the price of using magic frequently, so it would have been special either way. Harry didn't expect gifts for his birthday or Christmas due to the price, so that wasn't why it was a disappointment.

Finding out his fate, to kill a man who was not alive, it was not something that Harry found to be good. But it was hitsuzen. He would eventually kill Tom Riddle, the man who was the reason why people might not like him, and why he had the scar on his forehead. It would have been a lot for the average eleven year old to handle, but Harry grew up with Yuuko, the Witch of Dimensions, and had seen spirits and demons of all sorts all his life. The idea of a spirit who had his soul split into several fragments was nothing too surprising.

Another disappointment was finding out that one of those fragments was in him. His scar. His scar held a piece of Voldemort's soul, but Yuuko suggested he make a wish. So he wished she would do something about it; the price turned out to be an artifact that had been passed down in his father's family called the Cloak of Invisibility. Dumbledore would give it to him, because it was his by right and to take it would only bring misery to the Headmaster.

Which was also why Harry was excited about the coming September; he was going to start school. Sure, it would be halfway across the world, but it was school. Yuuko said that there he could better test out his new power that he was given for the cloak. He had already tested it with his scar and a stone ring in Yuuko's storage, had physically felt the soul fragments. Yuuko said that absorbing the pieces would make the cost of magic less to him, but that he could not absorb the whole soul without the threat of it overcoming him.

He would have to actually kill Voldemort when the time came.

Three weeks later, Yuuko took Harry to England, where he visited the Magic Alleys (his favorite was Eturn Alley, the most historic section of Wizarding London, though Horizont Alley, a "red light" district – whatever that was – had him curious). Yuuko was given a wide berth due to her reputation as the Witch, but the attraction of having the Harry Potter, whether he told them he preferred Ichihara or not, was too much sometimes. It took a lot of effort to not blow up at the throng of people; instead he took a leaf out of his aunt's book and ignored them. It made his trip through the Alleys more annoying than anything else.

The last week and a half of August was spent in London, where Harry brushed up on his English. Yuuko had made sure he grew up fluent in both English and Japanese for convenience, though he convinced her to teach him a few other languages (or, rather, use his money to pay for tutors and learning material). It was a stupid, complicated language, but he was going to be attending a school where that was the only language spoken.

Well, unless Harry happened to find any snakes at school, but he preferred to think that was unlikely.

It was strange that he had to say goodbye to Yuuko, but exhilarating. With his new wand in his pocket – twelve inches, with a shaft of pine and a willow handle (4) and a dragon heartstring core from a variety of Japanese Water Dragon – he felt ready to take on the world. Yuuko said it was a beginner's tool and that she would teach him wandless magic over the summer, even though all the wizards and witches here used them because that lowered the cost. He gained many looks for being who he was and for Yuuko being who she was, but that didn't really matter because Harry was excited.

He met a lot of people on the train, some he liked and some he did not. In the latter category was, first and foremost, Draco Malfoy, a blond boy with a pointed face and a mean attitude. Harry had never met anyone like him, and not in a good way; the boy was arrogant and acted as though Harry were a speck of dirt and should be jumping at the chance to be his friend. Instead, Harry used a minor hex that Yuuko taught him to turn Malfoy's hair bright orange.

The second person in that category was Ronald Weasley. He was an obnoxious redhead – funnily enough, the same shade Harry had turned Malfoy's hair - with a distinct lack of tact and seemed to think that by saying hello to Harry than they must be best friends now. Harry left the compartment rather than be subjected to more mindless prattle. True, Harry wasn't the least bit normal, but he was smart and couldn't stand to be around someone who so obviously would be the sort to grouse about school work when it was meant to help. A born slacker... not the kind of person Harry would choose to associate with.

However, Harry found that Ronald's older brothers Fred and George were great. He bumped into them on accident as he tried to find a new compartment, and they were not only brilliant, but a riot. They were just the sort of people who Harry wanted to associate with, and age had never mattered much to him so long as there was fun to be had and no brain-leeching.

Living with Yuuko had taught him exactly who he wanted to associate with; people who were smart, but not restricted, fun, but not dangerously so. It was a tough bill to fit, and Harry immediately found those qualities in Fred and George. Neville Longbottom would be great too, if he ever grew a spine that is; Harry made that his mission. Hermione Granger joined that category as well, but Harry thought she still ought to loosen up. These would be his greatest companions for the year, though he didn't know it to start.

When the Sorting came, Hermione went to Ravenclaw, and Neville to Hufflepuff. The Hat spent nearly five minutes before declaring Harry would join the badger house as well. He was pleased – yellow was his favorite color – though everyone else was in shock. Apparently loyal, hard-working people didn't become heroes or some such rubbish, but Harry ignored the chatter in favor of dinner.

As the year dragged on, Harry got Hermione to be a bit less rigid – though she did put her foot down when it came to the Groundskeeper's pet Cerberus and Norwegian Ridgeback – and Neville started standing up for himself. Mostly though, Harry had fun pranking people and freaking them out with Fred and George. Classes were easy, though he was often agitated in Defense, especially if the professor turned his back to the class. True to Yuuko's prediction, he received the Cloak of Invisibility for Christmas, which Yuuko said he could bring with him for summer, since shipping costs would be high.

There was also the Mystery of the Philosopher's Stone, but Harry didn't worry about that until nearly the end of the year, when he discovered that he was a Dream Seer. Apparently Voldemort was in the back of Quirrell's head. He considered taking the fragment of soul, but instead he opted to keep the segment he wouldn't absorb where he knew where it was, or at least what state the fragment would be in.

Long story short, Harry beat the challenges with some help from his friends, Quirrell was dead, the Stone was destroyed, and Dumbledore seemed to think that Harry had no idea what hitsuzen had in store for him. Voldemort was still out and about, but this was no surprise.

Summer came and went with Yuuko teaching Harry how to do magic her way, and with the new school term Harry gained one friend and two more people that he greatly disliked. The new friend was a brilliant girl who could see all the things that Harry could, but since no one else could see them, she didn't know the proper names. Luna Lovegood was soon a member of Harry's core group of friends, though Hermione denied the existence of everything Luna and Harry knew was real.

'The List of People Who Should Stay at Least One Mile Away from Harry' now included Fred and George's baby sister Ginny, who had a crush on the Boy-Who-Lived and could be seen doodling "Mrs Ginevra Potter" in a journal in the library. She creeped him out. Gilderoy Lockhart, an obvious hack no matter what Hermione thought, joined the list too. Hermione thought he should include a first year Gryffindor by the name of Collin Creevey to that list, but Harry found him funny and let the boy take pictures. He did decline signing them though, since he was leary of becoming big-headed like Professor Lockhart.

That year, Harry joined the Hufflepuff Quidditch team as seeker (5). However, he never got to play a game due to the Chamber of Secrets being opened, and something turning his classmates to stone. The fact that everyone thought he was the Heir of Slytherin – have a casual conversation with one snake and suddenly you become an evil Dark wizard hell-bent on wholesale murder, never mind the fact that the Potter's descended from Helga Hufflepuff – didn't make things much easier, but Harry didn't much care. He just continued causing chaos with his friends.

He only went after Ginny because he knew Fred and George liked their baby sister. He asked a spirit – the sort that the average wizard cannot see - where she had gone, and had no problem getting into the Chamber. Finding one of Voldemort's soul-fragments hadn't been on the agenda, but Harry killed the basilisk and absorbed the soul from the journal Ginny had been toting about all year.

Back on the surface, Harry got a hero's welcome – everyone having forgotten they thought he was the Heir – and found out that Lockhart had hit the road rather than try to save Ginny. That was good. On the downside, Ginny seemed to think that Harry was in love with her. He was quick to disillusion her.

Harry knew ahead of time that Sirius Black would escape from Azkaban and did nothing to stop it. On the contrary, he bought the man a magical tent, a bunch of food, and a foe-glass to help him along. He didn't know why his godfather was innocent, but the man was, so Harry was going to help him. It was hitsuzen that Sirius would come to Hogwarts, hitsuzen that he would be present when Harry fainted on his broom due to dementors, and it was hitsuzen that Harry would go to the Shrieking Shack after the end of final exams with Ronald Weasley's rat.

It was hitsuzen that Remus Lupin would regain possession of the Marauder's Map from the twins and follow Harry when he saw Sirius Black on the map. It was hitsuzen that Harry's friends would follow him, and that Severus Snape would follow them.

Although Harry knew it was the full moon, he still went out, knowing he would be coming back with company. The moon wasn't up yet, so he set out for the Whomping Willow intent on doing as his dream had told him. There was a harsh panting coming his way, but Harry completely ignored the large Grim that was coming his way.

"I'm going myself; you can have the rat later," he stated calmly. The dog skittered to a halt but picked up the pace again as Harry cast a low-level spell on the Willow to keep it from attacking. He knew the dog was following carefully, and it kept snuffling at his robe pocket where Ronald's rat was being kept, petrified to stop it escaping like it had the last three times he tried to bring it out to Sirius.

Let it never be said that Harry could not learn his lesson... he just took some time on occasion, that was all. And this was really the best night for it, provided he could keep things working properly.

Being led around by a dog might be strange, but Harry didn't mind. He nodded solemnly to the violent spirits that occupied the building, some of which were eyeing the Grim hungrily, but he wouldn't let them eat the dog. Thankfully, being taught in Yuuko's magic gave him a certain aura that spirits respected, so they would listen to him. Somewhat.

Soon, the dog had brought him to a rather trashed bedroom that was obviously still in use given the tent in the corner. The room that Sirius Black was staying in. Harry had only just made the connection of "animagus" when the dog was replaced by his godfather, looking far better kept than he likely would without Harry's generous gifts (which had been repaid at Christmas with a Firebolt that Harry pretended was from Yuuko to make Hermione shut up).

Harry grinned at the man. "Nice to meet you, Sirius Black," he was a little excited. He'd never met anyone who knew his parents personally. Well, he assumed some of the teachers had, and Yuuko had met them both a few times, but he'd never talked to a friend of his parents. "I've wanted to meet you since I found out about your escape a year ago. You were my dad's best man, weren't you?"

Sirius looked a bit flabbergasted at Harry's attitude, but he nodded. "I... yeah, James said no one else was fit for the job," he had a curious look on his face. Well, anyone who was pegged as a traitor would be surprised that the child of those they supposedly betrayed would be happy to meet them. If Harry weren't a Dream Seer, he would probably would be trying – and even succeeding – to murder the dog animagus.

They settled into a comfortable conversation, with Sirius leaning on the wall by the door and Harry sitting on the dilapidated bed. Harry hadn't learned much by way of specifics when it came to how Sirius was innocent, but now he knew that Ronald's rat Scabbers was, in fact, Peter Pettigrew, the real traitor. It was as Harry was pulling the rat out to receive proof that Remus Lupin entered the room, breathing hard, and staring first at Harry holding the rat, then to Sirius, who was staring back at him.

"Hello Professor Lupin, have you taken your potion yet?" If not, Harry was going to be sure to play shiritori on the walk back up to the castle to ward away any werewolves, dementors, or malevolent spirits that might want to eat him. Well, he would anyway, but he would have to play the game faster if there was a physical evil to ward off. "No? Well, I guess that's okay, so long as you aren't tied up to our prisoner when he gets turned in. He's still stunned, but he'll need another stunner before we leave, and it might be in your best interests to stay in the shack when we leave since Professor Snape won't be bringing your potion with him. All he cares about is getting me in trouble you know, not that he needs to." The grin that had settled on Harry's face could only be called cheeky.

While the Professor tried to stammer something out, Harry explained who the rat was, about his vision, and "why didn't you tell me you were a friend of my dad's?" all before the man could properly come to himself. Halfway through that explanation, Harry saw his friends standing in the doorway and continued to explain before they caught sight of Sirius.

When Harry was done, Lupin hugged Sirius, and the students – the twins, Neville, Hermione, and Luna – entered and started checking Harry over to make sure he was okay and then freaked out about the Sirius Black being in the room. Then Hermione said Lupin was a werewolf, which opened a whole other jar of snakes.

Professor Snape's arrival was only given enough notice for Harry to cast a body-bind hex on him so they could finally get to revealing Pettigrew as the traitor, stunned or no. Harry was already bored with the proceedings and entertained himself by stopping Sirius from actually becoming a murderer. The price the soul paid for that was far too heavy, and Harry didn't want that weight on his new found pseudo-family.

Fred and George volunteered to have Pettigrew tied to them – after the rat animagus was stunned, body-bound, tied up, and change-locked – while Harry had to very pointedly remind Remus to stay in the shack because moon rise was going to be very very soon. After that, he explained the game of shiritori to his friends so they would be protected from any monsters of the moonlight. Nouns only, start your word with the last letter of the previous word (unless it was a vowel), and do it fast. It wasn't quite the same as the normal version, and wasn't as protective, but none of his friends knew Japanese so it didn't help much. It was better than nothing.

The walk back to the castle was filled with some minor panic and a barely-restrained Snape who still wanted to rend Sirius limb from limb, but in the end Minister Fudge came to the castle, arrested Pettigrew, and freed Sirius of all charges.

Unfortunately, when the aurors cast a finite on Pettigrew so they could interrogate him, they also released the anti-animagus spell and the rat escaped.

With that over, Harry declined living with his godfather, citing both the blood wards on Yuuko's home and that he would certainly have more opportunities to visit anyway. But that was also what started his training in the art of becoming an animagus.

Although invited, Harry did not attend the Quidditch World Cup. He had had a dream of Death Eaters and panic, and thought it best if he was not present. Yuuko praised the smart decision; Sirius was disappointed. To make it up to his godfather, Harry stayed at 12 Grimmauld Place for the last week of the summer and ended up finding yet another horcrux hidden in the old house, which he promptly absorbed.

At the start of the school year, Harry did entertain ideas of entering the Triwizard Tournament when it was announced, but he was still horrified to find himself entered. He protested vehemently, but no one listened.

In the First Task, he used a simple first year spell to retrieve his egg from the dragon, though it was a bit altered. Wizards didn't think much, and therefore they wouldn't consider using a levitation spell to fling the egg away from the dragon while it was occupied. The Horntail had been pissed, but Harry merely left the stadium not a minute after he entered. Take that for ingenuity! He received high marks from Dumbledore, Bagman, and Crouch, perfect tens in fact, an eight from Madame Maxime (she felt he didn't have a sense of showmanship), and a five from Karkaroff (who claimed that a first year spell was hardly grounds for a success).

As it just so happened, when Harry opened his egg that night, it started screaming mermish at him, which he had a passing understanding of. He caught the time limit and that the merpeople would steal something from him, but he didn't worry. What they stole, equal price must be paid in the long run. He was more concerned with the Yule Ball.

Professor Sprout hadn't been entirely certain about what a homosexual champion who was required to dance with a partner should do when he also wasn't interested in starting a relationship or being outed at such a huge event. Not that Harry was really in the closet, and even less so when the headline "Boy-Who-Lived Prefers Men!" popped up in the Daily Prophet.

Funnily enough, he ended up going to the Ball with an attractive boy from Beauxbatons who was a friend of Fleur Delacour (6).

Things tend to work out for children picked by hitsuzen.

When the second task came, Harry found out that Luna (who was pretty much his best friend by this point) had been taken below the lake since the judges couldn't get a hold of Yuuko. When he arrived, he could see the magic worked on them and didn't have to worry much, though he extended his bubblehead charm to Luna and transfigured her hands and feet into flippers like his so they could get to the surface faster. He got top points again.

It was the third task that started proving problematic for Harry, because at the end of it, when he got the Cup – his path had been strangely empty of obstacles save for a sphinx (what sort of riddle was "I am so fragile that speaking my name shall break me" anyway? Silence of course!), a skrewt, an acromantula, and some strange curse that gave Harry vertigo – he was portkeyed to a graveyard. As it just so happened, Voldemort was in that graveyard with Peter Pettigrew. Harry's blood was used to resurrect the Dark Lord, and what happened after was actually rather anti-climactic. They dueled, Harry lost (obviously), but as Voldemort was about to strike the killing blow, the absorbed soul fragments transported Harry to safety.

He happened to bring Pettigrew along for the ride, and so the wizarding world knew of Voldemort's return. The grand reveal of Bartemius Crouch Jr. impersonating Moody was interesting at least, since it happened while the supposed ex-auror was talking with the Minister. Yuuko, who had come to watch the event, might have had something to do with that.

Nothing of particular import happened in Harry's fifth year, aside from various Death Eater attacks. Harry did find another soul fragment in the school when the house elves told him of the Come-and-Go Room, and after that his friends stated he was definitely more unstable. But considering he now had more than one-and-a-half souls, it kind of made sense. Other than that, Harry had his first real boyfriend in the form of Derrick Moon, a Ravenclaw in his year. It didn't last long, but it was something. He had two other boyfriends that year, but neither proved very satisfactory.

That Christmas he started showing some real progress in his animagus transformation. He could get halfway to his form, and Sirius claimed he couldn't have more than two months of training left. Harry ended up cutting that projection in half, and happily frolicked with Padfoot and Moony the rest of the full moons that school year – though he was nervous about not playing shiritori while doing so.

With sixth year came the "big reveal" from Dumbledore that Voldemort had horcruxes. When Harry admitted how completely unsurprising this revelation was and that he had already dealt with five, the old man had been shocked speechless. It took most of the year, but they eventually found out that Hufflepuff's Cup was being kept in the Lestrange vaults. Dumbledore had to make a wish to Yuuko so they could get it, the price being that she could keep the cup - the Holy Grail that had been made with the death of one of a wizard who was worshipped by muggles.

And so only Voldemort and his pet snake were left.

Harry did not go back to Yuuko's that summer, since he had to finish things up in Britain before he could finally relax. It took the better part of the year, but Harry was deemed prepared to face the Dark Lord. He even had NEWT certifications in Runes, Divination, Defense, Charms, Potions, and Transfigurations to prove it. So with the Order at his back, he broke into Voldemort hideout – Malfoy Manor – and had no problems turning into his animagus form and eating Nagini. After all, snakes were a regular part of a honey badger's diet.

He was caught in the act by Voldemort, but by then Nagini's soul fragment was absorbed and the snake itself made enough nutritional value to have him in top form for his duel with the Dark Lord.

Too bad Harry was defeated anyway.

When he came to – quite the surprise since he had been on the brink of death – Harry killed Voldemort with a rather lethal variation of the cutting curse (invented by Snape, or so he had been led to believe) to the back. He later found out that, being on his death bed (or marble floor, whatever), Voldemort had been gloating. Dumbledore made another wish, the price of which had been his wand and magic, and Harry's life had been saved. The magic had brought him essentially back from death's door, and the wand... well, Yuuko wouldn't say what that was for, but it was probably very important. It had something to do with English wizarding folk tales, that much Harry knew.

With the first week of April - the second of the month in fact - after being awarded the Order of Merlin, First Class, Harry was finally free and able to return to Japan without any future need to visit Britain except on vacation.

Harry inhaled the wonderful scent of Spring as he made his way home, still dressed in formal robes from the Order of Merlin ceremony. It was evening here, hardly an hour before nightfall, though when his portkey left the UK it had been mid-morning. He would be staying up late, but that just meant more time to catch up with Yuuko; they had talked some, and he knew that the two Mokona Modoki, Soel and Larg, had been woken up, and that Yuuko had a minion to do her dirty work around the shop since Harry departed for his sixth year at Hogwarts, but they had only exchanged a few letters and seen each other for a few minutes when Dumbledore wished for the Cup.

The outside of the shop looked the same as ever, though it was a considerably cleaner than Harry usually came home to after Hogwarts. He chalked it up to the minion being diligent. With the light weight of his shrunken trunk tucked under his arm – if he shrunk it down to pocket sized, it bumped his leg in an annoying way – Harry continued his walk up to the house.

He was disappointed that Moro and Maru didn't rush to the door to great "Master" like they always did. They were, after all, his friends and siblings of a sort. Still, he changed his shoes to the pair of yellow self-sizing slippers that Yuuko kept for him in the entrance and made his way toward her lounge. She likely wouldn't be there, but it was a ritual that was instilled in Harry quite thoroughly.

So he didn't expect to walk into a boy. Especially not a boy who was a bit taller than him, probably about the same age, with mostly tame black hair, mismatched eyes, and a white cat-emblazoned apron. That was just weird.

The fact that walking into this boy made Harry fall on his ass and drop his trunk, which immediately resized to normal, wasn't very nice either. He had to shove the thing off of his legs before he lost feeling in his toes.

"Sorry about that!" The boy was certainly energetic, Harry noted in a pleased way. Probably the minion. "It's just... anyway, Yuuko-san isn't in right now. You'll have to come back later. I mean, I'm sure your destined to be here and your feet just brought you in – I know how that is, trust me – but since the owner of the shop isn't in you'll just have to..." He trailed off when he noticed Harry wasn't listening. "Hey, use your ears why don't you?"

"I am," Harry rolled his eyes. Take his eyes away to look at a new photo on the wall and suddenly the guy thinks he wasn't paying at least cursory attention! "Yuuko isn't home, so you want me to leave. But it's no problem; I can wait. You'd be the minion, right? The 'April Fool'?"

The kid gaped, but Harry brought himself back to his feet and lifted the trunk. He was already marching away, dragging his trunk on the floor on the way back to his room. He could tell immediately by the way the butterflies moved along the canopy and comforter that someone else had been using his bed.

One point to the minion, it seemed.

Of course, Harry was in need of some breakfast, so he figured he would head down to the kitchen... but a mix between the now-irate looking minion and the arrival of a customer kept him from getting any sustenance. She was probably high school age, wearing a nice (if plain) dress, and her hair was cut in an androgynous style that could make her seem a pretty boy or cute girl depending on her attire. Her nearly-flat chest made either option more possible than it would for most girls. Harry decided that the customer was more important than the minion.

"Hello, welcome to Ichihara Yuuko's shop," he smiled a cryptic smile that made the minion do a double take. Probably because it was identical to Yuuko's; Harry had certainly had enough practice. "Before you think to, don't apologize for entering uninvited; you were merely following your feet, weren't you? I may not be the genuine article, but I think I can fill in for my aunt just this once. So, dear girl, your wish is my command." He made a great show of bowing low, like Voldemort always insisted on for a duel. Besides, if her feet drew her here while Harry was present rather than Yuuko, shouldn't he be capable of handling the wish?

The minion was gaping again, completely ignoring the customer. "You... Yuuko-san's your aunt?"

"Technically yes and no, but that is neither here nor there, Minion," Harry waved the minion off and walked toward the girl who had yet to speak (not that there had been much opportunity). "Come to the lounge. Yuuko-ba-chan's minion can get us tea while we discuss your wish. By the way, I am Ichihara Harry." Before she could protest, he led her through the door he had originally been meaning to enter and sat her in a chair while he took on the mystifying air expected of magicians by muggles.

The girl was not terribly impressed, and fidgeted in her seat. "I don't know why I'm here, my feet just..." she shook her head. "Well, I'm Fujioka Haruhi. I just moved into the area with my father and was exploring the neighborhood. I honestly didn't mean to come."

"And I already told you not to apologize," Harry waved her off. "There is no coincidence, only hitsuzen, as my aunt always taught me. And it is hitsuzen that directed you to this shop while I am present. So tell me, Haruhi-san, what is it that you wish? What is it that you want so badly?"

Her eyes, which were large to begin with, widened further, the brown dominating her face. Even Harry could admit she was cute.

But then she explained. Haruhi was a student at Ouran High School last term, a school for the rich that she achieved a scholarship to. There she was thought to be a boy and was inducted into the school's Host Club to pay off a debt incurred to that same club. Over time she became friends with the boys in the club and eventually fell in love with – or at least finally had her first crush on – the club's president, Suou Tamaki. But Tamaki ended up falling in love with another girl and Haruhi realized that she wasn't in love, just a rather hefty crush. But it still hurt and when the term ended – she had just finished paying off her debt as well – she withdrew from Ouran and moved.

"I want to forget the Host Club, everything to do with them, and I don't want them to find me," she finally stated. Haruhi had a determined set to her jaw, and her eyes were stony before relaxing. "But that's impossible, isn't it?"

"Not at all, Haruhi-san," Harry stretched out on the lounge, looking perfectly right there. "But I need to know precisely what you want."

"I don't want them to be able to find me!" Haruhi snapped. It seemed an out of character thing for her, even though Harry had known her all of ten minutes. "Not with detectives, the internet, school records, anything. But these are ridiculously rich boys from well-connected families and there's no way it could work."

Harry thought for a moment. It wouldn't take too much effort on his part, especially the memories since he knew Yuuko liked to keep those. That sounded perfect, actually.

"Fujioka Haruhi, your wish has been granted," he leaned forward and touched a finger to the center of her forehead and she slumped into sleep.

With a smile, Harry set to work. He had to feel sorry for the girl, and his price wasn't as steep as Yuuko's due to the extra seven-eighths of a soul he possessed, though it made little difference for larger spells. Her memories would be enough. The silver threads went into a crystal phial from Harry's potions set just as the minion came in carrying the tray of tea. It wasn't too hard from there to obliviate her of the memories in question, the past twenty minutes, and cast an untraceable charm on her person that would be transmitted to her father upon contact.

When Haruhi awoke, she would be back in her apartment, and she wouldn't remember a thing.

Author's Note: Okay, so this story will be mostly from Harry's perspective... er, I think. Not sure. I was originally thinking of just an Ouran/Holic cross (I had a different idea for HP/Holic), but then the idea of Harry being raised by Yuuko came up and I had to do it with all three. This won't involve Tsubasa very much, if at all, but there will be spoilers for it since xxxHolic and Tsubasa crossover a LOT. Just an extra warning.

As an explanation of Harry's magic, he does have a lower cost for using it because of the extra soul bits, but that doesn't mean he's more powerful than Yuuko or would make a better Witch of Dimensions. It just means he can cast more spells in succession than the average wizard. He has a high magical stamina, but that's really it. Wishes to him may cost less to the wisher, but he also can't do half the things Yuuko can.

Somehow, I'm managing to not Dumbles-bash. In fact, I made him quite noticeably good and self-sacrificing rather than... how I usually write him. Heh. Well... anyway. Hope this whole thing made some obscure form of sense.

Pairing Plans - Mori/Harry (main), Doumeki/Watanuki (background-ish), Nekozawa/Haruhi (semi-main), Neville/Hermione (highly noticeable, but still background-ish), Kyouya/Luna, Fred/Angelina (mentioned), George/Katie (mentioned), Charlie/Tonks (mentioned), Kingsley/Remus (mentioned), Sirius/Yuuko (one-sided). I was tempted to do Hermione/Himawari, but I honestly on't care about femslash and decided I like Neville/Hermione better. So Himawari gets no lovin'.

Please note that this story will not follow the canon storyline of xxxHolic despite taking place in that universe. I started writing this story before certain plot points came to light and I am NOT going back to fix it, nor am I adjusting my plot for CLAMP. That is all.

Oh, and uh... I actually meant to write the entire story and THEN post it... I got this and two chapters done (as well as most of chapter three) before I couldn't resist. Don't know at what rate the next chapters will be released, but I'm not entirely focused on this story either. I have Imminence to finish (my Naruto story), Reassembled (not that I actually pay attention to that), and a Pokemon/Harry Potter idea that's been poking my brain since about November, so... well, we'll see how this works out. Don't expect frequent updates anyway. Certainly not as frequent as HPatHC was.

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(1) I thought it would be a nice second birthday gift for Hermione to save Harry from the Dursleys... and a good negative-ten year gift to me as well. (I know people with weird coincident birthdays; me and Hermione, my dad's ex-girlfriend and Snape, my sister and Mori... lots)

(2) In this little universe of mine, Lily's maternal grandmother was a witch (this would be in the early 1940s) and being persecuted in the wizarding side of the World War. She went to Yuuko and wished that her unborn daughter would not have to suffer persecution for being the daughter of a witch and muggle gypsy. So Yuuko made the girl a squib and the price was that Yuuko be adopted into the family by blood, thus making her eligible for the blood wards that would be needed to protect Harry forty years later.

(3) For those who do not yet know, (SPOILERSPOILERSPOILER) Watanuki is Syaoran. I suggest you read through Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles to understand.

(4) Pine represents money, healing, and exorcism while willow represents the blessings of the moon and psychic awareness. It fit.

(5) Cedric did not become the Hufflepuff seeker until Harry's third year, so this is possible.

(6) Beauxbatons is NOT an all girls school as it was portrayed in the movie. Want proof? Go pick up book 4 and read The Yule Ball. Parvati and Padma both dance with Beauxbatons boys when they decide that Harry and Ron suck cabbages. Honest.