Annie Justice sat on the front steps of her house, a giant ball of fur nestled next to her, her calm brown eyes wandered across the darkening sky, peaceful, happy. "Well Kode, looks like things are going to be pretty different for us now." She said it with a smile though, reaching down to scratch the black German Shepherd's huge head.

"Is that a good different, or a bad different?" Annie jumped slightly when she heard the voice behind her, but didn't even have to turn around to know who it was, hearing that voice was like feeling her own heart beating. It was just a part of her.

"Good. Definitely good." She smiled, turning around to face her husband. Wow, that was different. Husband. Annie was no longer Annie Justice. She was Annie Justice Curry. It had a nice ring to it, but, it was still different. Jed sat down next to her, wrapping his arms around her small frame and pulling her close to him, not minding when Kodi barked softly in surprise that her pillow and master were now gone.

"That's very nice to hear, Mrs. Curry." The chuckle that followed was soon followed by a soft kiss on her cheek, very close to her lips, but still a fair distance. Leaning up against her husband of one week, she relaxed, happy and content to stay like this forever. They'd just gotten back from their Honeymoon that afternoon, and it was nice to be home again, be back near her studio and the places she loved most. Killian had practically pounced when she'd gotten back, not even giving her enough time to say hi to Kodi, who was still furious that she'd gotten left behind, unfortunately, where they'd been staying hadn't allowed dogs, service or not. So, Killian had pretty much moved in, taking the German Shepherd for walks twice a day to keep her busy. And to top it off, he didn't like dogs.

It was a funny mixture, but, it was nice to be home. Smiling up at the stars that were just beginning to show themselves. "Make a wish." Jed whispered in her ear, the first star, twinkling in the sky above them.

She looked up at him, "God has already given me everything I could wish fo-" Of course. Nothing could be that peaceful right? Ding ding ding, we have a winner. No. Her pager rang from the kitchen, the open windows letting the sound drift outside. "I'll be right back." She untangled herself from his arms and trotted inside, Kodi muttering as she followed her master.

Annie read the number off the pager and pulled the kitchen phone off it's cradle, typing in the number with ease, she brought it to her ear.

"Crater Lake Ranger Station."

"This is Annie Curry, I-"

"Ah, yes, Mrs. Curry, we need you up here."

Annie sighed, of course. First night at home, and she was getting a callout.

"I'll be there." She put the phone down without another word and then leaned against the counter, watching as Kodi, who always seemed to know what was going on, trotted off towards Annie's bedroom, pretty much looking as though she was going to get her leash.

Jed walked in to the kitchen at that point, closing the door behind him and locking it. "Do you want backup, or a cup of coffee waiting for your return?" Honest question, Lord knew he'd do both. Annie smiled and headed for her room to change, and five minutes later, she and Kodi walked back into the kitchen, Kodi lit up like a runway with her shabrack on already. She didn't want to deal with putting it on when they got to the site. It would just slow them down, and with temperatures like they were now, they'd need as little time as possible.

Looking up at Jed, Annie smiled, "I could always use a bit of backup. . . but, lets go find out what we're up against before you sign up." He nodded and grabbed his jacket off of the hook before following her out the door, locking it behind him.