A/N: So, this is the start of the re-write of 'Topaz Sunset!' The dialogue is pretty much the same, I just added much more description.

Hope you enjoy reliving my AU version of 'Twilight' with me!

High School.

Just thinking of the word gave me a strange sense of foreboding. My father's yell of "Have a good day at school Bells!" as he left the house only made my apprehension worse.

In a matter of minutes, my senior year would begin. And that was scary. Terrifying, in fact.

This year could change everything. It would change everything. I had no idea what was in store, but I did know that the year ahead was going to be stressful, with every student determined to succeed so that they could graduate. That meant competition for college places, which meant hard entrance exams, which meant even harder exams at school to achieve the grades…

Groaning, I reached into one of the kitchen cupboards to pull out a granola bar. Ripping it out of its packet seemed to give me some satisfaction, and I ate it quickly.

Until I thought about the event before graduation. Prom.

I let out another groan, and threw the granola bar packet towards the bin. It didn't even make it halfway to its destination, and I watched it fall to the floor forlornly.

Prom was a ridiculous event. Whoever thought it was the best way to celebrate leaving school deserved to be institutionalised. At least, in my opinion. None of my friends seemed to agree with me. Jessica was already searching for her perfect prom dress.

She'd been astounded when I told that her that I wasn't going to go. The biggest klutz in Forks would never escape from Prom unharmed, and as I currently held that title, that event was out. And so was the School's Christmas Dance.

My train of thought was broken when I caught sight of the time shown on the kitchen clock. School started in twenty-seven minutes, and if I didn't get a move on, I was going to be late.

After picking up my school bag, I hurried out of the house, stumbling on the porch step as I made my way towards my truck. It was a typical day in Forks: cloudy and cold. What a surprise.

Shivering, I opened my truck door and clambered in, relieved to be inside and concealed from the cool breeze. Immediately, I switched the engine on and turned the truck heaters up. Despite the truck being decades old, the heating still functioned, thankfully.

It was days like this that made me sometimes miss Phoenix. My Mom Renee remarried last year, so I'd moved to Forks to stay with my father, Charlie, who was chief of police here. The move was only supposed to be temporary while Renee and her new husband Phil had some time to themselves, but I quickly fell into a routine here, and didn't want to leave.

The weather was horrible, and everything was too green, but Forks was my home.

I couldn't help but smile as I began to drive down my road, towards the direction of the highway, admiring the green forest that engulfed the street. Despite my distaste for the greenery, even I had to admit that the scenery was beautiful.

Once I was on the highway, I accelerated as much as my truck would allow. Due to its age, it couldn't exceed 55mph, and cars easily overtook me as I drove along.

A blue Ford drove up to me in the lane opposite, and I waved at the occupants, recognising it to be Jessica's car immediately. Mike, Jessica's boyfriend, was in the front seat, and her best friend Lauren was sitting in the backseat with her boyfriend, Tyler.

Jessica and the boys waved back at me, giving me friendly smiles, but Lauren glared. I returned her hostile gaze with a glare of my own.

Everyone knew about Lauren's dislike of me. It made lunchtime awkward at times, seeing as we sat at the same table, sharing the same group of friends.

Jessica noticed the tension instantly, and she quickly accelerated ahead of me, putting me in her rear-view mirror.

Shaking my head slightly, I followed her car to the turn-off for the school. The gloom I'd felt earlier about school returned, and I sighed. Jessica parked near the entrance, but the spaces there weren't large enough for my truck, so I drove further on.

And then I saw a silver Volvo in my usual parking space. Frowning, I pulled up alongside it slowly, not wanting to scratch the silver paint. My truck could have easily made scrap metal of it, and I laughed quietly at the thought.

Once I'd exited my truck, I headed towards the school, but not before looking back over my shoulder to examine the Volvo as discretely as I could. Either there was a new student at the school, or one of the students had upgraded their old car. That was unlikely though; everyone was pretty much in the same league here.

As I approached the school entrance, I saw Jessica waiting for me. Mike, Tyler and Lauren had already entered the school.

"Bella!" Jessica squealed, as if she hadn't seen me minutes before, and she bounded over to me to throw her arms around me.

I chuckled quietly, and returned her hug. "Hey Jess, happy to see me?"

Pulling away, Jessica grinned, and nodded her head, her long brown curls bouncing with the movement. "Of course I am. I barely saw you during the summer! Where were you? Mike and I invited you out, like, loads!"

I shrugged my shoulders ruefully. "Well, I didn't want to be a third wheel. And I was hanging out with Jacob quite a lot."

Jessica's eyes lit up at that, and I knew immediately what she was thinking. "So is Jacob—"

"No." My voice was firm. "Absolutely not. He's one of my best friends, you know that. He's like the brother I never had."

"Mike and I used to be friends, and look at us now." Jessica remarked, and I didn't miss what she was implying.

"Jessica, I'm not interested in having a boyfriend." I told her flatly, resisting the urge to roll my eyes as I walked through the school entrance.

"Okay, chill!" I heard Jessica laugh, and she caught up with me. "You know I'm just kidding around."

Eying her doubtfully, we began to head towards the language corridor, as we had Spanish first. "Sure you are." I muttered, but Jessica was no longer listening to me, already bored of the topic of our conversation.

"So, have you heard the gossip about the new students yet?" She asked me as we entered the classroom.

"Jess, we've only been at school for about five minutes. How could there be gossip already?" I asked her in disbelief, sitting down at one of desks at the back of the classroom.

"It was all over Facebook. You'd know about it if you had an account. Apparently there are five new students starting today, in our year." Jessica told me, sliding into the chair beside mine. "They're all adopted siblings, or something like that. But there's more."

Now I couldn't stop myself from rolling my eyes. As much as I liked Jessica, her gossiping habit was rather annoying. "What?" I sighed, not even bothering to pretend that I was interested in her conversation.

"I saw three of them yesterday, in town, and I was amazed. Like, completely blown away."

That caught my interest. Jessica barely paid attention to anyone outside of our friendship group, and usually ignored new students, with the exception of myself. "What do you mean?" I asked her curiously.

"They were hot! Like, model hot." She told me, her eyes wide as she recalled her encounter. "One of them was a girl with blonde hair. She was stunning. And the other were two guys, one really muscular, and one with this weird colour hair. He was easily the best-looking." And then she paused, and grabbed my arm. "Bella, I think I'm in love!"

Jessica always did have flair for dramatics. "Right." I said dryly, prising her hand off my arm. "Have you forgotten that you have a boyfriend?"

"Mike shmike." Jessica said airily. "If that guy was interested in me, Mike and I would be over. No kidding. You didn't see him Bella! He's incredible."

My eyebrows rose. Jessica had never reacted this way over a guy before. Maybe the new students were something.

Before I could reply to Jessica, our Spanish teacher walked into the classroom, followed by two people I didn't recognise, a boy and a girl.

Jessica grabbed my arm again. "They must be the other two students!" She hissed in my ear. "It's not fair, they shouldn't be that good-looking. They must be weird."

"You shouldn't make assumptions like that Jessica." I muttered, frowning at her slightly. "You don't even know them."

Pouting, Jessica took her hand away from my arm, and I turned my head to look at the new students again.

It couldn't be denied that they were beautiful. Both of them had the same, smooth, pale skin, yet their hair colour differentiated, the girl had short, dark hair, and the guy was blonde. There was a difference in their size too; the girl was petite, and the guy easily towered over her, being a good foot and a half taller than her.

The guy was looking intently at the floor, his brow furrowed, and the girl was gazing around the classroom, meeting the gaze of each and every student.

When her eyes fell on my desk, Jessica muttered, "Weirdo," and looked away quickly. I frowned, and then met the new girl's gaze. I tried to mask my shock at the sight of her golden eyes, having never seen an eye colour like that before, so I gave her a small smile, wanting to put her at ease.

The girl looked stunned by my smile, and the surprise remained on her face for a couple of seconds, before her expression brightened, and she beamed at me.

The guy beside her looked up then, and I noticed he had the same eye colour as the girl. When he saw our smiles, his topaz eyes widened.

I looked down then, embarrassed.

"Hola chicos y chicas!" My Spanish teacher announced, stepping forward to address the class. "Tenemos dos alumnos nuevos!"

She then gestured for the new students to introduce themselves, and the girl spoke first. "Buenos mañana, me llamo Alice!" She chimed happily, giving the class a wave.

"Me llamo Jasper." The guy said immediately after her, his tone bored, before he looked back down at the floor.

"Emo." Jessica muttered, and Jasper's head shot up to look at her.

She flushed instantly, knowing that she hadn't said that quietly, and I sighed. "Don't judge him Jess, it's his first day at a new school." I said to her softly. "Do you remember how bad my introduction was?"

"Of course I do. Bit hard to forget you blushing like a tomato when you tripped over a chair leg and landed flat on your face!" Jessica chortled, and my face flamed.

Looking away from her, I turned my gaze to the new students, who were walking towards the desk next to us. Jessica nudged me, but I didn't acknowledge her.

Once they were seated, Alice turned her head to look at me, as her seat was next to mine. "Hi!" She exclaimed, her eyes bright with excitement. "What's your name?"

"Bella." I said quietly, smiling at her exuberance. "It's nice to meet you Alice."

"Likewise!" She squealed, and she bounced a little in her seat. Jasper placed a hand on her shoulder, and her movement ceased.

I felt Jessica lean forward next to me, and she smiled at them. "I'm Jessica." She told them.

Alice nodded at her, but immediately turned her head to look at me again. "Bella, this is my boyfriend Jasper."

"Hi Jasper." I said, smiling at him when he looked at me.

"Hello Bella." He replied softly, his smile shy. He didn't bother to acknowledge Jessica.

"You two are boyfriend and girlfriend and you're related!" Jessica exclaimed, and I glanced at her to see her eyes glinting; that piece of news would be all over school by lunchtime. "That's so weird!"

Alice's smile became cool. "We're related by law, not by blood." She reminded her coldly. "My brother Emmett is with Rosalie, Jasper's sister. It's not weird."

"But you live in the same house!" Jessica protested. "So it is weird!"

Alice pursed her lips, and I could see she was annoyed. Not wanting there to be tension on her first day of school, I quickly changed the subject. "So, I've heard that there are five of you." I commented, and Alice's smile returned.

"Yes. I have another brother; Edward."

"Is he the one with the bronze hair?" Jessica asked, and at Alice's nod, she sighed. "He is so hot. Is he single?"

Alice's eyes flickered to mine, and I had to smother a laugh at her exasperated expression. She must get that question about her brother a lot. "He is, but he doesn't date." She told Jessica firmly.

"Too bad." Jessica murmured, and she quickly lost interest in Alice and Jasper, choosing to flick through her Spanish textbook instead of continuing the conversation.

Before I could start up another conversation with Alice, our teacher began the lesson.


Thankfully, the lesson went by quickly. Spanish wasn't my favourite lesson, but it was mandatory for me to take it, as the language would benefit me in the future. I wanted to study French at College, and taking Spanish alongside it would help my application.

"I'll see you later Bella." Jessica said to me, leaving the desk before I could reply.

As I was putting my books in my bag, I felt someone tap me on the shoulder. I looked up, and saw Alice grinning at me. "What lesson do you have next?" She asked me.

"English." I replied, picking up my bag.

"Us too!" And then to my surprise, she looped her arm through mine. I wasn't the only one who was shocked, Jasper looked stunned too. "You'll be able to meet Emmett and Rosalie then, they have English now too."

I could only nod in reply as she began to tow me out of the classroom. Jasper followed behind us.

Alice already knew her way around the school, and she told me that as we walked to English. She also chatted about how excited she was about starting at the school, and I couldn't help but feel astounded by her giddiness. I'd never met anyone quite like her.

But I knew that I liked her. And she seemed to like me too, because she suddenly stopped mid-flow to announce, "We're going to be great friends Bella. I know it."

I smiled back at her, thrilled by her comment, and thrilled that I was her first friend at the school.

Beaming, Alice pulled me into the English classroom, and I immediately saw my friend, Angela, sitting at one of the desks. When she saw me, she rose from her seat and waved, and Alice released my arm so that I could go over to greet her.

"Hey Bella." Angela said warmly, embracing me.

"Hey Angela. Ready for double English?" I asked playfully, pulling back to grin at her.

"Absolutely. Highlight of my day." Angela said dryly, and I laughed.

"Hi!" Alice exclaimed from behind me, and I turned to see her standing at the desk beside Angela's, with Jasper next to her. "I'm Alice, and this is my boyfriend Jasper. You're one of Bella's friends, aren't you?"

Angela nodded shyly, giving her a timid smile. I could see she was overwhelmed by Alice's liveliness. "Yes, I'm Angela. It's nice to meet you both."

Jasper returned her shy smile with one of his own, and Alice beamed. "And this is Emmett and Rosalie." She announced, gesturing behind Angela and I.

Turning around, we saw a beautiful, statuesque blonde approaching us, holding hands with a tall, muscular guy with dark hair. Their eyes and complexion mirrored Alice and Jasper's exactly.

"Hi." I greeted them, smiling. "I'm Bella Swan."

The guy, Emmett, grinned. "'Sup Bella?"

His girlfriend, Rosalie, studied me for a moment, long enough to make me feel self-conscious, before giving me a small smile.

"And I'm Angela."

Emmett greeted her the same way that he'd greeted me, but Rosalie didn't look at her, still regarding me curiously.

I shifted uncomfortably under her gaze, and she smiled slightly again, before looking away.

Relieved, I sat down in the chair beside Angela, and Alice and Jasper sat down at the desk next to ours. Emmett bounded over to the desk in front of theirs, and Rosalie joined him.

They began to murmur amongst themselves then, and I looked away to be polite, and began a conversation with Angela.

Just as she was about to tell me about the trip her boyfriend Ben had taken her on in the summer, Rosalie suddenly turned her head to look at me again. To my surprise, she gave me a warm, wide smile.

I couldn't help but grin back, and she turned back to her family, still smiling.

Angela looked confused, and I shrugged my shoulders at her, not understanding what had just happened either.

Now I felt silly for dreading school earlier. The whirlwind introduction to the Cullens had already brightened the school day, even though I still hadn't met the last member of their family, Edward.

Maybe the year ahead wouldn't be as bad as what I'd thought it would be.