Riley Daring opened her eyes to stare up at her dark ceiling. She had been waiting for the rest of the family to go to bed so she could do something she never thought she would ever do: she was going to sneak out.

She threw her covers off of her to show that she was already dressed and ready. She was wearing a black miniskirt with purple tights underneath. As for her shirt, it hung off of her shoulders just a tad with a black star in the middle of it. She wore a black tank-top underneath that so she could hide her bra-straps. Her hair was red, as usual, since she couldn't dye her hair in front of her parents. It was up in a classic ponytail since she didn't want to do anything crazy with it, unlike her Gothic outfit.

She hopped down from her bunk bed and walked to her closet so she could look at herself in her full-body mirror. It's the style of the party, and I want to look cool, right? And Johnny is going to be there! I don't want him to think I'm a dork. "Alright, Riley, let's do this." She couldn't help but feel nervous about this. She had never snuck out at night before and still couldn't believe she was about to go against herself and her parents. She was going against everything she believed in, her parent's wishes and even her personality.

About a week ago, some girls approached her and had invited her to some crazy party that was going on until ten at night to who knows how early in the morning. They had said that she had better show up wearing something cool and not her corny yellow sleeveless shirt, blue Capri pants and her belt that had the eighties colors that made her look like a hippy; the extinct species of the sixties.

She looked at her door, wondering if her parents were asleep. It's not like she was going to take a stupid risk and see if they were asleep, only to wake them up. She went over to her window and lifted it up very slowly and as quietly as she could, even though it virtually made no noise whatsoever. She carefully lowered her leg out of the window until she rested her foot onto the first step of a ladder that she had put there earlier, thanks to her cleverness. She silently made her way down the rest of the metal ladder until her feet were on the soft, green grass of their backyard.

She gazed up at the tree house. It looked very eerie against the pitch black sky and the full moon, which gave it weird shadows among its thousands of leaves. It was a crystal clear night with no clouds at all. She looked up to the stars as though she expected a sign to be there in the sky that read: 'don't do this, Riley. This is peer pressure madness', but the stars were just scattered randomly in the black sky, not showing any kind of a special pattern.

She made her way around the corner of the house to walk across the driveway and down the street to the next neighborhood where the party was. She padded across the driveway and made her way to the first non-parent approved party of her life.

Author's Note

This was horrifically short, I know, but this is just the prologue! It'll get better, I promise. I had this idea just a few days ago and I decided to write it out just for the heck of it. Do you see the review button? You know what you should do with it? CLICK IT!!! Please and thank you :)