"HAHAHAHA!" the laughter echoed throughout the entire camp. Every Browncoat within a week of the planet showed up to celebrate the victory which just happened to be on Christmas Eve.

Everyone was drinking and laughing gathered around the makeshift decorations. They found a scrawny tree to put up (but it had to face a certain way so the side that got blown up wouldn't show) with grenades and empty cans for ornaments. A helmet sat on the top as the sparkly tree topper, unless you saw it from the back where the blood stains were. Blood wasn't too sparkly.

"O, we wish ya a merry Christmas! We wish ya a merry Christmas!" they slurred.

Monty had on a red Christmas hat trimmed with white fur and a mug of whiskey in his hand. He was singing the loudest, laughing and cutting up. He spotted Mal walking through the crowd.

"Mal! Mal! Get over here!" Monty laughed. Mal smiled and walked over to him. He hugged him in typical Monty fashion, lifting him off the ground jollily like he was gorram Saint Nick.

"I say we toast!" he added after setting Mal back down. "To the victory over the ruttin' Alliance and to the 57th brigade!"

Everyone exploded into applause and cheers. Mal smiled and walked back through the crowds. He spotted Zoe across the way. He went over to her.

"Some celebration," he commented.

"Sure is, Sir."

"Zoe! Serge!" Tracey called as he staggered over. His helmet was crooked and his rice wine was splashing all over himself.

"Tracey…hittin' it hard I see," Mal smirked.

"Well yeah! We won and it's Christmas!" he looked up and then burst into uncontrollable laughter.

"What's so funny?" Zoe asked. Tracey pointed up at some mistletoe.

"Mistletoe," he chuckled. "Merry ruttin' Christmas!"

He walked away leaving both Mal and Zoe looking up.

"Would you look at that," he sighed.

"It appears we're under the mistletoe, Sir."

"It does at that."

They looked at each other and shrugged. What the hell, it's tradition, they figured. He leaned in and they quickly kissed on the lips.

"Merry Christmas, Sir."

"Merry Christmas, Zoe."