"The Matoran stared up at his attacker, confusion in his eyes. His own white armor reflected the pitch black armor of his adversary as he lay on the hard ground. An evil grin slid over the black Toa's face. Raising his staff, he moved in for the kill."



"Will you stop messing with the pieces and just play chehs?"


Zorkek picked up his Toa piece and, with it, captured Trell's Matoran.

"Thank you," said Trell as he moved his bruiser piece towards himself.

"Ooh, smart move," remarked Zorkek, "now I can't get to your Toa."

"You always need to think ahead, my friend," said the Ko-Matoran. "That's why you lost last time."

"I know," Zorkek replied, moving his Vortixx piece. "If I hadn't lost my Makuta...Grr!"

"You're getting better." Trell moved his Turaga one space over to hide it behind a line of Matoran. "Just keep trying."

The Po-Matoran grinned as he moved his bruiser sideways.

"Oh, very good," said Trell, an approving smile crossing his white mask, "the split maneuver. Whether I move my Toa or my Vortixx, the other one gets captured. Hmm. I'll move my Toa." Picking up the piece, he moved it in an L-shaped line across the checkered board.

As the game wore on and the sun's rays shifted in the thatch hut, the contenders pieces were slowly reduced. Eventually, Trell's army was reduced to three Matoran, a Vortixx, his Makuta and his Turaga, while Zorkek had only his Makuta, one Matoran, one bruiser, and his Turaga.

"Ah, you can't do that," said Trell as Zorkek picked up his Makuta.

"Why not?"

"If you move your Makuta, you leave your Turaga open for attack. And that's against the rules."

"Fine," Zorkek grumbled, as he moved his Matoran out of the line of fire.

Trell captured Zorkek's Makuta with own Makuta and said, "Chehk."

Unable to capture the threatening piece, Zorkek moved his Turaga out of the way. With that, Trell moved his Vortixx in, pinning the Po-Matoran's Turaga against the edge of the board.

Zorkek put his head down on the table, defeat in his eyes, as he tried to find someway to save himself from the inevitable.

Suddenly, a smile crept across his face. Reaching for his bruiser, he moved it all the way to the other side of chehs board. He set the piece down and triumphantly proclaimed, "Chehk-mate!"

Trell's mouth fell open as he stared at the board. His Turaga was backed into a corner with only three squares adjacent to it. One was occupied by his own Matoran, cutting the squares down to two. However, those squares were in the line of fire of both Zorkek's bruiser and his Matoran, and that same bruiser was threatening Trell's Turaga. The Ko-Matoran's Makuta could not capture the bruiser in one move, nor could his Vortixx due to his own Matoran standing in the way.

Zorkek settled back in his chair, a smug look on his face.

"You always need to think ahead, my friend, but sometimes, even the best plans have holes in them."

* * *

Bionicle belongs to LEGO

Characters belong to me

Just so no one's confused, this is supposed to be Bionicle Chess. The piece equivalences are Turaga=King, Makuta=Queen, Matoran=Pawn, Vortixx=Bishop, Toa=Knight, and Bruiser (Krekka's species)=Rook.

Hope you liked it.