Disclaimer: I don't own Myst.


Dark lines on creamy pages

Building a world from empty space,

Shaping foundations and aether alike,

Heaven and earth united by the pen's slim stroke.

Behold the Maker's great tree

And the bountiful fruit of its infinite boughs;

The Art in all its wonder is arrayed

Across the 'verse and 'fore our disbelieving eyes.

Make fast the script and firm the order

Or else the chaos of instability shall consume;

Neat are the lines and elegant the theme

In a Masterpiece of Writing, an ageless Age.

Pen and ink, paper and Book,

The elements together form a Link,

A doorway 'tween strange new worlds

Bounded only by the Writer's ambition.


A/N: A little something I've had in a notebook for a couple years or so. Hope you enjoyed.