Okay, so it's like this! I started this little comic thing on dA, and now I'm just putting it in FF form 8D

Allen&&Kanda are having a small war (implied Yullen), and you get a point whenever you embarrass or harm the other person. It's the first one to 20 and they're using notes or letter or w/e to communicate with each other. And at the end the winner gets to choose a "punishment" for the loser, of course I will write the punishment.

Allen's punishment for Kanda is that he'll have to wear a maid dress, (fyi, I will draw all of these for your eyes if you want) &&Kanda's punishment for Allen is that he… well… gets to really "punish him"…nosebleed 8D


Foolish moyashi, you really think you can win this war?

It's at times like this I wonder how stupid you really are. You have no fucking idea what sort of things I can do to hurt you. Since you're so fucking innocent and pure (like hell, I've seen your poker skills) I'll initiate the first step, I hope your prepared because I won't back down that easily. Hell, I won't back down.

Surely you've by now realized that I'm a morning person and always wake up when the rooster crows, therefore giving me the advantage of 'excess time'. I took the liberty of putting you on a slight diet seeing as you always eat so much and don't gain anything; if you're not careful all those pounds of weight will suddenly collapse on you. I threw all of your beloved food out the window and disposed of the plates and such by handing them to Jerry, claiming they were donated by Komui because he's "such a lovely person". Che. Yeah, right.

When you wake up at I don't know, fucking noon, you won't be greeted by your usual mountain of delicious food, but nothing. That's fucking right; I even sprayed cherry blossom scent in the fridge so you won't even get the satisfaction of smelling the aroma.

Don't you even for a fucking second think of fucking coming after me. If you do try, I'm sure Komui has informed me of my whereabouts; that's fucking right; I'm on a mission so suck on that! (You'll be doing that when I win this war.)

Your move, moyashi.

Signed, Kanda


Let's Start A War #1; http://roxyyrawrr (dot) deviantart (dot) com/art/DGM-Let-s-Start-A-War-1-119362868

So anyway, R&R if you have any idea on what Kanda or Allen can do, you'll all be joining sides by helping them in the war! xDD and I will give special distinction to the people who helped the wonderful Allen Walker and sexy Kanda Yuu!


Kanda: …69.

Allen: …Oh my.