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This time, Allen's letter!

Continuation; Let's Start A War #7


Dear Bakanda,

I must say, your last prank truly, really, honestly, caused me a lot of pain. Yes, Miranda did fall to her knees and burst into tears the minute she followed the trail and found that I was the culprit. Her sobbing woke me up by the way and I felt dizzy immediately as I saw all the various undergarments spread across my room. Did I ever mention that you're an ass by the way? I felt horrible because Miranda tried to commit suicide, and I couldn't do anything about it because when I tried to approach her she let out this shrill scream. I'm pretty sure everyone in the Order heard it, which is probably why I found Lenalee standing by my door, currently out of breathe.

She took one glance at my room and all of a sudden her dark boots activated. And to make matters worse, Miranda had made her way to my window to try and jump out of it and commit suicide, again, and when I tried to stop her she began sobbing my name and crying out 'why, oh why!'. That was humiliating and very awkward. Even more awkward was when Komui entered the room and saw the entire ruckus. I've never been so scared in my entire life. He had Komurin IV following right behind him with his robotic eyes glowing in the darkness of the hallway, and Lenalee's shoulders were trembling as she focused her stare on the floor. Suddenly Miranda made a run for the window for the third time, and I being the good gentleman I am, ran after her. Unfortunately Komui and Miranda misconstrued this as an act of aggression and both of them launched at me; Lenalee with her Innocence, and Komui with his diabolic screwdriver and Komurin IV.

…I can't remember much after that.

Well you were right. The bruises and cuts on my face make it hard for me to smile, and the pain is never-ending. I have to take pills so at the moment I'm completely drugged up. Which probably explains why I did what I did. You don't know what I did, so allow me to explain it to you so your miniscule brain can comprehend it.

Oh. And you should know that after my very severe beating I got sent to the medical room and got hospitalized. Komui was furious and still wanted to rip out my guts and paint the wall with my blood, so Reever had to drag him back to his office with the help of Johnny and two other finders. At first it was difficult to hold Komui down, but then thirteen more finders came and they hauled him away as his scream echoed through the hallways. I found out that Miranda has passed out and was now in the care of Krory. How sweet.

After that Lenalee visited me and she was thoroughly pissed I tell you. Her eyes were hellish and her stare pierced through my body like I'd been stabbed with a spike over and over again. The feeling was tremendous and I couldn't even utter a single word. That was until she asked me why I'd decorated my room with their undergarments. I couldn't exactly prove anything, so I told her that I didn't know. She left right after that with a huff.

But then (thank God) you left me that letter explaining about it all, and I just took it straight to Lenalee and had her read it. It was quite embarrassing yes, but she finally realized that I wasn't the culprit to the whole 'lingerie incident' and offered to help me get revenge, seeing as your little prank was oh-so cruel.

Isn't she lovely?

Which is why she agreed to run into Komui's office during his nap hour, tears streaming down her face and shaking uncontrollably. Then when Komui wakes up and sees this he's going to ask her what happened, she'll sob a few times and try to utter something, but won't be able to. And then she's going to take a big breather, must up all her energy and say that—

Well. Why don't I just spell it out for you.

"Yuu slept with Lenalee."


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