Snape a sappy romantic!?!

Nobody had thought that one day Serverus Snape would be called a sappy romantic. It seemed for the generation of students who made their years through Hogwarts potion class hard to belive and downright incredible. Their snarky and sarcastic potion master was many things but if asked not one of the student body would have characterised him as a romantic. Mean, unfair and sometimes even cruel but romantic and sappy would have made them laugh probably until they wet their pants.

They should all be proven wrong and convinced otherwise.

The fateful day to ruin the reputation of Severus Snape bat of the Dungeon and unsocial git was on a Friday in the last class before the Easter holidays. The seventh year class with Colin Creevy, Luna Lovegood and Ginny Weasley sat patiently down and waited for the theatrical entrance form their potion master. He entered as usual with a billowing robe and a scowl on his face.

He glared briefly at them and continued with his lesson giving them instructions for a corrosive potion forewarning them that a slip would mean Easter holidays in the hospital wing. He should have known better. Half an hour into the lesson Colin Creevy managed to fail the potion in what Severus would call Longbottom style even exceeding him.

Therefore to stop any harm to happen to his students Severus rushed to the Creevy boy and yelled at everybody to back away. Everyone but him succeed. Thus the corrosive potion splashes on his robes and in outcome they were slowly dissolving.

He spelled his robes away but the potion already managed to reach his dress shirt so he had to banish it as well. Collective gasps were heard through the room. Everyone were staring in shock at their potion masters nude chest.

In this moment of the days events entered the hero of the wizarding world Harry Potter. Freshly graduated the last year and newest DADA teacher Hogwarts notified by the alarm on the potion classroom which sounded should like in this case a potion go awry.

He surveys the scene and hurried concerned to his colleague. Seeing nothing wrong with the shocked expression of the students. After all a potion had exploded and splashed the whole room.

He faced the potion master and he looked his gaze with him conveying his worry. The potion master nodded in acknowledgement. "Are you all right, Sev?" Snape rolled his eyes. "I´m fine, Harry."

In that moment a Hufflepuff girl stated to giggle and not quite whispering to her friend."They are so sweet. The tatoo is so romantic." The boy behind her made a gagging sound. "It's sappy not romantic."

And thus began the discussion if the tatoo of Severus Snape which was on his chest right above his heart was either sappy or romantic. The tattoo a red heart Harry printed within and beneath the script "Love for eternity" was quite a scandal. The opinion was split but the result was that the student body concluded that Snape certainly was a softy and a rather sweet though grumpy sappy romantic.

Still neither Harry nor Severus cared they both left the students to their discussion and went to Hogsmeade to have a romantic candel light dinner. When they parted hearing two last comments which made them laugh hearty.

"They are always so sappy worse than mum and dad." Ginny said shaking her head.

Luna ignoring her comment answered dreamily. "I would have thought Vampire skin is to hard to tattoo"

Faintly one could her laughter fading in the corridors of Hogwarts.