50 Ways to Annoy Iggy: The Story

*What would happen if the flock got a hold of my list, 50 ways to annoy Iggy? Whoever knew they could be so mean to their blind pyro chef


Zach:*Shakespearean voice* She owns not the characters of thy retarded *gets whacked in the head with a pillow* I mean fantabuawesome script

Me: 'atta boy!

Claimer: She owns the list! And, (in a way), Zach Goode!
Zach: In your dreams!
Me: touche



Fang POV

Wow. This thing is freaking genius. In fact, it's so genius, I almost can't describe it. I have to show Max.


I swear. Fang can be such a computer nerd sometimes. He's been on that darn computer for… well, I don't really know how long! But I know it's been a while!

Suddenly I heard his low, sexy, and seductive voice—I did NOT just say that!

I mean, I heard his voice, (notice how there is no longer the use of adjectives in that phrase!), beckon me over to where he was sitting at the mouth of the cave.

"Hey, Max, would you look at this?" I walked over to him and peered over his shoulder to look at his black laptop and I didn't read farther than the title: 50 WAYS TO ANNOY IGGY.

Fang was on this website called fanfiction, whatever that is.

But anyway, this girl, the7thflockmember had a story that had a list of ways that we could annoy our dear, dear friend Ig-meister.

A mischievous, no, devious grin spread across my face.

"Are you thinking what I'm thinking?"

"Ooooh yeah."

Suddenly I heard little Angel's voice weave its way through my head.

Max, that is so mean! How could you do that to Iggy?

Angel, what did I say about this? Besides, you can't tell him.

Oh, no, I wasn't thinking about telling him… I want to help.

I sighed and realized that Fang and I couldn't put this together alone.

Fine, Ange. Tell everybody else. When you guys get back from playing we'll put our plan into action.

Alright, Max. Over and out.

I sighed again and let out a small chuckle. That's my girl.

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