Zach: A long time ago—

Abby: One month.

Zach: In a galaxy—

Abby: The Milky Way.

Zach: Far, far away… ABBY ADDED A FILLER CHAPTER. –Star Wars theme-

Abby: Boy doesn't lie. But now it's time for an epic battle between good and evil, between right and wrong. Between… THE FLOCK AND IGGY. May the force be with you.

Previously on 50 Ways to Annoy Iggy: THE STORY

We got up, interlocking fingers, much to Gazzy's 9-year-old horror, and walked our way to Iggy. I knocked twice on the half-closed door, and pushed it open at his quiet, "Enter".

This apology was going to be a lot harder than I thought. One week until ultimate pranking and masterminding... That was the only thing I could wrap my brain around.

Well, Ig, enjoy your apologies while they last.

"Yo, Ig..."

# 20 Undo the back of the pad (so the sticky stuff is showing) and stick it to his forehead
# 21 Tell him it's a sticker with wings on it
# 22 Take pictures and post it on the blog.

It has been three whole weeks since any of us have pranked. Iggy has resumed his title as the happy, humming housewife and we've all returned to our bored, idle state. It was time.

A small, plastic yellow square jumped between my fingers as I hunted for the youngest in our Flock. A thick head of blond hair appeared at the kitchen table with her brother, small hands grasping a hand of cards, intensely focusing on a game of Go Fish.

When the two noticed I had entered the room, evil little grins grew across their sweet faces. I felt a pang in my heart, knowing I had taught them so well. I tossed Angel the pad that was in my hands, and removed Fang's digital camera from my sweatshirt pocket, sliding it on the table toward Gazzy. Angel giggled and I knew the plan was in safe hands.


I carefully unpacked the small fabric from the yellow plastic and ushered Gazzy to the door of Iggy's room. I knocked; entering after Iggy muttered a quiet affirmation. On our way to his room I had picked up many sheets from my sticker collection, complete with glittery princess crowns, scratch and sniff fruit, and holographic Iron Man stickers.

"Iggy!" I yelped, hopping into his lap. He laughed, putting down the book that he hungrily ate up over white pages.

"What's up my sweet little potato?" I giggled, maniacally smiling to myself.

"Can we express our creative souls like Dr. M is always encouraging? I brought stickers!" Iggy sighed, but nodded.

"What are we doing, scrapbooking? Making door signs? Birthday cards? What did you have in mind Ange?"

"I was thinking of unleashing my inner Van Gogh and turning you into a human canvas! Please, please, please say yes!" I gave my best puppy dog eyes to our blind Flock member and once again he sighed.

"Puppy dog eyes, I can feel them. Okay, you got yourself a deal!" I had Iggy lay on the carpeted floor and started laying my prettiest stickers across his exposed skin. In all honesty, I thought it was quite the masterpiece.

Removing the piece of paper from the back side of the pad, I stuck it to his forehead, making him look like a womanly hygienic ninja. His fingers instinctively reached for the foreign object, but I slapped away his curiosity.

"You don't get to see—or feel—until the final product!" I shouted. "It's this really cool sticker that I found in the living room. It has wings on it, Iggy!" A puzzled look spread across his face, but he let me continue.

I motioned for Gazzy to step into the room quietly, and he started clicking away for different angles of Iggy the Pad Ninja.

"Are you taking pictures?" Iggy quizzed. Panicking, I figured I had to lie and get out as soon as possible.

"Oh, yea! Dr. M would love to see this so we can keep it forever! I'd say it's creativity at its finest!" I muttered, leaving the room and grabbing Gazzy's hand to drag him and our blackmail to Fang's room.

"Fang, it's blogging time!"

Ok, so it was a pretty lame chapter. But if you think about it, the list is pretty lame in itself! I don't know, man, maybe I'm just lame.

Zach: You got that right.

Abby: Zachary!

Zach: Sorry, friend. I didn't mean it.

Abby: That's better. Look at how civil we are now! -pinches his cheeks- And he's just the cutiest!

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