Hello, everyone, yes, after five years I am still alive. It's no secret that I left the fandom roughly five years ago to pursue other fandoms, and many of these fics got abandoned and left unfinished. But you guys have stayed faithful to me and I receive messages and reviews daily from people wanting to see the endings and telling me they love my fics.

I know it may sound horrible, but the truth is I actually HATE most of my fics after re-reading them. I know that sounds horrible and perhaps its just me being critical of my own writing but the truth of the matter is I have no desire to finish the fics as they are. They will NOT BE DELETED. I know many of you still enjoy my fics as they are, so I won't be deleting. But let me get to the point of this message and a simple and official:


Let the slow applause begin, I'm sure. I know I have a lot of followers on these fics, so hopefully this message reaches everyone one of you. The truth of the matter is, I want to rewrite my fics and give them the proper endings they deserve. That being said I have over 50 fics to my name and need YOUR help to decide which fics you want to see finished and rewritten.

Mind you, this could take some time, but I promise you, eventually these fics will see proper rewrites and reuploads.

So, if any of you are reading this and have been hoping and praying one day I'd be back, please, leave me a review just saying 'yay' or naming the rewrite you'd like to see and the fic you want finished. This will inspire me to do my best for not only me but you guys as well.

Fair warning though, some of my ship loyalties have changed and such, some fics may have ship changes hence why my older versions will never be deleted. If there IS a ship change I will notify you guys ASAP.

So, that's about it. I know have to update 50 fics with this message and hope you guys read it. Wish me luck and I'll do my best. Thank you so much.