They Met.

Hey I Sodapop Perry,"a 5 year old said.

"Me Ponyboy Curtis," a 3 year old said.

They wanted each other.

"Soda you gotta tell him how you feel," Sandy Perry,Soda's older sister said."How."

"Go and talk to him."

"Have you told Soda how you feel,Pony?" Two-bit asked."No,"Pony said looking away."Why not?" Johnny asked."Because he isn't into guys, isn't into guys like m-

"Hey Pony, can I talk to you?"Soda asked.

"What Soda?"Pony asked. "Pony I uh I love you,"Soda said. "Soda-

"No listen I love you and I want to be with you,"Soda said and kissed kissed back.

He went to war.

"Pony I'm going to war and I may not come back,"Soda said.

"Yes you will,"Ponyboy said.

"How do you know?"Soda asked.

"Because I know you,"he said.

"Pony when I get back, I want you to move in with me,"Soda said."Okay,"Pony said.

"Private Sodapop Perry."

"Here,"Soda said.

He was used.

"Pony we need the money,"Darry said getting mad."I don't care,I'm not doing it,"Pony cried.

"Then I'll make you,"Darry said grabbing Pony and taking him to Darry's room.

"How much?"

"$5.00,"Pony said putting his pants on.

"Pony,whats going on?"Two-bit asked.

"Darry, he-he hit m-me,"Pony cried."Is that all kid?"Dally asked."N-no,"Pony said."What is it?"Johnny asked."He r-rap-raped m-me and so-sold m-my body for mon-money,"Pony said.

"You can't tell soda, please don't tell Soda,"Pony said.