Disclaimer: I do not own Marcus the Paladin and I do not own the idea of interracial, inter-faction inter-living (?) purple prose implemented in the game. But Blizzard started it, who am I to argue. I should use it. So I do.

If you play World of Warcraft, I'm sure you know what [A Steamy Romance Novel] and its sequels are. I decided to have a little fun with the idea behind them.

English is not my first language, so I'm sorry for any tense and word confusion on my part.

And yes, I am crap at names. If you spot one that sounds familiar, it probably is intended, because I can't invent names to save my life.

Illasera took a sip of her mead and bobbed her head to the rhythm of the music. She was lucky to find such a lovely, secluded booth in the World's End Tavern as it was filled with fans of the band playing tonight.

"I though druids preferred more natural environment", said a husky voice behind her and she turned around quickly.

"And I thought paladins were more honorable than stealing ones prey from between their paws", she replied with a smirk.

In a puff of released magic, Marcus found himself pinned to the floor by a huge, growling, black cat. He pushed fear and surprise aside and grinned, gently stroking the cat's head and neck.

Illasera let out a little purr but came to her senses fast enough to snap her feline jaws, shooing his hand away and closing them, ever so gently, around his neck. Only hard enough so the paladin would feel a suggestion of teeth pressing on his windpipe.

She could smell him, all musky sweat and armor polish and that distinctly lemon smell of paladins. She let go of his neck and licked his face slowly, then let her tongue slip into his ear.

Marcus sighed and tried to pull the beast close to him, only it changed its shape back to the beautiful night elf on top of him. He didn't hesitate and pulled her in for a long and hot kiss.

"I suspect you aren't that mad about the Talbuks after all", he murmured into her ear.

"Not if I still get half of the reward for killing them", she replied and started nibbling at his lower lip.

The rest of this book has several sections unreadable due to it being worn out and sometimes smeared with grass stains.

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