So to be honest I just recently discovered how amazing Cats is when my school put it on for our spring musical. Needless to say the kids in it did a "phenomenal!" job. Since I played in the pit band, I practiced with them a bit and was really able to get the gist of the show and fell in absolute love. Everything about it is great; the characters, the storyline (or lack thereof), and the whole feel of it is just captivating, not to mention how awesome the music is. Now I know why it's so world renowned and, to be honest, I don't think I'll ever look at a cat the same way again. Though I do hope to have a Mr. Mistoffelees of my own one day ^.^

Well, that being said, the idea for this fic came out of doing my usual rounds of pairing up different characters and seeing if they worked. Apparently Tugger/Mistoffelees is a common fancy among Cats/slash fans so…well, I had to try it. I don't really like when people admit to a certain fic being their first slash and please forgive them because it's their first and so on and so forth. But I'll admit it. This is my first slash. Take it or leave it.

Just some warnings for future chapters then:

Rated M for a reason. Don't like, don't read (or find someone else who would like it ;).

Swearing. F-bomb may be dropped, but not ad nauseam.

Mild to strong sexual content depending. Will signify which one in the beginning of each chapter.

But most importantly, please enjoy my musings. I know I do, for the most part. ;)

Disclaimer: Anything you recognize from the musical is not my own, but belongs to the Everlasting Cats, T.S. Elliot and Andrew Loyd Webber.

Suggested sexual content.


Changes in the Air

"Oh Tugger," she breathed, her chest heaving as the curious cat kissed her neck.

"Oh Exotica," the Rum Tum Tugger mumbled, refraining from rolling his eyes at her high pitched giggle.

"I should have come sooner. I mean, you're wonderful."


He hated when they talked, but he probably should have given her some slack for being new to the junkyard. She didn't know what he liked…still, this was obviously her first time. Way to pick 'em, Tug.

"Ooh!" Another giggle and he nearly cringed. Well, she was sexy, he would give her that, but that laugh just spoiled her perfectly good body.

"Tugger!" His ears perked up and he turned to look behind him. He was mildly surprised to see Demeter stalking towards him. Ah, the sister-in-law. He never thought he'd be so happy to see her with that angry look on her face.

"What's going on?" Exotica immediately demanded, trying to look around Tugger to see who had called him. He gracefully lifted himself from her and faced the calico, preparing himself for a tongue lashing.

"You know what I'm going to say," Demeter said, one hand on her hip.

"Who is she?" the other queen asked, quickly leaping to her feet.

"Exotica, shut it," Tugger grumbled. The cat looked shocked that he had spoken to her like that, crossing her arms across her chest in a huff. He stared at Demeter, knowing full well he was missing the important meeting with the higher members of the Jellicles.

"It started a good fifteen minutes ago," she said.

"Oh," was all he could say.

"Munk depended on you, Tugger."

"Well I honestly think he knows me well enough by now."

"Is that supposed to make it any better?"


"I can't believe you," she sighed.

"Listen don't be pissed. I'm coming." He glanced back at Exotica and was reminded remarkably of a kitten as she stood there with her lower lip stuck out. "Erm…it was fun." She reached a paw out and touched his forearm, her expression quickly changing to one of delight.

"Meet you here tonight?" she crooned. "Maybe we won't be so rudely interrupted." Demeter rolled her eyes impatiently.

"Listen, how old are you?" she inquired. "I get the impression you're younger than you say you are."

Exotica's eyes burned into hers.

"I'll be a queen in less than a year," she grumbled.

"What?!" Tugger yelped.

"Uh-huh, that's what I thought." Demeter grabbed Tugger's arm and proceeded to drag him off.


"No, Tugger. We already wasted time waiting for you to show up. You can't tell me you didn't know how old she was," she added.

"Come on, how old did she look to you? Honestly."

"The way she was pouting she looked like a kitten."

"Really? That's what I—"

"It's not the point, Tugger! Why can't you at least stick to queens your own age?"

"What, like Bombi?" he grinned. She growled, her claws digging deeper into his arm and he winced.

"Come on, Demeter, that hurts."

"Mr. Tough Cat can't take a little scratch?" she sniffed, releasing her grip. He scoffed but didn't retort, watching her as her expression remained stony.

"I'm sorry, all right? I honestly lost track of the time."

"Save it. I'm sure Munk will believe you."

They walked the rest of the way in silence, the overwhelming feeling of discomfort Tugger received every time Demeter was angry at him swelling in his chest. He liked his brother's mate, in a "she's my brother's mate" type of way. She made Munkustrap happy, complete he daresay, and even his own few and far between morals found that acceptable. So not only did he have to like her, some part of him genuinely did. That still didn't change the fact that he found her ridiculously frightening when she was mad at him.

Soon enough, the two cats entered a small clearing that held only a small gathering of cats. All were in some sort of circle shape, yet Munkustrap still managed to be at the head. The silver cat looked up as they approached and sighed.

"Thank you, Demeter," he said. For the first time that day Tugger saw the queen smile. She quickly took her place by her mate's side.

"Sorry, Munk," he winced, standing in his normal spot next to Alonzo. The black and white cat nudged him and smiled knowingly.

"It only matters that you're here now." His expression was calm, but his eyes showed his hurt. Tugger instantly felt like an ass. If there was one thing he hated it was the look of disappointment his brother seemed to have perfected just for moments when Tugger screwed up. "You only missed what Deuteronomy had to say. He left, obviously, but he only informed us that he's going to be scarce for the next two weeks."

"Did he say why?"

"He didn't give a reason." But his look said that he knew and that he would tell him later. "Now…the only other thing I wanted to talk about, and forgive me for bringing it up, is Macavity." The cats hissed and Tugger felt a wave of angry heat rip through him.

"What about the son of a—"

"Tug, please. We haven't seen him in a couple of months now which, although pleasant, is never a good sign. I have reasons to think he's planning something." Demeter shifted uncomfortably and a look of worry flitted across her face. Tugger pitied her as he watched Munkustrap wrap a comforting arm around her waist. It had almost been a year now since Macavity raped her and even the slightest mention of his name left her cold and embarrassed.

"Isn't the bastard always scheming?" Alonzo said.

"Yes, but we would do well to prepare for whatever he is planning rather than just being cautious like we always are. I was thinking about a curfew—"

"You know that won't stop him," Tugger refuted.

"It will make it more difficult for him," Cassandra reasoned.

"Not by much."

"But you fail to remember we also have Coricopat and Tantomile," Munkustrap said. "They're perfect warnings for when danger is about to strike."

"That's all well and good, really, but when are we going to figure out how to finish him once and for all?"

Something burned in Munkustrap's eyes, a kind of fiery defiance that suddenly came upon him.

"One day we'll give him what he deserves," he said steadily. "Trust me. One day there will be enough of us to overtake him, or one of us who turns out to be strong enough. That day will come where all the harm he has caused us will come back to him tenfold, where every day we've spent in fear of him he will spend an eternity of."

The cats looked at him in awe. Tugger's tail twitched nervously and he found he didn't know how to respond to that, but almost as quick as the look came over Munkustrap it was gone. The silver cat sadly smiled down at Demeter, who was nervously rubbing her head against his arm, and put a paw to the top of her head.

"But until that day comes," he started again , "we have to focus on doing everything we can to make sure he doesn't hurt anyone else."

The cats let out a collective sigh and as the mood returned to normal, a small 'Ahem' could be heard. They looked around to find that the old Gumbie cat had her paw raised politely, her lips in a small frown.

"Yes, Jenny?"

"Whatever curfew is set, I should think the kittens have an earlier one. I would also feel much better if they slept in mine and Jellylorum's den."

"Gus would not mind?"

"Oh, not at all. He loves the kittens."

"Of course, then. Let's say they go inside right after the sun sets."

Jennyanydots smiled and seemed to relax.

"What should our curfew be then?" Alonzo wondered.

"Not too long after. Perhaps we make ourselves scarce if not returning to our dens just yet. Whether a cat wishes to go to sleep earlier is up to them, but they should at least be inside."

"How about we have a few of us do rounds?" Tugger suggested. "You know, make sure they really are inside." Every cat looked at him, eyebrows raised and dumbfounded expressions that such a thing came from his mouth. "What?" he mumbled.

"That's a good suggestion," Munkustrap smiled. "That's what we'll do. When we gather tonight we'll share this with the rest of the cats. That should be all then." The meeting broke and most of the cats walked off to find their next meal. Tugger stayed behind, though, and watched as Munkustrap talked low and soothingly to Demeter, both of his arms around her now.

"So." He felt a nudge in his ribs and looked down at Alonzo. He hadn't realized the tom was still there.

"Lemme guess, Exotica?"

"Oh, yeah well," he chuckled darkly. "She's yours if you want her, mate. I know you don't mind the incessant high-pitched giggling."

"Since when do you mind that?! Jeez, Tug. You'd give a perfect queen up just because she giggles too much?"

Tugger shrugged. Alonzo studied him for a moment before frowning.

"You been okay lately?" he asked seriously.

"Same as always. Why?"

"Dunno. You just seem…ah, whatever. Listen, I'm starved. You wanna go hunt mice or something?"

"You go on. I want to talk to Munk quick." They both looked back at the couple and Alonzo seemed to soften.

"Poor kit," he mumbled, referring to Demeter. "Still, she's safe with him. Munk'll kick Macavity's ass if he ever comes near her again."

"As will I," Tugger growled. They were silent as they watched Munkustrap gently kiss Demeter and hesitantly break the hug. The calico queen gave him a small smile before walking off.

"I'll leave you to it, then," Alonzo said, likewise leaving the clearing. Tugger approached his brother, smiling awkwardly in a half supportive, half guilty type of way. The silver cat's grey eyes looked tired and much too old for the young tom.

"Is she, um, going to be okay?" Tugger asked.

"She will be," he nodded. "She's strong."

"Yeah, well she owes that to you, you know. She said so," he said quickly, seeing the look on his face. "Really. You always had that in you…you make people believe in themselves." He trailed off awkwardly but the cat gave him a small smile.

"That really was a good suggestion you had," he said. "Never mind how much it surprised me to hear it come from you."

"You and everyone else here," he grumbled. "Come on, you know I care about these Jellicles."

"Of course I do, but you know this means you have to stop your nightly swashbuckling and either stay inside or help patrol the junkyard." Tugger couldn't help but laugh at his brother's choice of words.

"There's plenty I can still do inside and I actually enjoy nightly strolls, thank you."

"As angry as Demeter will be at me for saying so, I trust you," the silver tom chuckled.

"I won't let you down this time."

"You never let me down, Tug. You can be unruly, aggravating, and annoyingly late sometimes, but I know you'll pull through when it comes to something like this." Tugger didn't know whether to feel flattered or offended.

"Erm, thanks." Munkustrap shook his head and smiled.

"So you looked like you wanted to talk about something when you came over."

"Hmm…" He racked his brain, trying desperately to remember his initial question. "I don't…oh, so what's up with dad?"

"He's just been tired lately. He says it'll pass, but he tends to forget just how old he is."

"You've been helping him a lot, though."

"I know," he said, shaking his head. "But he said he doesn't want to burden me so much and insists on doing most of it himself. You know how he is."

"I guess. Still, at least he knows he needs to cut back."

"Yes. I'm going to still be keeping an eye on him, maybe sneaking out at night and leaving you and Al in charge."

"Or I can check on him sometimes so you don't always have to."

"We'll work something out," he smiled. "Well, I suppose you're hungry, if that's all you wanted to talk about I mean."

"Oh. All right, then. Do you want to hunt with me or…?"

"I'm not too hungry myself," he said. "Go on."

"Okay. See you tonight." Studying his brother's eyes for the last time, he tore his gaze away from the grey depths and made his way out of the clearing.

He found himself annoyed at the feeling of discomfort in his stomach. It was supposed to be a simple day; wake up, go fishing, tease the kittens, shag the new queen…like every day. But no, there was a definite change in the air. He could almost smell it. Most of the cats seemed aloof, more skittish than usual. He didn't know what brought it about, but he couldn't ignore it. Munkustrap worried Tugger the most, though…even though his brother always aired on the side of caution on behalf of the Jellicles, Tugger couldn't shake the troubled look he saw lately on his brother's face. The cat didn't like change when he couldn't see it coming. The brotherly instinct inside of Tugger made him want to help in some way, but he couldn't see himself being of any assistance to whatever it was that bothered him, and that left him frustrated.

Stalking through the pipes, Tugger heaved a heavy sigh and tried to push it all from his mind, including what a disappointment the new queen turned out to be.

"Damnit," he muttered. Maybe Bombalurina wasn't doing anything that night…


After the nightly meeting of the Jellicles they decided that the curfew would take effect the next day, giving them one more free night to roam the junkyard.

"I'd rather it started tonight," Munkustrap admitted afterwards. Demeter looked distant as she stood by his side.

"Yeah, but one more night can't hurt," Tugger said as he watched Bombalurina walk over to them. She smiled at Demeter first, taking her paw and giving it a gentle squeeze. An understanding seemed to pass through the two queens and a slight smile crept across Demeter's face. It was then that the saucy red female looked at Tugger, a mischievous look in her dark eyes.

"Tug," she said. "You wanna go for a walk?"

"Sure," he grinned, offering her his paw. "G'night, Munk." His brother nodded to him, a small smile tugging at the corner of his mouth. "Demeter." She gave a small wave before turning her attention back to Munkustrap.

"So," Bombalurina started, gently swinging Tugger's arm as they walked away. "What shall we do on this last night of freedom?"

"Can not tell you how much I need you after today," he mumbled.

"Oh, just a good shag then?" she sighed.

"I was actually wondering if we could talk first."

The red cat literally stopped in her tracks.

"Huh? Hold on, there must be something in my ear." She batted at her right ear, her lips in a small frown.

"Bombi, come on. I'm serious. You're the only cat I can talk to."

"Flattering. All right," she sighed, starting forward again. "Just as long as it's not too long. I need you just as much as you need me right now."

"You're too kind," he muttered. She cackled.

"You should just listen to yourself sometimes. I wonder if you even know what you sound like."

Tugger smiled before launching into his problems.