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Chapter One

Isabella Swan. All the pupils in Forks High's minds were buzzing about Isabella Swan. Her father was a high profile lawyer who had decided to set up his business nearby. Her mother was a first-class photographer who had home-schooled her daughter over the past years. Now Isabella Swan had chosen to go to school with others for once and had chosen Forks High School as her first experience. Well, more power to her thought Edward Cullen.

Edward would not usually bother with the trivial minds of the human teenagers surrounding him. It was all predictable really. The girls had already viewed her as their best friends, giving them access to move up the social ladder. The boys had already linked themselves romantically to her, some imagining themselves and Isabella Swan in very graphic positions that Edward really did not need to see. However, Edward could not escape Isabella Swan because his siblings were thinking about her as well.

His brother, Jasper, had History with her, and found her keen interest for the Civil War fascinating. Edward was quite shocked to discover that Isabella had started a conversation with Jasper, albeit a very brief one. Jasper found her eyes very emotive and her smile infectious. She once made a small witty comment that left Jasper laughing, causing the whole class- including the teacher- to be in stitches. I really need to watch myself around her Jasper thought, slightly bemused.

Alice had English with Isabella and really enjoyed her company. It seems Isabella Swan was the only one who could keep up with Alice's hyperactive behaviour and have the "Alice Fashion Sense" seal of approval. Alice was already thinking about arranging a shopping trip with Isabella, quickly searching the weather forecast in her visions for signs of sunshine.

Emmett had accidently bumped into Isabella Swan while he was walking with Rosalie to his last lesson. While Rosalie did not give Isabella the time of day, Emmett found her hilarious; especially when she made a snarky comment about how people his size should carry a warning label. Emmett had the strong urge to pat her on the head and this put a big goofy smile on his face.

Edward exhaled impatiently. He did not see why he had to care. Why should his siblings care about this simplistic human girl who had walked into this school? After all, this life they were living was nothing but an illusion. He was not a 17 year old junior in high school. He was a 111 year old vampire who had graduated from school too many times to count. Why should he care?

But there was something not quite right about Isabella Swan. Something that Edward could not put his finger on. Jasper was thinking briefly about the fact that when he had the whole class laughing, Isabella did not even chuckle. Alice considered the fact that her visions were blurred, even non-existent when it came to Isabella Swan. And Emmett remembered then when he bumped into her with enough force to crash her into the lockers- Edward growled quietly at that, Emmett needed to be careful- Isabella Swan did not even move an inch.

Even now, the cafeteria seemed gravitated towards this one girl, who was sitting with Angela Webber, a shy girl who did not usually have much friends or attention. They both picked up there trays and walked out of the room, not before Angela said something that made Isabella tip her head back and laugh heartily, causing the entire school to gasp quietly. Her laugh was pleasant, Edward thought quickly, before mentally shaking himself. He was getting too involved in this high school drama, he decided, before turning around and pretending to eat his food once more.