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May I ask you another question?

Bella grinned at Edward's wary thought. I thought that was the whole point of this?

Edward blinked down at her, waiting for her permission. Bella rolled her eyes and motioned him to continue.

Stroking her face lightly, Edward marvelled at the sparkles beneath her skin. A blush swirled in her cheeks and Edward smiled. Why does your skin act this way?

Edward was becoming used to Bella's thought patterns. They were similar to a vampire's; moving at a mile per second, before slowing down and responding to his question.

Well, why does yours?

Before he could consider a response, Bella giggled softly and turned slightly in his lap so she could look at him.

"I don't know," she mused, sighing and putting her head down on Edward's chest. "One of the amazing qualities of being a hybrid, I suppose."

"What other qualities are there?" Edward asked while stroking her hair.

Bella hummed for a moment and bit into her apple, chewing thoughtfully. "Extremely fast heart beat."

"Yes, I got that part."

"Extremely hot skin."


"Irritating ability to blush…" Edward grinned and looked down at his mate, chuckling at her annoyed expression

"Well, I'm glad about that part. It's the only way I could understand what goes on in that mind of yours."

Bella was nearly finished with her picnic basket, and Edward smiled to himself when he realised that her nose had only wrinkled a couple of times while eating. Bella chuckled lightly at his thoughts.

"You noticed that, huh?"

Edward frowned slightly. He wasn't trained in monitoring his thoughts like his siblings were. "Yes… does that bother you?"

Her hair tickled his nose as she shook her head slightly. "No, I know all about your habits too, Edward Cullen," she said with a grin.

His eyebrow rose at her expression. "Oh really, Bella Swan? Do tell."

Bella tapped her lips while her mind rushed through what appeared to be every time the two had spoken. Edward was surprised to see times when Bella was watching from afar, which made him feel a bit more relaxed about the times he had glimpsed at her from across the cafeteria.

"Well, let's see: You run your hands through your hair a lot, your eyes narrow and you cock your head to the side a fair bit but I've noticed that's usually when you're reading your family's thoughts. Oh and you frown quite a lot, but that's reduced somewhat over the past month." She ticked off each habit with her fingers, smiling up at him when she was done.

Edward blinked but smiled as he realised that she was definitely right about one thing. "Well, I think my frowning has stopped because of you, beautiful girl."

Bella rolled her eyes but her blush and her thoughts betrayed her. Chuckling, Edward decided to ask the question that she had distracted him from.

"Do you not like human food?"

And there it was; that adorable wrinkle of her cute button nose that Edward always loved. He leaned down and kissed it, not being able to stop himself. Bella's face relaxed in surprise before her lips curved into a smile. Edward took this as an invitation and leaned in closer to brush his lips quickly against hers, but Bella had other ideas.

Bella's hands threaded through Edward's hair and pulled him in for a proper kiss. It wasn't as shy and nervous as the first. All of Bella's energy was put into it and Edward started to wonder why he hadn't kissed her more often. He kissed her back with vigorous passion and the spark that always surrounded them seemed to fuel the fire. At a speed that appeared a blur to Edward's own eyes, Bella was kneeling up so she was at a higher level, her hands pulling Edward's hair so tightly that it almost hurt.

How did we end up in this position?

You kissed my nose. Bella thought back in an amused tone.

Edward's hands slid to her waist, their kiss still unbroken. There was a reason for that.

Edward… you're distracting me.

You distracted me first. Edward could actually hear her mental eye roll.

I'll think you'll find that you leaned in to kiss me; therefore the "distraction" is all on you.

Edward chuckled mentally before pulling away. He smiled softly as he watched Bella's mouth form a pout.

"Please Bella… I just want to get to know you…" Edward begged shamelessly which caused Bella to roll her eyes.

Fine. Bella lowered herself to his eye level but grabbed his hand, the spark running through them. "I don't particularly like human food. Apples are an exception… I say this is because I can sink my teeth into them." Bella grinned at that. "But blood is a lot better."

Edward cocked his head to one side. "I'm curious."

What a surprise, came Bella's amused thought. She giggled at his slightly shocked features and raised an eyebrow, a sign that he can continue.

"Is your hunting style different to mine?"

Edward saw flashes of woodland and images of a lone deer. He heard thoughts about the thrill of the chase, the warm flow down her throat and the points she gave herself for not messing her outfit up.

Bell flashed a wide grin, showing all of her teeth. "Pretty much…" She chuckled.

"Mum?" Bella called as she walked through the door. Her hand remained in Edward's as they stood in the lobby.

"One moment!" A soft voice flowed through the house.

Bella turned to Edward with a smile. "She's still in the dark room. You haven't seen the rest of the house yet, have you?" She pulled him towards the living room before he had a chance to respond.

The room appeared to represent the personality of both of Bella's parents. The dark wooden flooring and the cream sofa and chairs reminded Edward of Charles, even though he hadn't met him yet. However, the deep red colour on the walls matched the rug that covered the middle off the floor seemed a signature Renee style. It would have almost seemed like a clinical show room, if it wasn't for the photographs that adorned the walls.

They were definitely professionally done, some in black and white and some vibrant in colour. Several were of Renee with Bella; as a baby, a toddler and most recently a thirteen year old looking Bella with her arms wrapped around her mother. The one that drew Edward's attention was the huge photograph in the middle. There was a beaming five year old Bella sitting on a carpet, with someone's arms wrapped around her. The male image that was lying next to her wasn't looking at the camera and his head was turned so his face wasn't captured.

"My father," Bella murmured. "He doesn't like being photographed, as you can see." She waved her hand over the rest of pictures and Edward saw that his face was never quite captured, always turned away or blurred.

Edward suddenly felt very nervous about meeting Bella's father.

Bella rolled her eyes. "Oh, he's not so bad." She frowned slightly in thought. Just don't look at him directly in the eye.

Edward's eyes widened and Bella started laughing loudly, almost collapsing on the floor. A scowl formed on Edward's face and he let go of Bella's hand in irritation.

"What's so funny?" Renee's soft voice floated behind them as she walked into the room. Edward blinked as he turned to face her: he had almost forgotten the uncanny resemblance between Bella and her mother.

"Edward's a bit anxious about meeting Dad," Bella explained as she finally got over her giggles. I'm sorry… She thought with a smile as she grabbed his hand.

"Oh, don't worry Edward," Renee chimed, rushing past them with a full satchel on her shoulder. "Charlie's a big softie really. Once you get to know him." Her thoughts became full of the love she had for her mate and how happy she was that her daughter had found the same emotional connection. Now that Edward knew how Renee's talent worked, the colours surrounding him made sense. The deep pink that bonded him and Bella together was more intense than the morning, showing that they have confirmed how much they meant to each other.

"Oh, whatever you do, don't call him Charlie," Bella said with a small chuckle. "Only Mum's allowed to get away with that."

Renee shrugged.

"Charles is far too formal. And that's not how I know him." She looked at the pair before speaking up. "Well, I'm off."

Bella frowned slightly. "Where are you going?"

"The cottage. I'm meeting your father there."

Edward suddenly understood Renee's train of thought. She was thinking about keeping Charles away for the night to give them privacy. The more they spoke about Bella's father, the more Renee realised that tonight wasn't the best way for Charles to meet Edward for the first time.
"Oh! Good plan, Mum." Bella said out loud, which caused Renee to start.

"What do you mean?" Renee asked in confusion.

Bella blushed. "Sorry, I forgot. Edward's power: mind reading." She grinned sheepishly while peeking at Edward.

Renee's eyes widened. "Mind reading?" Gosh, as if Bella didn't know enough with all those powers cooped up inside her.

Bella rolled her eyes, which made Renee's eyes widen even further. She turned to Edward, assessing him quickly. "Well, I must give you a headache then."

Edward shook his head quickly.

"No ma'am," he answered politely. "Your mind is quite interesting actually: very colourful."

Renee giggled. "Yeah, it is that. I remember when I woke up in this new life… And all I saw was colour. I saw colour around my baby." She looked at Bella affectionately. "And I saw colour around Charlie. That colour was the most intense I had ever seen…," she sighed before giving Edward a sharp look. "And don't call me ma'am. Makes me feel old."

Bella laughed at the comment and in relief. She had worried how her parents would take to her finding a mate so young. However, Renee did not disappoint, actually excited at the prospect of a new family member. Bella sighed, leaned into Edward's chest and yawned, suddenly feeling fatigued.

Edward stilled and looked down at her, his eyebrows drawing together. "Bella, did you just yawn?"

Bella shook her head slightly and glanced at the clock. They must have stayed at the meadow longer than she thought. That meadow was now her favourite place; where she finally revealed her true feelings about her identity, where Edward told her he loved her, where their true nature was revelled by the sun and their thoughts revelled to each other. The day, actually the whole week, had drained her emotionally and physically, and she really needed to…

"Bella, you can sleep?" Edward asked in surprise. Bella looked up into his eyes.

Did I forget to mention that during our interrogation session?

Edward rolled his eyes. It wasn't an interrogation. I just assumed that you stayed awake like me.

Believe me, I wish I could. I hate sleeping. Bella pouted at that thought.

Why? Edward had always wished for a break from his mundane existence and the repetitive thoughts that surrounded him.

When you're surrounded by vampires, trust me, you hate being the odd one out.

A light cough broke the silence in the room and the pair turned to find Renee regarding them with an amused expression. "Bella, maybe you should go to bed. I will see you tomorrow."

Bella left Edward's side to hug her mother tightly. Renee grinned and closed her eyes, the aura surrounding them becoming brighter and more intense. The hug soon finished and Renee smiled at Edward before floating out the door, leaving the two of them alone.

Edward sat on the edge of Bella's bed, trying not to think about her showering in the bathroom across the hall. He tried not to think of the fabric that was slipping off her pale skin or how the water would flow down her body. Instead, he took in his surrounds to see if her bedroom held any more clues in the mystery of his mate.

Her bedroom was quite big, with a huge double bed taking up the most space. Purple seemed to be a recurring theme: her walls were lavender but her sheets were a deep, sensual purple with golden embroidery. The gold appeared to match her décor: her vanity mirror and dressing table were lined with the colour, along with the chair beside it and the chest of drawers. Next to her beside was a massive bookshelf, stacked with books of every genre. On the other side, Bella had her CD collection, filled with music of eclectic taste. Edward peered at the titles in wonder, amazed that he had so much in common with this girl.

And yet why wouldn't we? We are made for each other, Edward thought with a smile.

Edward felt a tap on his shoulder and turned, before biting back a gasp. Bella was dressed in baby blue; soft cotton trousers and a fitting tank top. Her hair was pulled back in a ponytail and her cheeks were flushed. She smiled softly and sat next to him on her bed.

Beautiful… Bella's cheeks became even redder as she giggled slightly.

"And here's me worrying that my clothes weren't nice enough…" Bella murmured.

Edward's eyebrow rose. "Why would you think that?"

Bella stood up, starting to pull her covers. "Well… I don't know. This is a pretty special day. I just wanted to look my best you know? I wear this sort of stuff all the time." She gestured at herself before sitting back down at the top of her bed.

Turning to face her, Edward shook his head lightly. "You always look your best, Bella. You are so beautiful."

Bella sighed. "Well, you have to say that. You're my mate," she teased and stuck her tongue out.

Edward started at that. It was the first time Bella had actually said it out loud. She was his mate. His.

Pulling the other side of her sheets down, Bella patted the space next to her. "Join me?"

"Maybe on top of the covers… I wouldn't want you to get cold," Edward muttered while walking towards the spot Bella had designated for him.

"Edward…I will always be several degrees hotter than a human. I don't know why that is, but it's true. That will never change. And also, I've grown up around vampires. We've covered this. Your body temperature is nothing new." Her lips formed the pout that Edward loved, so he could not resist.

Sitting down, Edward waited for Bella to lie down before he did so, pulling the duvet to cover her. They were nose to nose; breathing the same air, the electricity around them even more intense than usual.

"Bella, you do realise that you are actually beautiful, right? That I'm not just saying it?"

"Well," Bella mused, chewing on her bottom lip. "I know that, biologically, as a half mythological being, I have to look appealing. But…" She stopped as she saw Edward shake his head in exasperation.

He sighed and looked her straight in the eye. Bella, you are beautiful. Edward leaned forward and released her hair from its ponytail.

Your hair is perfect, so vibrant and full of colour.

Bella's eyes widened when Edward started to trace his nose along her jaw. You smell incredible.

He moved his hand from Bella's hair and stroked her cheek lightly, marvelling at the blush that formed. The room was pitch black but Edward saw her pale luminous skin perfectly.

"OK… I believe you now," Bella whispered and Edward noticed how dark her eyes had suddenly become. They both leaned in for a kiss, their grip on each other tightening, the intensity of the spark they shared growing. The soft touch of Bella's lips was incredible to Edward, and he started to wonder why he didn't kiss her more often. He pulled her in closer until she was pressed flush against him and kissed her deeper. Bella's hands ran through Edward's hair again, pulling tight, and this time Edward couldn't hide his wince.

"Sorry," Bella murmured as she pulled back from their kiss and released her grip. "I forget my own strength sometimes."

Edward shook his head. "You have nothing to apologise for." He could hear Bella's small gasp for breath and her heartbeat humming in the air. "Are you alright?" The kiss was a lot more passionate than before and Edward wondered briefly how far it would have gone if they didn't stop.

Bella smiled. "Yes… it's a hybrid thing." She started to roll her eyes again but a yawn caught up with her.

Smiling, Edward found himself running his hands through Bella's hair softly. "Maybe you should sleep."

Giving Edward a small kiss, Bella curled up close to Edward, placing her warm head directly where his heart should be beating. Her eyes closed and Edward could tell that she was starting to lose consciousness, because the wall in her mind slowly started to come down. With her hair fanned across his chest, and the electricity still flowing right through them, Edward felt for just a second that he could slowly hear his own heart beating once again.

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