Sonny's Heart: 2

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Yeah, so if you haven't read Sonny's Heart, go read it before you read this. Just click on my pro and find the link. This story takes place like a week after Sonny's Heart. Thanks to Klutsy-side-of-Alice for helping me out with the plot.


After a long week of trivial experiences, a huge party over flowing with drama, and a certain diva attempting to ruin my life…my days were looking better.

Me? I'm Sonny Monroe. You've probably seen me acting goofy on So Random!. Plus, after weeks of having a hate/love relationship with teen heartthrob Chad Dylan Cooper…we're actually going out now.

Well, the dance was over, and life slowly returned to normal. Cara Landrey, star of hit reality show (even though it wasn't even close to reality) Rita's Creek, was slinking around in a slump. She had tried mercilessly to have Chad to herself, and almost drove us completely apart. But during the whole experience, Chad and I were connected by a thin, frail string that lasted, even though Cara kept trying to break it. By the end of the party, the string had grown tighter and we were a couple.

Life was looking up.

So I was feeling pleasant when I entered the prop room one afternoon. A smile just wouldn't leave my face. Plus, I was wearing a new outfit: a denim skirt, rusty red boots, and a red V neck sweater.

"Sonny? You might wanna look at this," Niko's voice shouted from inside.

"Look at what?" I asked curiously, crossing the floor. Tawni, Grady, and Niko were lined up on the couch, agape. Zora was sitting on the counter, her legs swinging back and forth.

"Look what's the newest hit on Tween Weekly TV," Grady said grimly, frantically pressing keys on the keyboard. I plopped down beside them and glued my brown eyes to the screen.

There was me, dancing crazily in front of a mirror at La Acheron! Me making silly faces and doing weird dance routines.

"This is so embarrassing!" I shrieked, mortified. "How do they even have this?"

"Was anyone in there with you?" Tawni asked mockingly. The slight friendship we had had during the party's festivities had broken down to her mocking me whenever she could, but caring about 1/10 of the time.

"No, just Cara," I replied, crossing my arms.

Tawni looked at me like I was an idiot, then I got it.

"CARA!" I exploded, leaping up from the couch.

"She was videotaping you in a bathroom and you didn't notice?" Tawni asked flatly.

"Well, no, when I noticed her she started babbling about Chad and stuff," I said slowly. Had she been distracting me?

"Well, it's not like people think it's a big deal, right?" I said nervously, twirling a lock of wavy brown hair around my pale finger.

"Show her what she has to see, Niko," Zora piped up in a grave tone.

Niko clicked some keys, and a poll popped up on the screen.

"Sonny Monroe: Funny or Weird?" Santiago's voice said in his usual suave manor. He had a sneaky look in his eye, one that I recognized. Then he gestured to a colorful poll.

"30% funny, 70% weird," I read aloud, my heart sinking.

"We already knew that," Tawni rolled her eyes. I glared at her, and she shrunk back.

"Cara is a witch!" I snarled.

"Are we going to lock her in a bell tower?" Zora asked eagerly.

"Um, no," I said carefully. "But let's go give her a piece of our mind,"

Grady and Niko whooped, Zora cackled evilly, and Tawni fluffed her hair, looking bored.

I led the pack as we prowled down the hallway, until we came to the cafeteria. It was dinnertime, and so far only Rita's was present. I looked around hopefully for Chad, but they weren't here.

"Hey, Cara," I growled. She was surrounded by her cast, giggling like she was having the time of her life.

"Sandy!" She said grandly, pushing back her chair and standing up gracefully. Wow, she was just so beautiful. A perfect porcelain complexion, soft red curls cascading past her shoulders, blue eyes as dark as the ocean depths.

"Why did you put that video up?" I asked, anger snapping in my eyes. The guys crowded around me, as if to hold me back.

Cara's expression shifted into an evil smirk. "I wasn't originally going to. If Chad choose me, I would forget about it." Her glare became menacing. "But he choose YOU and now you're the couple of the century, and I had to bring you down,"

My eyes widened. Could it be…? "Your, what, jealous of me?" I asked incredulously. It couldn't be! Cara was a huge celebrity, had adoring fans, had clothes, looks, everything. All she didn't have was Chad, and he wanted me.

Life is funny sometimes.

Cara scoffed and crossed her arms over her cream colored sweater. "I don't do jealous," She hissed.

"Boo hoo you, why'd ya put up the video?" Tawni threw out her arms in exasperation.

Cara looked at her blankly. "I just explained that, airhead."

Tawni gasped and put a hand over her mouth. Cara had just crossed the line, apparently.

At that moment, McKenzie Falls entered the party.

"Sonny!" Chad greeted, grinning at me. I gave him a half smile; he hadn't seen what had just gone down. The rest of his cast drifted off to their table, but Chad walked over and slipped his arm around my waist.

"Hello, Chad!" Cara beamed at him and blew him a kiss.

"What are you doing?" I asked, annoyed. He was kinda taken.

But Chad just ignored her and focused his attention on me. "Have you seen Tween Weekly?" he grinned.

I glared at him and swatted his arm. "It's not funny, everyone thinks I'm weird!" I blew up. I didn't want people to think that I, myself, was weird, just characters I play!

"You saw the video?" Cara asked Chad. "Yeah, I also direct."

Chad and I shared a Look and looked at her weirdly. Did she copy everything Chad said?

I gave her a once over. "You're not worth it. I can't even look at you," I retorted. Cara shrugged and flounced back to her table.

"What are you gonna do?" Chad asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Do you want me to-" Zora's face lit up.

"NO, Zora!" I yelled, stomping over to the So Random! table. Tawni, Zora, Niko, and Grady trooped there after me, and Chad too, weirdly. He never sits with us, even now.

I smiled at him when he sat next to me, and he grinned in return. It was so much nicer that we were going out, we could skip the whole 'hate' part of our love/hate relationship.

"I guess I'll just have to ignore the video and act like I don't care," I sighed, crossing my arms.

Zora groaned, Niko and Grady shrugged, while Tawni applied lip gloss to her already glossy lips.

My hands dropped to my sides warily, but Chad caught one and squeezed it supportively. I was just starting to feel better when Marshall burst in.

"Hey kids, great news!" He exclaimed. "We're going on a cruise!"

I stood up, eyes wide. "By 'we', do you mean…?"

"Yes! All three of our shows!" He clapped his hands.

Cara stood up and smirked at me. "Pack your bags, Sandy!" She smiled brightly.

I slumped back in my seat and squeezed my eyes shut. I just wanted to get away from her, and now we'd be on a cruise ship together.

My luck just ran out.


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