Chapter Thirteen

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Sonny's POV

I was humming "You Belong With Me" under my breath as I walked with purpose down the long hallway. The walls were a pleasant cream with blue frames. Cute. When I knocked on Chad's door, I realized he wasn't there. Shrugging, I continued down the hall. I had it all planned- I didn't want to break up. I liked Chad way too much for that! I had been overly emotional, so I would apologize for that. We'd talk like a mature couple, and that was all I wanted.

"Chad?" I called. Suddenly, I saw him in the next hallway. He was leaning against the wall, hands in his pockets. I noticed Portlyn kneeling behind a Room Service guy's cart, almost inconspicuous. But she was holding a camera! What's going on here? I wondered curiously. Chad turned when he heard me, but his eyes widened and he waved me out of the way.

Hurt crossed my face, but then I saw Cara parade down the hall. Understanding flooded inside of me- Chad was doing the plan, right now! I bit my lip and my eyes swiveled from side to side. Finally I just ducked behind a wall and peeked out.

The red dot from the camera shone dimly, but Cara didn't notice. "Hi Chad," She said, grinning shyly. The air of confidence never left her eyes though. The girl had more confidence than anybody I knew, even Tawni.

"Hi…" He said, wrinkling his nose at her. I watched anxiously- how would this end up?

"So Portlyn told me something interesting," She batted her thick red eyelashes, and placed a hand on Chad's arm. He looked weirded out and shrugged out of her grasp. "Like what?"

"That you like me," She said dreamily, eyes hazy. "And I like you too. More than anyone!" She leaned in for a kiss, but Chad looked disgusted and held a hand over his mouth.

"Uhm, ewh." He retorted. Cara gaped. "What?" She trilled.

"Cara, I could not and will never like you. You're a stuck up snob, and that's coming from Chad Dylan Cooper. You're mean, sneaky, conniving, and really way too skinny," Chad gave her a once over. "Do you eat?"

Tears filled Cara's eyes. "Where is all this coming from? We're perfect together!" She screamed. I stifled a laugh.

"No," Chad shook his head, looking wistful. "I'm not perfect for anybody. But Sonny is perfect. And she's the girl I'm perfect with, she's the coolest, sweetest, most down to earth girl I know, and I love her," Chad added.

And I love her.

The words echoed in my head. My face broke into a wide smile; Chad had never said he loved me before. Was he serious or just saying it for the video?

"As a sister, or as-" Cara started dubiously.

"As in I'm in love with her," Chad shrugged casually. "Sorry Cara, but nobody likes you. Go home and cry,"

Cara sniffled and ran down the hallway, weeping. Chad turned to Portlyn and did a finger pistol, nodding and winking.

The red light dimmed to nothing, and Portlyn leapt up triumphantly. "I did it! You did it! We did it!" She squealed, her brown curls circling her head like bees circling a beehive.

"Yeah," Chad said nonchalantly. Then he peered over to my hiding place.

"Oh my God!" I shouted, running over to him. "We actually have dirt on her now!" I wrapped my arms around him and hugged the daylights out of that boy.

"So should we give this to Santiago?" Chad rose his eyebrows up into his hair.

I shot him a Look. "No, let's just throw it away!" I said brightly.

"Sarcasm is always cute on you," Chad smirked.

I blew off the compliment. "Well, anyways…" I started, then paused. I slowly turned to look at Portlyn.

"Exciting, huh?" She chattered.

"Mhmm," I gave her a pointed glance, but she didn't catch it.

"She'll be so busted!" She continued.

"Port, honey…" I slung an arm around her shoulders. "Can I talk to Chad please?" I whispered.

Portlyn slapped her hand over her mouth, catching her mistake. "Oops!" She giggled, taking off.

I sighed good naturedly and turned my attention back to Chad.

"Should we talk in my room?" He asked plaintively.

"Sure," was my answer. We strode silently into his empty room. He plopped down on the couch, and I sat across from him, on the table.

"Thanks for still taking the video even though I was horrible to you," I groaned, burying my head in my palms. Situations like this were extremely stressful.

Chad rolled his eyes. "You weren't horrible," He accused.

"You're right. We were both horrible," I said playfully. Chad stretched and yawned. "Yeah, sure," He agreed.

"So, you said some pretty…interesting things," I said casually, flipping my hair and examining a nail.

"I'm always interesting," Chad boasted, leaning his head against the arm rest of the couch and stretching his legs down to the other arm rest. I jumped up and sat on his legs, but he didn't flinch.

"Because the world revolves around Chad Dylan Cooper," I teased.

He nodded seriously.

"Well, anyways…did you mean it?" I asked.

Chad sat up and I grunted as he slid his feet down to the floor. "You thought I was lying?" He asked in disbelief.

"No…" I drawled. His blue eyes were totally serious.

"Well I wasn't." He snorted.

"Well good, because I lied," I bit my lip.

Chad looked at me quizzically. "When?"

"Remember the night we broke up?" He flinched. That night haunted each of us. "Well I said I had always loved you. Then you said 'Love?' and I said 'Loved.' But…" I looked at him, hesitating. "I do love you, Chad."

Chad's POV

I smiled at Sonny. She looked radiant, bursting with joy.

"Well good, because I love you back," I grinned.

Sonny blushed. It's something she does. The girl blushes as much as she breathes.

It's the way that you blush when you're nervous.
It's your ability to make me earn this.
I know that you're tired, just let me sing you to sleep.
It's about how you laugh out of pity,
'Cause let's be honest I'm not really that funny.
I know that you're shy, just let me sing you to sleep.

"Good," Sonny repeated.

"Good!" I shot back.

"Good-" She began, but I leaned over and kissed her softly. I felt her relax, and she kissed me back, full of hope and dreams and happiness.

"So we're good right?" Sonny asked obviously, curling up against my side, my arm around her.

"Obviously, Chad Dylan Cooper is always good," I smiled to myself. I am pretty amazing sometimes.

"Sure, Chad, sure," She giggled, yawning. Before I knew it, she was slumbering softly, her heart beating like a lullaby.

While you were sleeping I figured out everything,
I was constructed for you, and you were molded for me.
Now I feel your name, coursing through my veins.
You shine so bright it's insane, you put the sun to shame.


Sonny's POV

"Sonny!" Zora cried. I was walking sleepily down the hallway when I saw the gang gathered around my room. I was exhausted over all the drama this week had brought, tired now that it was all over.

"Guys!" I flung my arms outwards. They rushed over to me and yanked me into a group hug.

"We're having a Bon Voyage party, for leaving Hidden Kay!" Grady piped up.

"Cool," I nodded brightly. We all rushed upstairs to the docks. Streamers were strewn around the railings, and a chorus was singing on the stage. People were stuffed in every corner, waving to the islanders.

"Don't cruise ships usually have a Bon Voyage party the first day?" Nico asked out loud.

"Just enjoy it!" Zora shrieked. We waved and hooted as the ship left the port, and soon, the island was a distant memory.

"I cant believe the cruise is almost over," I said tearfully.

"Yeah, back to school," Zora agreed.

"Back to cheese pants and Meatball Mondays!" Grady whooped.

"Back to the ladies," Nico rubbed his hands together.

"Back to popularity and fame!" Tawni exclaimed, flipping her hair.

"Back to normal," I said gratefully.

All I wanted was things to get back to normal. I left the group to grab a soda, when I ran into Chad.

"Back to normal?" He repeated.

"Please," I snorted. He held my hand and we strolled to the railing. "I'll be glad to be sunny again," I said cleverly.

"Sunny the weather?" Chad blinked. "Sonny, you're the sunniest person I know." He lowered his voice and sang under his breath, "You shine so bright it's insane, you put the sun to shame."

"Awh!" I cooed, hugging him. I leaned my head against his shoulder and watched the sun set. Maybe I didn't want life back to normal. Maybe, just maybe, I wanted it just like it was right now.


The End