Hey everyone! So I haven't posted anything in a while and I read an iCarly fic today by ShatteredDiamonds called '20 Things iCarly Cast Members Can't Do' (go check it out after reading this!) and PMed her asking if I could do a Camp Rock take and she agreed. So here you have it! I hope you enjoy reading it because it was so fun coming up with wacky ideas for Caitlyn to do!

20 Things Caitlyn Geller is not allowed to do:

I, Caitlyn Geller, agree to not do any of the following, and if I do I agree to accept punishment in the form of payback from every person involved.

1. Replace Shane's shampoo, conditioner or any other hair product with hair dye or something that will cause him to have a panic attack and/or a heart attack.

2. Put a hedgehog in Nate's hair while he's sleeping.

3. Ask Shane when he and Mitchie are going to 'get their grove on'.

4. Tell Jason I am going to make him a birdhouse and instead give him a rubber duck and pretend it's the latest technology in birdhouse making.

5. Write a love letter to Tess proclaiming love for her and sign it 'Love, Nate Gray'.

6. Write a love letter to Nate proclaiming love for him and sign it 'Love, Tess Tyler'.

7. Tell Mitchie that Shane is waiting for her by the lake so that when she goes I can eat her breakfast muffin.

8. Buy a pet spider and name him 'Shane' and then explain to Shane that the spider is "creepy – just like you!"

9. Run around Camp shouting about free pancakes and then laugh when everyone believes me.

10. Ask Ella why her face is bright orange even though it's not.

11. Announce that the new Camp song is 'Get Freaky With It'.

12. Announce that the new Camp song is 'It's Getting Hot in Here' and then proceed to fake a strip tease.

13. I am not Darth Vader and telling everyone I meet 'I am your father' is not a good way to make new friends.

14. Get very, very drunk and end up proclaiming my love for everyone that walks within ten feet of me.

15. Shane Gray is not 'in denial about his sexuality'.

16. Nor has he ever been – or ever will be.

17. I cannot sell used tissues of Nate's on eBay – especially for over $50, because there are girls that will buy them, no matter how high the price.

18. I do not have voices in my head.

19. And they do not tell me to burn things.

20. Especially Shane's hair.

I've left this story incomplete for now – so if you guys want me to do some more for Caitlyn and/or for a different character, please say so! Thanks for reading! (: