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Ienzo's Nightmare.

Even hade worked all night and was really tired. All he wanted was to go to sleep in his own warm bed. But first, he had to check up on Ienzo. The poor child. Being pushed around by both Ansem the wise and of Braig. This caused the young boy to stress and stress isn't good for a 10 year old. He sighed, then he took a deep breath and gently pushed the little one's door open.

The first thing he noticed was a small shivering form sitting in the middle of the bed with a blanket ontop of his head. Even sighed again and slowly moved towards Ienzo. He seated himself next to the shivering form and took away the blanket over the boy's head.
Ienzo looked up at him with tears in his eyes.

"Even. I had a bad dream. I dreamt that I didn't have a heart." The boy managed to say between his sobs.
In a poor atemt to comfort him, Even laid a hand over little one's head and stroked the hair with cationness.
"Nonesense Ienzo. There is no such thing." Having no better to say sience he was a realistic man and didn't belive in things like dreaming.
"..but.." he wispered leaning a bit closer to Even.
"Without a heart you would become an unliving person. A nobody." He tried to make sure that he understood the logic.
"I don't want to be a nobody!" Ienzo shocked.
The older one took Ienzo in his arms and gave him a close embrace as he continued where he had been interrupted.
"Don't worry. It was just a dream and it's not like it can happen for real...


"Zexion, Zexion!" a distant voice called.
Said boy moaned and opened one of his darkblue eyes.
"You have feelt asleep on the coutch again." a soft smile had spread on the dusty blondes lips.
Zexion sat up and stroked his hair with one of his hands.
"Yeah, It tends to happen a lot lately." he yawned.
"There will be a meeting in about 5 minutes. Don't be late, you know how Xemnas hates it when your late." The older boy told him. With this said he turned to the doors ready to leave.
"It did happen for real." Zexion wispered.
The blonde stood at the door. He turned around and looked at his friend with a confused look on his face.
"What? What happend for real?"
"Nothing Vexen. Nothing at all." Zexion said and told his friend to go to the meeting.
The darkblue -eyed boy watched Vexen leave the room. Zexion just sat there feeling a bit spaced out. He knew it was his fault that his friends became nobodies. His eyes started to water up and within a few seconds he was crying.
"It happend for real..." He wispered to himself.
Sobing he stood up. Zexion whiped away some of his tears. Slowly he made his way out of the room.
┬┤It happend for real.` he thought and past through the door.

End of part 1.

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