Author's Note: Thank you for reading this far. The next story in this series is named Birthday Suits in a Suite. I will post the first chapter soon. I hope you enjoy this ending and the next story.--Susan

The Death in the Vow

Chapter 10

Susan H.

Reluctantly, Booth sat up.

"Bones, I should go now."

She smiled, "Okay. I feel so much better."

"You know, I do to. We should eat lentil soup more often."

"It is extremely healthy, full of fiber and protein. You know, if more people chose meat free meals a couple times a week, the world food crises could be solved."

"You hold onto your dreams Bones. Will you be able to sleep?"

"I will. You?"

"I'll probably be sleeping before I even get home."

They parted at her door. No goodbye kiss, because it still didn't feel natural.


The next morning, Brennan strode into her office and checked her in-box. The DNA test results hadn't arrived yet. Cam left the Swaine report for Brennan to finish her portion and sign off on it. She was flipping through the pages when Angela walked in.

"Good Morning Angela," Brennan said.

"Sweetie, you look great. Your cheeks are rosy, your eyes are bright, what happened."

"Booth and I…,"

"You and Booth had sex? Finally!"

"Angie, no. Stop it. We had a nice talk last night, and I just feel relieved and unburdened."

"Wow, that sounds better than sex."

"Angie, does your compass always point to sex, and then everything else is judged in by its proximity to that point?"

"Well, yeah."

"You know that's not true."

"No, but it doesn't sound all bad."

Brennan rolled her eyes.

"So, Hodgins is kind of messed up today.

"Yeah, I know. He doesn't want to talk to me for a while, so I don't know if I should approach him, or just wait."

"I think wait. He always comes around. This isn't your fault, and he knows that. There was nothing that could be done"

"You're right Angie, and Hodgins in the end is logical, and methodical, if a bit emotional."

"Good Morning, Good Morning." Booth said entering the office.

"Hey Booth, you're looking happy today," Angie flashed an evil look at Brennan.

"Good Morning Booth," Brennan said.

"I'm going to set up that meeting Bones, and I thought it might be a good idea for both of us to call Connie."

"I'm going to leave you two to it," Angie said and left.

"So, how did you sleep?" Booth asked.

"Amazingly well. Better than, well, maybe ever. Thank you Booth. I actually feel lighter today. Oh, I woke early, and refreshed, so I made you some msg free split pea soup." She reached in her bag and pulled out the pink thermos. "And cornbread," she held up a plastic sandwich bag.

"Thanks Bones," he found an evidence bag and slipped the pink thermos into it.

"So, did you bring me anything?"

"Well, I have a thermos full of French Roast at my desk…"

"That sounds perfect," Brennan smiled.

"Okay Bones, round one. Genius 1, Special Agent, 0. I look forward to round two."

"Me too."

Brennan dialed Connie on speaker phone, and arrangements were made for her to meet Robert Swaine.


A week later, Hodgins sat in Brennan's office with his arms folded across his chest.

"Connie broke up with me."

"I'm sorry Hodgins. I mean, I'm sorry, and I'm sorry."

"You don't need to apologize for the kids Dr. B. It went the way it had too. Thank you for giving me time."

"I admit that I wasn't sure how to handle the situation, but Angela advised me to give you time."

"Angela. Connie was no Angela, that's for sure. Anyway, as it turns out, Connie and Robert Swaine have much more in common than two children."

"Really? They are seeing each other romantically?"

"Yeah. Honestly, I hope it all works out. That would be best for Ashley and Bo."

"Yes, rationally, that would be the best solution for all. I hope it works too."

"Yeah, but still, my next party, you probably won't be invited."

"I understand."

Booth popped in. "Are you ready Bones?"

Brennan looked at Hodgins.

"I'm all done here Dr. Brennan," Hodgins said and left the office.

"Yes, I'm ready."

"Okay, but before we leave, I brought you something."

Booth pulled the pink thermos out of a plastic bag and handed it to her.

"Some of my award winning chili, and," he held up a sandwich bag, "crackers." Booth smiled in triumph.

"So, did you get me anything?" he asked.

"I just have a thermos of jasmine tea, which I know you don't…"

"Sounds perfect!" Booth interrupted.

Brennan opened her bottom drawer, and pulled out a Wonder Woman thermos. "Here you go."

"Round two. Genius 2, Special Agent 0."