Vicki and Henry were conversating about their most recent case when Coreen strolled into the office.

"Yes?" Vicki asked as she pushed her glasses up and leaned back in her chair.

"Just checking to see if you're finished with me," Coreen seemed over bubbly hinting to Vicki she had somewhere else to be.

"Sure, hot date?" Vicki grinned.

"Mmm..maybe," Coreen teased, "'night Henry," Coreen said as she bounded out for the evening.

"That girl," Vicki sighed. She returned to her computer trying to get the rest of the case typed in.

"Henry, you can go, I'll be fine," Vicki told him.

"You want me to leave," Henry stated with a scowl.

"No, I said you could go, meaning if you want to you can, not that you have to. Lord knows I have nothing else to do, I'm sure you need to….grab a bite," Vicki tilted her head.

"I'm fine, thank you, what about you? Hungry?" he asked cryptically.

"Nah, I'm good," she shrugged. Vicki never ceased to amaze Henry with her steely reserve but often wished he could break through that tough exterior and pierce the tender heart he knew lurked underneath it all.

"Vicki," Henry was beside her in seconds, "how about dinner? Just dinner, nothing else. Me and you?"

Vicki glanced up at Henry, " really Henry, I'm good. Besides, I'm a little beat, late nights and all." Vicki's heart rate increased with Henry's close proximity but she hoped he didn't notice.

"Vicki, you have to eat something," Henry insisted.

"I've got stuff in the fridge," Vicki pointed to the small refrigerator she kept in her office.

Henry was frustrated not only with her lack of wanting company but the fact she would never give in to him in any capacity. He moved away from her, the hurt evident in his eyes.

Vicki recognized it and felt bad but still, she wouldn't budge, "Henry, really, I'm tired."

"Fine, whatever," Henry turned to leave then added, "You know, so many people love you and yet, you just push those closest to you away."

"That's rich. The Lord of Lechery is offering relationship advice," Vicki snorted.

"You know what I mean, Victoria," Henry growled.

"Oh..using my full name now." Vicki turned off her computer and stood, "I think you should go now Henry." He had hit home and she wasn't comfortable with the way the conversation was going. They had a few encounters of the sexual nature but Vicki never let it go any further than hot sex, not that it was a bad thing it's just that Henry wanted so much more than she was willing to give right now.

"What is it Vicki? Why do you insist on keeping everyone out?" Henry pressed.

"Henry, seriously, out," Vicki pointed, her nostrils flared and her eyes were lit up with anger.

"Fine, but one day, you'll wish you'd taken a different path," and with a swish of wind that slapped Vicki's hair around her face, he was gone. Her face softened and she sighed.

"Yeah, I'm sure but who needs or wants me, stubborn, half-blind and high maintenance?" she asked out loud. Vicki clicked her desk lamp off and picked up the strange looking jewel they had collected during one of their cases.

"Oh crystal jewel, what does my future hold?" she teased with a slight smile. She put the jewel down and pulled her keys out to lock up. She knew deep down that she was being too stubborn and that a life alone was not healthy but it kept her heart safe and that's all that mattered. Besides, she'd told herself, I'm strong and I don't need anyone. They are fine without me too. I'm damaged goods..

No sooner than the thought went through her head than Vicki heard a noise and a bright light flooded her office forcing her to cover her face and eyes.

"What the fuck?" Vicki said aloud. The light seemed to suck away and a being stood before her.

"Can I help you?" Vicki reached for her asp instinctively wondering what freak of the week was in her office now.

"That will do no harm to me, Victoria Nelson," the being said. Vicki relaxed immediately. The voice sounded like dripping honey and she was not only relaxed but intrigued.

"Alright, who the hell are you then?" Vicki was still cautious.

"My name is irrelevant," it answered. Vicki had yet to determine if it was a he or a she.

"Okay, Irrelevant, what is it that you want?"

The being laughed a lilting, soft laugh, "That is not my name, I was merely making a point that my name was unimportant," the being told her.

"Well, no shit. I got that, I was being a smart ass, know what that is?" Vicki clicked her tongue.

"All too well," the being sighed.

"So, name?" Vicki again pressed.

"You may call me Dagon," the being said. Great, Vicki thought, a unisex name.

"So..are you a male or female?" Vicki finally asked.

"Does it matter?" it asked.

"To me, yes, it does," Vicki shrugged.

"If I were human, I'd be a female," she told her.

"Gotcha, so what can I do for you Dagon? Missing your spectral mate? Long lost love? Cheating spouse?" Vicki sat on the edge of her desk. Her eyes tried to make out the face but with the bad lighting it seemed blurred and grainy.

"I'm here for you," Dagon told her.

"Me?" Vicki pointed to herself and laughed, "Uh..sorry, don't do chicks but thanks for the compliment. If that's it, I'll be go…."

Dagon cut her off, "NO..I'm here to show you just how the world would be without you."

"What the hell for?" Vicki responded defensively.

"You seem to be unappreciative of those around you that love you, you seem to think you need no one and they don't need you. It's time for you to see you are so very wrong about that but in the end," Dagon moved closer, "if you feel you're still not needed, I can fix that too."

"Why would you do this?"

"Because, Victoria, there are so many things you have yet to do, so many people to love and yet, you block yourself off. You need to be shown that life and love is a gift, that those who truly give of themselves to you and expect nothing in return are in as much need of you as you of them."

"PFFFTT! Okay, well, I don't need anyone. Been fine my whole life as is, but whatever," Vicki shrugged. She was angry this unknown creature, one she was still unsure of as to the motive, would barge into her life like this.

"How do I know something evil hasn't sent you?" Vicki narrowed her eyes then realized her tattoos would burn if there was something evil in close proximity.

"You don't but I assure you, the devil doesn't come in so nice or forward, he is sneaky and backhanded. Vicki, I have to tell you something you might find disturbing."

"You mean, more than what you've shared with me thus far? Well, hell…shoot." Vicki slapped her legs.

"If I can't make you change your ways and teach you to appreciate things in your life, it's over."

Vicki blinked trying to process what she said.

"By over you mean, over over?" Vicki asked.

Dagon nodded.

"Holy shit…."