I woke up feeling like I had never gone to sleep the night before.

I look over to my boyfriend, Edward, who is looking at me concerned.

"Bella, you don't look well, your face is flushed." He told me."I feel like crap" I told him. His forehead creased into a frown. He reached over to feel my forehead. "Bella i'm taking you to Carlisle, now."

"Wait! Can I at least change my clothes?" I asked him. He shook his head.

"Bella, your way too hot, you going to Carlisle."

With that, he picked me up, carried me downstairs like a baby, and put me on the backseat of his car.

Edward drove way to fast, as usual, and kept glancing back at me in the rearview mirror. When we got to the huge, white mansion, everybody was waiting.

Carlisle held the door open while Edward carried me into the living room.

"Alice saw you coming." Said Esme.

Edward still held me even though he could set me down. I must have a high temperature, he must be trying to bring it down. I thought. Though the cold was a little too cold right now. I shivered.

"Edward, take her into Carlisle's office, we've set everything up." Said Alice, Edward's pixie-like carried me up the stairs and into Carlisle's study. Inside there was all types of medical items. Since i'm the only human, they must have prepared for anything broken bones, blood loss, etc.

Edward laid me in a bed in the middle of the room and tucked me in. It took me a minute to realize that it wasn't a normal bed. It was a bed with rails, like the ones in the hospital.

"Geez Carlisle. How much work do you bring home?" I commented. Carlisle laughed in response. "Just being prepared Bella."

At this time Alice walked in. "Edward, Carlisle is going to have to do a blood test, and if you stay it's not going to be pretty. Come on, we've got to get out of the house. Carlisle has everything under control." She started to pull him torwards the door. I watched him leave. I could tell he didn't want to leave my side but neither did he want to turn it into a bloodbath.

"Don't worry Bella, it will only take a second." Carlisle said once I saw the needle. It hurt a little bit , but he was quick, like he promised. He put my blood into a machine to be analyzed. After a moment it beeped. Carlisle looked at it, perplexed. "What is it?" I asked him.

"It says you have an infection, but anything other than that, for the moment, I don't know." Carlisle told me.