Pairings: Sasuke/Naruto and small Kiba/Hinata

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"Long ago we demons found a way to the surface." Iruka started the lesson off with. His brown eyes surveyed the classroom full of eight year old attentive students. A large boy with brown hair and swirls on his cheeks raised his hand carefully.

"Yes Chouji?" Iruka asked. The boy glanced around the room and pulled a bag of chips out from under his desk.

"How did it happen Iruka?" he asked, opening the bag and quickly stuffing his hand in to grab a few chips. Iruka refrained from reprimanding the boy. Chouji was a wolverine demon and often needed to snack constantly to stop his body from loosing all its energy. Iruka nodded and smiled at the snacking boy.

"Excellent question Chouji. Legend has it that an American Indian chief was trying to summon a spirit for guidance but something went wrong and he summoned the wrong spirit, he had in fact summoned the wolf demon King. His name was Nuxalk and with no other body to go to was forced to posses the chief's body; because the makeup of human bodies was different to that of an ancient demon's, the body was forced to contort horribly. This was the very first 'werewolf'; Nuxalk decided that he would share this new world with his fellow demons. He used the chief's knowledge of summoning to bring forth all the Kings of the underworld. They each chose their own bodies and learnt of ways to keep the human body in its original form. They would then each choose a human mate and give their genes to the next generation. This continued for years and as you all should know eventually only several pure demons were left. They were the wolf demons; more commonly known as Lykens or werewolves, the fox demons and the blood sucking Vampires. There are of course other, lesser demons, resulting from crossbreeding. These demons are shaped after common animals like cats and dogs." Iruka explained, pacing the room. All eyes turned to a small black haired boy sitting at the back of the room and he looked up shyly. Iruka sighed and looked at Sasuke Uchiha who was the only wolf demon in the class, because of this he was exceedingly popular and had many girls already asking to be his mate. Iruka cleared his throat loudly and the class turned their attention back to him.

"As you all know, one day you will reach a specific age and will gain all of your demonic powers. Then and only then could you choose a mate and once a mate has been chosen you must treat he or she with extreme respect and love." He said, directing it at the girls eyeing the young Uchiha. They all sighed in defeat and turned their attention once again to the history lesson. Iruka smiled and continued. "One year a horrible war broke out among the demons and humans and millions were murdered. The healers from the Angel Plane were summoned to help with the devastation and many decided to stay on earth for future years. The humans lost horribly but instead of being completely wiped out the demons preposed a truce between the nations. The humans agreed and the land was left in peace for many years." His brown eyes surveyed the class again and were happy to find that the children were hanging from his every word "Alas tragedy struck once more and this time the angels and demons were at war against each other. A demon and an angel had fallen in love and conceived a child." The girls gasped and the boys grunted in disgust. Iruka nodded and continued "Although we and the angels are tolerant of each other, to fall in love and mate with a demon or angel is the greatest blasphemy. Of course the demons wanted the angel dead and the angels wanted the demon dead. In the commotion of the wars the parents both died and the child was lost to the world, easily forgotten. Over the next three years the humans, demons and angels were all at peace again and the population flourished. All races lived together in harmony and mixed schools and workplaces were set up all over the world. In fact when you guys enter high school you'll be mixed in with humans and healers." He finished and was rewarded by the clapping of the students. He smiled cheerfully "I'm glad you enjoyed it, there's going to be a test on the history of the demons, angels and humans on Monday." Moans and groans of displeasure rose around the class just as the bell rang, releasing the students to their two days of freedom.

Two years later

All talking halted when Sasuke Uchiha entered the hallway and sorrowful eyes were turned his way. His friends glared at them and they quickly looked away and began chatting again. Gaara stepped up beside Sasuke and looked at him in slight confusion.

"Why are you back at school Sasuke?" he asked slowly. Sasuke scowled at him.

"My new guardian said that I had to be around my friends during this time. So here I am." He said angrily. Gaara nodded and looked pointedly at Lee who stepped forward quickly.

"Did you hear that Iruka's moving away? And that he's taking that human he adopted with him too?" he asked the group, trying to change the subject. Neji nodded.

"Yes I heard about that. I don't see why he's moving though, he has everything he needs right here." He said with a shrug. Lee nodded in agreement and turned to Sasuke.

"Aren't you excited about joining the mixed schools?!" he asked excitedly. Sasuke shrugged.

"There's no point in getting excited, we don't enter for another three years." He said sternly and Lee deflated quickly. Sasuke looked around at his friends and saw the looks of disappointment on their faces. "But in that three years I bet it will be exciting to share a school with humans and healers." He added and his friends brightened and smiled at him cheerfully.

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