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~Chapter Fourteen~

"Oh 'Suke I feel just fine." He whispered and dipped his head low to claim Sasuke's for a kiss. Sasuke wrapped his arms around Naruto's waist and moaned at the familiar feeling. He swept his tongue over Naruto's lips and was instantly rewarded with access. Naruto melted in his arms and let Sasuke's tongue reclaim his mouth possessively.


Naruto felt strange, he wasn't tired, completely the opposite, he felt energized and completely well…horny. Sasuke gasped and pulled away when Naruto's hands wandered down his chest and rubbed against his member. Naruto growled when he felt Sasuke stir and pressed closer to the body beneath him, eliciting another gasp from Sasuke. Naruto grinned coyly and trailed kisses down Sasuke's neck. His lips found Sasuke's again and they shared another passionate kiss before Naruto trailed his hands up Sasuke's thighs to the waistband of his jeans. With a single tug they were gone.

"Naruto what are you doing?" Sasuke asked, finally coming back to reality. Naruto winked at him and continued to pull Sasuke's jeans from his ankles. Sasuke tried to sit up but was pushed back down by Naruto. He hovered over Sasuke for a second before connecting their lips together; he pulled away so their lips were a centimetre apart and whispered against Sasuke's lips.

"Calm Sas', let me thank you for staying by my side." Naruto whispered. He frowned inwardly, where was all this coming from? He shrugged and going with his instincts, trailed his hands teasingly down Sasuke's sides. Sasuke arched into the simple touch and moaned when his boxers brushed against his straining erection. Naruto pushed Sasuke's shirt up and marvelled over the smooth expanse of the chest revealed to him. He ran his hands over Sasuke's chest and paused to tease Sasuke's nipples when he felt them harden beneath his touch. Sasuke moaned softly and Naruto grinned, he leant down and trailed small butterfly kisses down Sasuke's chest, swirled his tongue around Sasuke's bellybutton and finally caught the waistband of Sasuke's boxers between his teeth. Sasuke looked down and watched as Naruto slowly and teasingly began to pull down his boxers using his teeth and Sasuke's breath hitched. He began to pant in apprehension of what was to happen when cool air was blown across his member as it was finally released from its restraints.

Naruto eyed the pulsing member in front of him before leaning closer and tentatively licking a long strip from shaft to tip. Sasuke moaned loudly and clenched his eyes shut in pleasure as Naruto blew cool air over the wet strip. Sasuke shuddered and gasped when he was encased in sudden wet heat. Naruto teased the erection with his tongue before encircling the shaft with his hand. He began to bob his head up and down in time with his pumps and Sasuke arched into the wet heat. Naruto relaxed his throat muscles completely and allowed Sasuke to sink deeper, he hummed happily and Sasuke saw stars. Naruto grinned around Sasuke and began to continually purr while pumping hard and alternating between nips, sucks and licks. Sasuke clenched his hands in the bed sheets and let loose a string of curses as he came into Naruto's wet mouth. Naruto took it all in stride and swallowed the salty fluid quickly. He climbed his way up Sasuke's body, pulling the boxers back in place on his way up and bestowed him with another kiss. Sasuke moaned in appreciation and asked for entrance to Naruto's mouth with a swipe of his tongue. Naruto granted him access and moaned when Sasuke's tongue began to roam his gums and the roof of his mouth.

Their tongues met in a passionate dance for dominance and Sasuke took the chance to roll over so he was on top of Naruto. As much as he'd loved what Naruto had done, he felt better when he was in control. Naruto hummed happily and locked his arms around Sasuke's neck. He wasn't satisfied though, as fun as that was Naruto needed…more. As soon as that thought crossed his mind he began to feel an uncomfortable heat and itch in his nether regions. I need Sasuke and I want him now he thought. Sasuke pulled back from the kiss and noticed that Naruto's face was flushed and he had a strange glint in his eyes.

"What was all that Naruto?" Sasuke asked. Naruto shook his head and blushed furiously.

"I'm sorry Sasuke; I don't know what came over me." He whispered and blushed deeper. "Was it okay?" he asked quietly and Sasuke smirked.

"It was mind blowing. I can't wait to return the favour." He said teasingly and Naruto hid his face in Sasuke's shirt. Sasuke chuckled and moved down to kiss Naruto on the forehead. Naruto smiled up at him, his beautiful blue eyes crinkling up minutely and the dusting of pink bringing out their unique shade. Sasuke was stunned by his mates beauty and was about to steal another kiss when the door was slammed open with a loud bang. Naruto squeaked loudly and shoved Sasuke off of him. Sasuke tumbled to the ground and landed with a loud thump. He growled and glared up at the intruder, the person in question blinked his one grey eye lazily and Sasuke could make out the disappointed look even behind the mask.

"Maa, I missed it." Kakashi said in disappointment. There was another loud crash and suddenly Jaraiya bounced through the door holding up a notebook. His giant grin fell when he saw Naruto huddled up on the bed and Sasuke on the floor with an angry expression on his face.

"I missed it? Dammit Kakashi, why didn't you notice the smell earlier?" he questioned angrily and Kakashi shrugged. Suddenly the door was slammed off its hinges and Iruka stood in the doorway with a furious expression on his face and nostrils flaring. He regarded the two men with disgust and slapped the two over the head.

"Get out before I get really angry!" he shouted at the two and they both bolted with their tails between their legs. Iruka glared after them before turning to Naruto with a relieved smile on his face. "Oh Naruto you're awake!" he cried and latched onto Naruto who was seated on the bed. Naruto giggled happily and returned the hug heartedly. Suddenly Iruka gasped and held Naruto by his shoulders. Naruto recognised the expression on his face and looked over at Sasuke.

"Um 'Suke do you mind if I talk to Iruka alone?" he questioned but Sasuke seemed rather hesitant. Naruto sighed in exasperation "You can stay in the room, just far enough away so you can't hear." He continued. Sasuke nodded and pulled on his jeans, Iruka raised an eyebrow and looked at Naruto who blushed. Sasuke buttoned his jeans and began to try and fix the door. Iruka gave Naruto a sly look.

"You guys were intimate weren't you?" he questioned gleefully and Naruto blushed.

"We didn't go all the way but…" he trailed off and Iruka nodded.

"Do you feel hot and itchy all over?" he asked suddenly and Naruto nodded slowly. "Naru do you feel like you need to be…filled? That you and Sasuke need to be as close as possible? That you need more?" Iruka asked carefully. Naruto blushed deeper with each question and nodded shyly. Iruka chuckled and hugged Naruto happily. Sasuke looked over with a smile and left the room, trusting that Iruka would protect Naruto.

"Time to take care of a couple of perverts." He muttered to himself with a smirk while cracking his knuckles. Iruka released Naruto from his death grip and smiled down at him cheerfully.

"Naruto." He began "You're in heat." He said happily and Naruto covered his mouth with a gasp. Iruka laughed and hugged him tightly again. "Don't worry about it Naru, when the time comes and trust me it will be soon, very soon, you will know what to do." He murmured encouragingly "Take it from me, I've been through this as well, all you need to do is trust your instincts." He said happily and Naruto nodded his head in understanding. "And don't worry I'll make sure those two pesky perverts don't interrupt." He said with a wink and a smile and Naruto started to laugh.

"Thank you Iruka, I'm glad I can always count on you." Naruto said with a giggle and Iruka nodded.

"Now come downstairs, everyone will want to see you and Tsunade will probably want to talk to you about some things." Iruka said and Naruto nodded. They both got up from the bed; Naruto smoothing his clothes and hair and left the room. "Sasuke's pretty handy." Iruka said as they passed the fixed door and Naruto smiled. When they reached the dining room a cheer went up as Naruto entered the room. Lee, Sakura and Ino quickly left through a doorway and Naruto walked past Neji and Gaara who were sharing an intimate conversation. They both looked up and Naruto noticed their joined hands So Gaara found a mate he thought happily. Neji nodded in greeting at him and Gaara stood to give Naruto a hug.

"It's good to see you up Naruto and thank you for healing me." Gaara said quietly in Naruto's ear and Naruto chuckled.

"No problem Gaara. I'm just glad that it worked." He whispered back and released him. Shino looked up from where he was playing chess with a badly beaten Jaraiya and also nodded his greeting. Naruto smiled back and looked over Jaraiya's injuries with approval. Naruto looked over to the couch and smiled at the sight of Kiba and Hinata snuggled up together. They both grinned at him and Kiba leapt up to give Naruto a lasting hug.

"I'm so glad you're okay Naru." Kiba whispered and Naruto hugged him tighter. Kiba let go and tried to hide the tears in his eyes with a wide grin and gave Naruto a noogie. Naruto growled and made a swipe at him but Kiba was already back beside Hinata. Just then Kakashi limped in through a door followed by Sasuke who was dusting his hands. Naruto collapsed onto the large couch and was soon joined by the almost crippled Kakashi and his sometimes over protective mate. He scooted closer to Sasuke and snuggled into the warm chest offered to him with a sigh. Sasuke wrapped his arms around Naruto and kissed the top of his head lightly. Suddenly the doors burst open and Lee, Sakura and Ino marched in carrying a large white chocolate cake. They cleared a space in front of Naruto and grinned happily at him.

"Welcome back Naruto!" They shouted in unison and Naruto hugged them all. After everyone had tucked into the cake Tsunade entered the room and rubbed her eyes tiredly. She glanced around the room and frowned.

"If you're having a party, where's the booze?" she whined and collapsed onto one of the many couches. "Oh yeah, welcome back Naruto." She said with a tired smile. Naruto leaned forward worriedly.

"What's wrong Grandma Tsunade?" he asked. Tsunade smiled at him.

"I have been up all night trying to find out what happened that evening when we got you back." She said with a shrug. "I found out a few things, but what I want to know is how you did it Naruto. Gaara was damaged beyond repair, another minute or so and he was a goner. Kakashi had seventeen broken bones and thirteen fractures not to mention that at least five of them were hair line fractures. And Iruka was suffering from severe dehydration and numerous cuts, burns and abrasions. You healed them within seconds. How did you do it?" she asked imploringly. Naruto gulped and began to play with his hands when he felt all eyes on him.

"I just remember wanting to help them so badly, I mean they had all done so much for me and I wanted to help them away from their pain. When my first tear dropped on Gaara I was so amazed by what it could do. I thought of every bad thing that had happened to me and the tears kept on coming." Naruto whispered. "The truth is Tsunade, I don't know how I did it." He finished pathetically. Tsunade nodded and rubbed her temples.

"You know most healers potions are made from angel tears right?" she questioned and Naruto frowned.

"I do now." He said and Tsunade smiled.

"Well pure angel tears have an amazing healing power. If you were pure angel I would get it. But you're not, you're only half. I just don't get it." She said in a defeated tone. "And to repair all that was damaged, it was just amazing. Like a miracle." She whispered. She glanced at Gaara, Kakashi and Iruka and smiled. "Naruto gave you all an amazing gift though; the results came back on your blood work and it seems as though your bodies have soaked in Naruto's tears. Your healing rate is now twice as fast as before." She said and the three men gaped. They all glanced at Naruto who blushed at the scrutiny. Tsunade screwed up her face in thought. "I think it's the fact that you really wanted to help them that did it Naruto. There's no other explanation." She said. Jaraiya looked up from his loosing battle in chess.

"Tsunade, stop worrying about it old girl. It was a miracle. Just leave it at that." He said with cheer and Tsunade scowled.

"Fine, I'll leave it but if you ever call me old girl again I will beat you to hell and back." She said threateningly and Jaraiya grinned. Naruto's gentle smile fell as he began to squirm in his seat. He felt extremely itchy in a place that couldn't be scratched and edged closer to Sasuke. The males in the room looked up in confusion when the most delicious scent wafted into the air and all focussed their attention on Naruto. Naruto hissed at them and wrapped himself around Sasuke intimately. Knowing smiles spread across their faces and they all looked away politely when Sasuke lost his control and started to suck on Naruto's neck. Kiba gaped at the two and Iruka covered Kiba's eyes quickly.

"Sasuke, I think you and Naruto should go upstairs now." He chuckled and Sasuke didn't need to think twice before he picked Naruto up bridle style and swept from the room agilely.

As they both stepped foot into Sasuke's bedroom Sasuke released Naruto and made sure that the door was locked tightly. He turned around and was once again hit by the smell that was Naruto. Sasuke tried desperately to control himself but he had waited too long and without further warning he pounced. Naruto giggled as he was thrown down against the bed and gasped when Sasuke immediately latched onto his neck. Naruto moaned and trailed his hands up Sasuke's back, enjoying the feeling of the rippling muscles under his fingertips. Sasuke pulled away from the bright red mark he created and regarded it proudly. Naruto tangled his hands in Sasuke's hair and directed the boy to meet his lips. Their lips massaged against each other until Sasuke pressed closer and cupping Naruto's scarred cheek, pushed his tongue through Naruto's lips and enticed Naruto's tongue to join him.

When the need for air became too great Sasuke pulled away and Naruto followed him, nuzzling into his neck before nibbling and suckling on his ear. Sasuke panted loudly and the sensations on his ear went straight to his groin. Naruto paused in what he was doing and felt the overwhelming need to test Sasuke. With that thought he slipped out from under Sasuke and ran over to the couch. Sasuke whirled around angrily and growled. Naruto giggled and began to walk away from Sasuke, swaying his hips enticingly as he walked. Sasuke gaze narrowed in onto the narrow hips and he strode towards Naruto quickly. He was about to grab Naruto when he started to run. With an angry growl Sasuke gave chase. He ran after Naruto who jumped over the bed and watched him warily. Sasuke sized up the jump and waited until Naruto lost concentration. There, Naruto had looked away for a split second, Sasuke pounced but Naruto moved out of the way and ran to hide behind the couch. Sasuke growled angrily and suddenly he was running on his hands and feet. He chased Naruto around his room countless times, Naruto with a giant grin and Sasuke with a pleased smirk. Naruto leapt behind the couch once again and poked his little head up to peek wearily around the room. Sasuke ducked out of his view and carefully stalked up to his hiding mate. He measured the distance carefully and waited for Naruto to look in the other direction. With a low growl he pounced and tackled Naruto to the ground, causing the couch to topple over loudly. Naruto giggled from beneath him and nuzzled into his neck lovingly. He felt something click into place and accepted it when Sasuke growled again and picked Naruto up.

Sasuke carried Naruto back over to the large bed and placed him on it so Naruto was on his hands and knees. Naruto looked over his shoulder and tilted his hand to the side in question. Sasuke kept silent and crawled onto the bed also. He pressed his entire body up close to Naruto's and without warning bit into the back of Naruto's neck, not hard enough to break the skin but enough to stop him from moving and convey his seriousness. Naruto's first instinct was to throw Sasuke off and scratch him in the eyes but after contemplating for a few more seconds he relaxed and pushed back against Sasuke in acceptance. Sasuke purred happily and flipped Naruto over. Within seconds their clothes were gone and his blonde beauty was lying before Sasuke, completely exposed. Naruto shifted shyly and Sasuke leant down to kiss him on the nose reassuringly. Naruto smiled and spread his legs invitingly. Sasuke crept forward until he was placed between those delicious legs and his gaze was drawn down to his mate's entrance which glistened wetly in the low light, fully lubricated. Sasuke sniffed tentatively and was hit by the full force of his mate's heat. He whined loudly and positioned himself before Naruto's entrance carefully and with a nod from Naruto, slid in.

Naruto's muscles clenched and unclenched around Sasuke as his body quickly adjusted to the welcomed intrusion. Sasuke's arms began to shake as the sensation almost caused him to loose control. All he could smell was Naruto's delicious scent which now had the added zest of citrus; he looked away from Naruto's face and watched in avid wonder as Naruto's swirly seal began to glow into existence. Something deep inside Sasuke welled and roared and with a soft growl Sasuke's demon ears and tail emerged. His dark tail swished in anticipation and his ears twitched impatiently. He was waiting for something and he didn't know what it was. Naruto smiled up at his mate and arched his back with a growl when a bolt of electricity rolled down his spine and his fox tail emerged. With a shake of his head Naruto's small orange fox ears revealed themselves from his hair. Naruto tilted his head to the side and blinked up at Sasuke who smiled at the cuteness of his mate. He was surprised when Naruto backed away until Sasuke was only just inside of him. Sasuke growled at the unwanted disconnection but stopped when he felt Naruto's tail creeping up his body. It brushed his legs softly and trailed up his back, pausing to give Sasuke's tail a playful tug. Naruto's tail then wrapped around Sasuke's waist and pulled him with great force towards Naruto. The action caused Sasuke to thrust deeply inside of Naruto. Naruto whined softly and Sasuke growled deeply. Naruto shifted and began to whine needily and Sasuke knew that this was what he was waiting for.

He slowly slid out and slammed back in, causing Naruto's back to arch and the bed to slam against the wall loudly. He angled instinctually with his next thrust causing Naruto to howl in pleasure and clench around Sasuke tightly. Sasuke hissed, pulled back out and set up a quick and even pace, still angled at Naruto's sweet spot. Sasuke's nails elongated and sharpened into claws, ripping the sheet he was clenching so tightly. He gasped when Naruto's claws dug into his back and scratched a long bloody trail but the immense pleasure he was experiencing quickly overrode the pain. Sasuke smirked down at Naruto and decided to pay him back. He leant down and licked a long strip up Naruto's neck. He blew cool air across the strip, causing Naruto to shiver pleasantly. Without warning Sasuke bit into Naruto's neck, his sharpened canines digging into the sensitive flesh. Naruto yelped loudly but was soon purring with Sasuke's next thrust. As they both came closer to the edge Naruto's tail left from where it was entwined with Sasuke's and wound around Sasuke's waist again and pulled him closer. Sasuke's arms began to shake with excursion as he grew closer and closer to the edge.

"Sasuke." Naruto gasped out before he came against his and Sasuke's chests. Sasuke soon followed him with an animalistic growl and a choked form of Naruto's name as Naruto's walls milked him hungrily. Not wanting to collapse on his now official mate Sasuke began to pull out but was stopped when Naruto growled warningly and pulled him back with his tail. Sasuke smirked and arranged himself so that he was behind his mated, holding him protectively and still encased deep within him. Naruto brought one of Sasuke's hands up and kissed it softly. "I love you Sasuke." He whispered sleepily and wrapped his long golden tail around them both. Sasuke sighed happily and whispered into Naruto's neck.

"And I love you Naruto." Naruto grinned before falling asleep, comforted by the fact that his mate was holding him in a protective manner. Sasuke reached up and stroked one of Naruto's silky orange ears. It flicked lazily and Sasuke smiled before tightening his grip on Naruto and letting the dark blanket of sleep overpower him.


Kakashi pressed against the barrier again, looking for a weak point while Jaraiya just pounded on it relentlessly.

"Why?!" Jaraiya whined, his pen and pad discarded to his left. "Why cruel fate have you done this?!" he cried in anguish. Kakashi pressed his back to the barrier and slid down it in defeat.

"We can't even hear them." He said unhappily. Jaraiya joined him on the ground.

"Sasuke's definitely Seme right?" he questioned and Kakashi nodded.

"No doubt about it-" he said but was interrupted when he heard a faint scream of pleasure. Kakashi turned back to Jaraiya quickly. "You hear that?" he asked and in a flash the two were both up and pounding on the barrier desperately. "I just want to take pictures!" Kakashi whined loudly.

"I just want some inspiration for my next novel." Jaraiya pleaded. They both continued to bash at the magical barrier placed at the bottom of the stairs to Sasuke's bedroom as Iruka and Hinata watched on proudly.

"And that takes care of the pesky pervert problem." Iruka said, dusting his hands and smiling at Hinata, she smiled back and increased the power of the barrier.


Sasuke wearily opened his eyes when he felt something warm and wet trailing up his chest. He blinked his dark eyes to clear his vision and looked on as his mate continued to clean his chest with his tongue. Naruto was straddling Sasuke's waist, the both of them still naked as the day they were born. Sasuke smiled at Naruto who finally looked up from his concentrated work and reached up to caress Naruto's fox ears. Naruto purred loudly and flicked his tail behind him in pleasure. He'd woken up to find them in the exact position as they'd fallen asleep in last night; Sasuke with his arms wrapped around Naruto protectively, still encased inside him. Naruto had pulled away and looked on in horror at the mess his mate was in. Instincts blaring, he had straddled Sasuke and begun to clean the still sleeping boy with his tongue. Naruto purred at him happily and began to lap at his neck, causing Sasuke to moan and something downstairs to stir. Naruto stiffened slightly when he felt something hard brush against his bottom but instantly grew hard when the memories of last night and his heat came wafting back. Without any warning whatsoever and without breaking eye contact Naruto rose up and impaled himself onto Sasuke in one swift motion.

They both cried out in unison and Sasuke stifled a moan as Naruto's muscles once again clenched around him. Once the boy had adjusted he used his hands on Sasuke's chest as leverage and rose up before slamming back down, rocking his hips slightly. Sasuke growled and threw his head back, back arching as he grabbed Naruto's hips. Every rise of Naruto's body tempted his climax closer, every thrust downwards making the heat pool into his stomach faster. With a fierce growl Sasuke flipped Naruto without breaking contact and began to thrust deeply. Naruto whined when Sasuke hit his prostate head on. Sasuke continued to thrust, his climax coming ever closer when he caught the playful look on his mates face. Without warning Naruto clenched down hard and pushed Sasuke with all his strength, using the momentum of the push and the balance of his tail Naruto followed Sasuke and once again landed on top of him. Sasuke growled but watched in fascination as Naruto's tail began to dance behind him and the blonde haired boy rocked his hips enticingly. Sasuke's eyes rolled into the back of his head with pleasure when Naruto leant down and nuzzled into his demon mark. Naruto noticed and continuing to rock his hips as he bit, nibbled and licked Sasuke's mark. Sasuke reached unknowingly towards Naruto's seal and with one stroke Naruto gasped, coming hard against his chest. Naruto clenched down hard and sucked on Sasuke's mark as he rose upwards. The heat in Sasuke's stomach skyrocketed and he came inside Naruto, seeing stars and cute little chibi foxes. Panting, Naruto lifted himself off of Sasuke and collapsed beside him. Sasuke's arms encircled him and they both fell into an exhaustion induced sleep.


One blue eye opened lazily and blinked before the other followed. Two dark eyes stared back at him and Naruto blushed under the intense scrutiny. Suddenly a loud rumbling filled the room and Naruto sat up in shock, with an embarrassed look he held his stomach and blushed harder. Sasuke smirked and kissed his little fox on the nose before standing and stretching. Naruto looked away from his naked mate with a blush.

"Are you hungry Naruto?" Sasuke teased. Naruto smiled and nodded his head. Sasuke smirked and after stealing a small kiss headed off to have a shower. Naruto giggled uncontrollably and hugged himself. He felt so happy and complete. He arched his back and stretched on the messy sheets; much like a cat would and without much thought began to lick himself clean. When the bathroom door opened, steam poured from the opening and Sasuke emerged. He was only in a towel and the water dripping from his hair caught Naruto's eye, he followed it down Sasuke's chest, waist and watched in hungry disappointment as it disappeared beneath the fluffy white towel. Sasuke glanced over at his naked mate and felt his heart jerk in place.

Sasuke scanned his mates golden body and fully took in the long hairless legs, the girlishly curved hips, the toned stomach and chest, the inviting neck, the soft scarred cheeks and the beautiful blue eyes. Naruto was truly beautiful. He was sitting in the middle of Sasuke's giant bed, the dark colour of the messy sheets surrounding him making his skin glow and his eyes stand out. The blonde was sitting calmly, completely comfortable with the fact that he was naked. His red tail swished lazily behind him as he sat frozen in place with a finger still in his mouth. His ears flicked pleasantly as Sasuke looked at the erotic sight. He watched as Naruto's eyes trailed down his chest, the finger slipping free of those deliciously pink lips. Lust shimmered in their eyes as they locked gazes and Sasuke began to unconsciously walk towards Naruto who was slowly crawling forwards on his hands and knees, tail flaring behind him. The moment was broken when a loud growling filled the room and Naruto sat back in embarrassment. Sasuke shook his head and chuckled; he leant forwards and captured Naruto's lips in a chaste kiss. He pulled away and walked into his large walk in closet, throwing on the first pair of pants and shirt he could find. Sasuke walked back out and looked over to Naruto who was now lying on his stomach with his head resting on his crossed arms. Naruto smiled softly at Sasuke.

"I don't want anything specific, just hurry back." Naruto urged, lust clouding his eyes again. Sasuke crossed the room and pulled Naruto into another kiss before leaving the room, locking the door behind him. Naruto smiled and got up from the bed; he followed Sasuke's scent into the closet and trailed his hands along the clothes hanging from the walls. Suddenly his foot connected with a cardboard box and with a yelp Naruto dropped to the ground. He tilted his head at the box and pulled it towards himself. Naruto opened the lid and was surprised to see black and white lace. He reached into the box and pulled out the offending item, a small smirk spreading across his face.


Sasuke entered the room with a tray of assorted food. He glanced at the bed triumphantly but was surprised to find it empty. With a narrowed gaze he looked around the room, the tray crashing to the floor when he finally found the figure of his little blonde fox. Naruto smirked and twirled around seductively, letting Sasuke see everything. Sasuke bit his lip to hold back a moan at the erotic site before him.

"Do you like it?" Naruto asked with a forced blush, an innocent look plastered over his face. Sasuke gaped as he took in the sight of his mate in a deliciously tight maids outfit. Its white sleeves puffed out cutely and the laced up bodice clung to Naruto's body invitingly. The short black skirt fell to just bellow his bottom, giving Sasuke a nice view of his shapely legs and his silky red tail trailed onto the ground. Naruto blushed for real when Sasuke approached with a predatory smirk. With a yip Naruto was lifted into the air and placed on the bed. The erotic maids outfit didn't last long as Sasuke quickly removed it, careful not to rip anything as well as his clothes.

When they were both naked Naruto spread his legs and Sasuke slid in without resistance. When he was finally completely encased in the tight heat, breathing harshly he waited for Naruto to adjust. Within seconds Naruto thrust his hips against Sasuke in a silent urge for him to move. Sasuke kissed Naruto on the stomach before pulling out almost all the way and slamming back in, hitting his mate's prostate dead on. Naruto moaned loudly as Sasuke continued thrusting, hitting his prostate with every thrust. Suddenly Sasuke's hand moved from Naruto's hips and began to rub and knead Naruto's seal. Naruto tossed his head side to side as pleasure overrode his senses, heat pooling in his stomach. It didn't take long before they were both brought to the edge and Naruto closed his eyes and came, spilling onto his stomach and Sasuke's hand as he cried out. Sasuke watched his mate's pleasure filled face and with a final thrust he came hard, spilling his seed into the blond and crying out a pleasure induced version of Naruto's name. Sasuke pulled out of his blonde mate and collapsed beside him. Naruto turned to him and nuzzled into his neck before sighing contently and using his tail to pull the blanket up to cover them. Naruto shifted until his back was pressed flush against Sasuke's chest and purred when Sasuke wrapped his arms around him lovingly. Sasuke's tail came around and draped itself over Naruto's waist and Naruto's tail wrapped itself around one of Sasuke's legs. With a contented sigh Naruto snuggled into Sasuke.

"Love you." He mumbled and within seconds his breathing had deepened and he was fast asleep.

"And I you." Sasuke replied. He lay there for a few more minutes, completely content in watching his mate sleep, when his eyes began to grow heavy. He tightened his grip on Naruto and nuzzled into the boys citrus smelling hair, sighing deeply. He began to breathe in time with Naruto as he thought about the last few hectic weeks. Sasuke had chosen a mate, gained his trust, comforted him when he went through tough times and had found out about his past. Sasuke had experienced the overwhelming feeling of jealousy, had almost lost him to another and shared his inner most secrets with him. He had witnessed his mate's beauty and maturity, felt the sickening feeling of loss when he was taken and the euphoric elation when he was recovered. Sasuke had finally finished his courting process but most importantly Sasuke had fallen in love. He knew that finding someone's true mate was usually extremely hard to do; the majority of the time someone's true mated was on the other side of the world and they would never meet. Sasuke unconsciously pulled Naruto closer at the thought of never meeting him. As his eyelids grew too heavy he breathed in one last smell of Naruto's alluring scent and welcomed the darkness as sleep fell over him. All in all, Sasuke Uchiha was thankful for the day that Naruto Uzumaki fell from the heavens.

~ End ~

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