Ah, my first long DN fict. About time! Alright, let me point out a few things that you might find very different from the real show/manga. Basically, I'd like you to somewhat forget many of the characters normal personalities. This is a comedy, so everyone is pretty much OOC. Second, I have Beyond Birthday being a teenager here and Mello, Matt, and Near being toddlers. I've always loved the idea of the last three being kids with L being something like a parent to them. Anyways, if you can get over those few things, I hope you enjoy the story! Read it, like it, love it and please review it!

The Call That Started it All

It was a little past nine in the morning when he got the call on his cell phone. Though L had told the rest of the task force to turn off theirs, it was a bit imperative that he keep his on, just in case Watari called. Like he was doing now.

The very reason L had told the rest of the task force to either set aside or turn off all of their electronics was so there were no interruptions during his talks with them. Which they just happened to be in the middle of one right now. Yes, as he picked up his phone, he caught that "Where's the justice in this?!" look from Matsuda, but he was captain of this ship, so to speak, and Matsuda was a nuisance. He'd just have to deal with it.

"Yes?" L asked into the phone.

"Ryuzaki, I just received a message from Roger back in Winchester. It seems he's grown fed-up with a few of your protégées and has sent them here in hopes that maybe they will listen to you."

L coughed, then spit out the coffee he'd just taken a sip from. It all hit Matsuda's face.

"What? They're coming here? Now?!" L shouted. "Watari, call Roger back. That plane couldn't have taken off already! And…which protégées exactly are we talking about?

"I believe it was four…Beyond, Mello, Matt, and Near."

No way. This couldn't be happening. Beyond Birthday, alright, the boy had always been an odd one and had always filled others with unease. But to the best of his knowledge, he'd never done anything to make anyone consider he was bad. Just mischievous. And Mello…yes, Mello was an unruly one. Okay, he could give credit to Roger for not really liking him. But Matt and Near? Matt stayed hidden in a closet half the time, playing video games and Near was always playing with toys! They kept to themselves, how were they causing problems?!

"Sir?" Watari said, with an air as if having said it several times. L hadn't been paying attention.

"I'm sorry, what was that Watari?"

"I said, Roger has told me that the plane took off last night. They should be landing within the hour."

L's heart stopped.

"Ryuzaki?" the elderly man said on the other side. He could tell he had stopped breathing.

Finally, L sighed. "I suppose they're here now. I could try to send them back on a plane, but the likelihood that they'll go is lower than four percent. Alright. Please ready the quarters for them, and then go to retrieve them. I'll debrief the task force on the upcoming changes."

"Very well." Then Watari hung up.

"Alright people, there's about to be a change of plans," L started off saying to everyone else. "I have some of my students coming to stay with me, a total of four between the ages of sixteen and three."

Suddenly, everyone but Matsuda cringed. Soichiro Yagami knew all too well that teenagers could be a royal pain, as for toddlers. And preteens…he shuddered as he thought of his daughter Sayu and how unpredictable her "Just leave me alone!" and "Nobody understands me!" fits became. Hell, even Light went through it…he was still going through it! Just…a more subdued version, thankfully.

"Aw, I love kids!" Matsuda gushed, still wiping L's spat-out coffee off his face. Everyone stopped and stared at him. They understood the possible danger lying ahead. Aizawa only had a young daughter and an infant son, but it was enough to be clued in. Mogi and Ide had no children of their own but that was for a reason. They were never one's for rearing children…heh-heh…rearing children…

Well, L would see just how enthusiastic Matsuda remained once they got there. For now, he needed some time alone because in a little bit, he would be praying for even a second of peace.