A/N – I know that Peter's movie-based angst has been covered over and over again. But for what it's worth, here is my take. A 100 word drabble.

Disclaimer – I don't own the Chronicles of Narnia, any of the canon characters, situations or settings. Don't sue.

The Greatest Betrayal

Peter's return to childhood is a bitter disappointment.

His hands are soft, now, with none of his former strength. The old, familiar nicks and scars – legacies of war and constant arms training – have vanished, and with them the visceral weight of sword, spear and shield.

It is as if Peter the Magnificent, the war-leader, the High King with all his hard-won assurance is lost forever, surviving only in imperfect memory. And with him all the golden years of joy and sorrow, mirth and grief are erased as if they had never been.

And that is the greatest betrayal of all.