Rukia raced out of the manor after her brother who stood by the Koi pond, gazing at the setting sun.

"Brother!" Rukia shouted as she skid to a halt a short distance behind him.

Only a chilly silence greeted her.

"Brother? Is something wrong?" Rukia asked softly.

"She would be proud of you."

"What?" Rukia asked confused.

"Hisana…her dream was to find you and for the both of you to become Soul Reapers together. She would be proud of you right now." Byakuya said as Rukia walked up and stood next to him.

"I wish I had known her." Rukia said as Byakuya nodded.

"I wish you could have." Byakuya replied. Rukia then looked up and saw something she would never have expected to see in her or anyone else's lifetime. The sight of her brother, Byakuya Kuchiki, Captain of Squad Six, and Head of the Kuchiki clan, with a tear running down his stoic face.

"Brother are you-?!" Rukia asked as a small smile formed on Byakuya's lips.

"Rukia…Hisana is not the only one who is proud of you." Byakuya said as Rukia couldn't resist the urge to throw her arms around her brother any longer. She was surprised when Byakuya placed his hand around her on her back in his own unique hug.

"Hey look, are those two actually hugging?" Renji asked curiously as he, Ichigo, and several others poked their heads through the door.

"Oh how cute." Kaichou gushed along with Rangiku, Momo, Orihime, Nel, and Kiyone. Yachiru pouted jealously.

"Byakushi what about me?" Yachiru whined with tear filled eyes and a quivering lip, causing many of those present to laugh.

The following day…

"How about, the Karakura Heroes?" Nel asked innocently before receiving a death glare from Ichigo and Rukia. They were sitting outside the Kurosaki Estate, trying to come up with a name for the new Squad.

"Rejected." They both said in unison.

"Why not Squad Fifteen?" Karin asked uninterested.

"So far that's the best suggestion. But let's keep thinking." Ichigo said as Rukia continued scribbling on a drawing pad.

"Well while we're thinking about squad names, here's the perfect insignia. Ta-da!" Rukia said as she revealed a drawing of a Squad diamond with the picture of a bunny in it.

"No." Ichigo, Karin, and Tatsuki said in unison.

"Why not?" Rukia asked in all seriousness.

"I refuse to be on a squad where the insignia is a bunny." Tatsuki said as she ignited her thumb on fire with her fire powers out of boredom.

"Perhaps if we just went with something generic, like the "Karakura Defense Squad" or something." Karin suggested as the others shrugged.

"It'll work. We can keep thinking of a name though." Ichigo said. Suddenly one of the outer walls exploded.

"What the-?!" Everyone yelped. The dust settled and everyone saw Kenpachi standing in front of the hole in the wall.

"I'm going to guess this is the right place." Kenpachi said as Yuzu and Yachiru popped up from his shoulders.

"Yep. Thank you Mister Kenpachi sir." Yuzu replied as she hopped off his back and hurried over to the others. She was wearing the white and red Academy uniform again and she had a different katana and sheath at her side.

"Yuzu! How did the procedure go?" Ichigo asked.

"It was cool Ichigo! I got to say goodbye to Sanctus Curator and guess what, she looked like mom!" Yuzu exclaimed as the others fell silent.

"She…she did?" Ichigo asked as Yuzu nodded. Yoruichi, Unohana, and Kaichou then appeared in the new "doorway" in the wall.

"What the hell happened to my wall?!?! Oh wait Kenpachi's here, never mind." Kaichou grumbled. She was back in her cowgirl attire.

"So is that your new Zanpakuto, Yuzu?" Ichigo asked as Yuzu nodded and drew the sword from its sheath. It was like any ordinary katana except it had a white handle with the single strip of cloth dangling from the bottom that tended to be a trademark of a Kurosaki blade. The guard however was designed like a blossoming flower very similar to the white flowers around the Koi pond and gazebo.

"Yep this is my new Zanpakuto. Mister Ayasegawa helped me learn its name. Want to see what it can do?" Yuzu asked as the others shrugged and nodded.

"Close your eyes, Hitoku Kasumi." Yuzu said as her Zanpakuto's blade instantly turned into a blue mist that grew larger and larger until it was like a dense fog that enshrouded the entire estate. (Hitoku Kasumi: Hiding Mist)

"Whoa geez! I can't see a thing!" Ichigo said as he looked around. He couldn't see anyone or anything around him. He couldn't even feel anyone's spiritual pressure.

"Hey Ichigo! What's going on?!" Nel asked.

"OOF! Sorry, whoever you are." Rukia grunted.

"Kenny? Kenny where are you!" Yachiru called.

"Over here brat!" Kenpachi called back.

"I think I found you but since when do you have boobs Kenny?" Yachiru asked confused.

"Lieutenant Kusajishi I believe you have the wrong person." Unohana said with a nervous chuckle.

"Huh? Oh sorry Uno." Yachiru replied.

"Uh Yuzu? You think you can-…" Kaichou said as the fog suddenly lifted to reveal Yuzu having sheathed her blade and rolling on her back laughing "…-put away the fog?"

"What's so funny?" Karin asked with an annoyed expression.

"It's just so funny watching you guys stumble around in there!" Yuzu giggled.

"How could you see anything in there?! It was practically impossible to see anything!!!" Ichigo yelled.

"Oh I could see everything you guys did. I'm not affected by Hitoku Kasumi's fog. I can even make the fog so dense that it can cut people inside if necessary." Yuzu said with a huge smile.

"I guess that makes sense. It's her Zanpakuto that creates the fog so why shouldn't she be able to see through it." Rukia said as she turned and realized that the person she had crashed into was in fact the gazebo.

"So it's essentially like Rangiku's Haineko and Captain Kuchiki's Senbonzakura in a way." Toshiro said as he and Rangiku appeared in the estate doorway.

"Uh-huh." Yuzu replied with a nod before Rangiku ran up and pulled the girl in a hug.

"Ooh our Zanpakuto's are like sisters!" Rangiku exclaimed as Yuzu struggled in her grasp.

"Muph-muph-MUPH!!!" Yuzu yelled with her head in Rangiku's bosom. (Translated: I can't BREATHE!!!"

"Rangiku let her go!!!" Toshiro exclaimed as Rangiku complied. Yuzu was blue in the face.

"Oh sorry." Rangiku apologized as Yuzu caught her breath.

"Okay everyone let's get packed up and get ready to go home! We've been away from home for far too long!" Isshin said as he, Ryuken, Jushiro, Shunsui, Nanao, Sentaro, and Kiyone arrived.

"It'll be nice to get home after all this." Kaichou said as Jushiro gave her a disheartened look.

"I was hoping that you would stay a while longer. Besides I thought the Kurosaki Estate was your home." Jushiro said as Kaichou took a deep breath.

"It was Jushiro. But my place is with my family. I would love it though if you would take care of it for me. It'll give us somewhere to stay whenever we come to visit." Kaichou said as Jushiro nodded.

"I'll make sure it's kept in good condition then." Jushiro replied.

"Good. Oh and I also have designated two rooms designed especially for use by the Soul Reaper Men and Women's associations respectively. Only rule is that Omaeda has to wear a shirt at all times and the women cannot boot the men out." Kaichou said as Shunsui chuckled.

"Lieutenant Iba will be happy to hear that." Shunsui said.

"Yikes! Byakuya where did you come from?!" Ichigo yelped as he turned around and saw said sixth squad Captain behind him.

"I arrived when the fog cleared. I just did not choose to make my present known." Byakuya replied.

"Your stealth ability is astounding Byakuya…oh and there's one thing I've been wanting to do since my return Byakuya." Kaichou said as Byakuya arched a curious eyebrow. He then saw Kaichou flash step into thin air and appear behind him. He felt something in his hair suddenly disappear and he turned with a sinister glare towards Kaichou who dangled a little red hair ribbon between her fingers.

"You know you never have been able to catch either me or Yoruichi, Little Byakuya." Kaichou said as Yoruichi appeared next to her with a cat like grin.

"Do you still believe you can outrun me?" Byakuya asked as he dangled something between his fingers that made Kaichou's eyes widen. It was the bandana she wore with her cowgirl disguise. She felt around her neck and realized that Byakuya had successfully snatched it.

"Game, set, match." Byakuya said as Kaichou smirked.

"Well done Byakuya but you still haven't caught Yoruichi." Kaichou said as she handed the ribbon off to Shihoin who immediately cackled and flash stepped away with Byakuya in tow. The bandana proceeded to flutter to the ground.

"My-my, they certainly enjoy their games don't they?" Unohana asked with a sweet smile.

"So what are you planning on doing in the World of the Living, Wrangler?" Shunsui asked.

"Well…" Kaichou said with a smirk.

A week later in the World of the Living…

"Very nice, Kaichou." Shunsui said as he, Retsu, and Jushiro looked up at the house next door to the Kurosaki Clinic. On the mailbox was the name Dr. K. Kurosaki. A boom box was nearby playing "Happy People" by Skoop on Somebody.

"Thanks, this way Rukia can move out of Ichigo's closet and Nel has somewhere to stay as well." Kaichou said as Nel and Chad helped move a couch inside. Uryu and Nemu helped to put up a set of beautiful handmade window shades in one of the guest rooms. Ichigo and Rukia were arguing over where the Television went. Tessai, Hachigen, and Isane were helping to put up a dark green awning over the front doors. Lilynette, Loly, Menoly, Yachiru, Uluru, Jinta, Karin, and Yuzu were painting a matching shade of green as the awning on the wooden flower bed as Rangiku, Mashiro, Orihime, and Tatsuki planted bushels of Kaichou's favorite white flowers. Renji, Kisuke, Yoruichi, Ikkaku, Kensei, Love, Rose, and Ganju then emerged from the basement, having been digging an underground training facility, as they headed for the drink cart being maintained by Lirin, Kurodo, Noba, Kon, Yumichika, and Sun-Sun. Grimmjow, Stark, Shinji, Halibel, Apache, Mila-Rose, and Ggio were working to repair some holes in the roof. Toshiro was busily standing on the roof of the Kurosaki Clinic and keeping a cool breeze sweeping though the area with Hyorinmaru. Ryuken was treating Hiyori who had successfully hit her thumb with a hammer while on the roof. Hanataro was helping to bring drinks to some of the workers. Kenpachi, Byakuya, Kukaku, Shiroganehiko and Koganehiko were all off keeping the town safe from Hollows.

"It looks beautiful." Retsu said as Kaichou smiled and nodded.

"Well this way I can stay close to my family too. Kisuke Urahara's building an underground training facility beneath both the clinic and my house too." Kaichou said as Isshin walked up with a camera and a tripod.

"Alright everyone! Photo op time!" Isshin shouted as everyone gathered around in front of the two houses. Kenpachi, Byakuya, Kukaku, and the twins arrived at that time to get in the picture.

"Are you planning on letting visiting Soul Reapers stay with you too?" Jushiro asked as Kaichou nodded.

"Oh yes. I figured, since this place is pretty much an exact mirror duplicate of Isshin's place that we could use the extra rooms for visitors." Kaichou said as Isshin set the timer and hurried over to behind Yuzu and Karin with his arms around them.

"Looks like you've got your happy family now Kaichou." Retsu said as Kaichou made bunny ears behind Isshin and Ichigo.

"Yeah…I think I finally do." Kaichou said a mere second before the camera flashed.


In Le Mort Regne, the abandoned city sat still and silent as it slowly decayed from time and neglect. The sky was grey with clouds and smoke from the still shouldering buildings filled the air. The damaged castle still stood but with the noticeable signs that its glory days had long gone. But within the dead and dying world, a strange portal opened like rectangular tiles sliding up or down to reveal a torrent of black energy. Four figures then emerged from within and stopped as the Garganta closed behind them.

"This place is quite dreary but by comparison to our last place it's not bad. At least there's the chance of actual sunlight breaking through once in a while." One of the figures said.

"This place reeks of death and destruction. The echoes of a great battle that was fought here still lingers in the air." Another figure said.

"Waooh." Another figure slurred.

"This place will need some work but it is the perfect location for us to carry out our plans in secret. It will take some time for everything to be ready and we must be patient. But eventually we will make the fact that we still live, well known to the rest of the Spirit worlds." The fourth and final figure said as he stepped into the light and twisted the single curly bang on his forehead around his finger. It was Sosuke Aizen, Gin Ichimaru, Kaname Tosen, and Wonderweiss Margera.

"Home sweet home then." Gin said with his usual fox-like expression as another Garganta opened and a few additional figures emerged from within.

"We came like you told us to Captain Aizen." One of the figures said as Aizen smiled his sinister smile.

"Then let us get to work. Our time will be at hand sooner than you or the Soul Society will realize." Aizen said as the Garganta closed behind them.

To Be Continued…

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Gin Ichimaru appeared in the center of the stage with the rest of the cast around him.

"And now as a personal thank you from us all and on the writer's behalf…we present to you, from the Bleach Rock Musical, Saien, Hona Sayonara. Feel free to sing along if you know the lyrics. After all they are listed below." Gin said as the music started.

"Hona sayonara Hona sayonara (Goodbye, Goodbye)
Ashita wa kitto HALLELUJAH (It's going to be clear tomorrow Hallelujah)
Sayonara Hona sayonara (Goodbye, Goodbye)
Kyou wa wasurenasai nara" (Forget about today)

They sang. Then Kisuke Urahara stepped up…

"Tabi no haji wa kakisute (A man away from home doesn't need to feel ashamed)
Kane wa tenka no mawari mono (Money makes the world go round)
Kahou wa nete mate (Sleep and wait for good luck)
Kutte mate" (Sit and eat)

Then Gin took back over…

"Kaze ga fukeba okeya ga moukaru" (It's an ill wind that blows nothing good)

Then Kisuke replied…

"Suteru kami areba hirou kami ari" (When one god deserts you, another one will pick you up)

Then Kisuke and Gin sang in unison…

"Ningen banji saiougama (You can't predict the future)
Ataru mo hakke ataranu mo hakke (Sometimes fortune-telling comes true and sometimes it fails)
Dou ni ka narimasu (Things will get better)
Mata kondo" (Until next time)

Then the rest of the cast joined in…

"Hona sayonara Hona sayonara (Goodbye, Goodbye)
Ashita wa kitto HALLELUJAH (It's going to be clear tomorrow Hallelujah)
Sayonara Hona sayonara (Goodbye, Goodbye)
Kyou wa wasurenasai nara" (Forget about today)

Then they started singing…

"Oh yeah! Oh YEAH! Alright! ALRIGHT!
Oh yeah! Oh YEAH! Alright! ALRIGHT!

Then Ichigo stepped forward.

"Our final message is from the OC Kaichou Kurosaki!" he said as Kaichou stepped forward.

"BLEACH IS THE BEST!!! THANKS FOR READING!!!" she shouted before falling back in line.

Hona sayonara Hona sayonara (Goodbye, Goodbye)
Ashita wa kitto HALLELUJAH (It's going to be clear tomorrow Hallelujah)
Sayonara Hona sayonara (Goodbye, Goodbye)
Asatte mo kitto HALLELUJAH (It's going to be a clear day after tomorrow too, Hallelujah)
Sayonara Hona sayonara (Goodbye, Goodbye)
Ashita wa kitto HALLELUJAH (It's going to be clear tomorrow Hallelujah)
Sayonara Hona sayonara (Goodbye, Goodbye)
Kyou wa wasurenasai nara (Forget about today)

With that the music ended and the whole cast erupted into a single…

"ARIGATO!!!" as the curtain started to close.

Gin however quickly knelt over and waved as the curtain neared the bottom.


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