Summary: She was the last of the pure Angels in Heaven. Her voice called out to the souls of all, her laughter brought peace to even the darkest of souls. She was born of light, and was loved and protected by all the Angels of Heaven... But some plot to kill her but instead of killing her, they somehow managed to drop her on Earth, making her A Fallen instead and to make matters worst she falls into the Territory of a Demon...The Demon... The Demon Lord Himself. Who takes interest in this pure little Angel thrown into 18th century Earth.

Chapter 1: Heaven's Angel

The sound of Heaven was like nothing you can ever imagine. A young Angel was resting on the crevasse of the Three of Life, awaiting the Birth of a new Angel, it would emerge into the world in no time. Just seven hundred more years to go. The young angel perched on the three was the Angel in charge of Birthing. She watches over the Eggs of the Angels, and once they were born, her purity is the first thing that they see. For although she had been around for over three thousand years, she was still as pure as the New Born Angel.

Sitting on the three her voice resonated throughout the Garden and emanated all over Heaven, filling the Angels with a sense of Serenity and Peace. They knew the voice belonged to none other than their beloved Serenity. Her voice took away all of their negative and uncertain feelings and replaced them with pure serenity. It was no wonder she was the Lords' favorite, she had the ability to make all the other Angels pure like her...for their duration in heaven.

Sitting there she looked up at the light of the Heavenly Father taking strength and pure energy from his light. It was there, perched upon the Three of Live preparing for the arrival of new Angels that Heaven's purest Angel, fell.

The world, went chill, stagnant and dark for me. I remembered sitting on one of the branches of the Tree of Life, singing my welcoming song to the Angel about to be born. Feeling the joy in heaven and hearing all of the serenity in the hearts of my fellow Angels. Then suddenly I was in darkness, falling, leaving the light and warmth of heaven behind for something cold and unknown. I could feel the aura of thousands of Angels as they reached towards me, trying to stop my fall. The grief and sorrow of a thousand more who felt lost without the serenity of my voice... Something strange gripped me tightly as I reached upwards towards the Light of the Lord... I fought through the darkness and tried to reach His Light, but something else took a hold of me...Another Angel...Relief rushed through me as I saw salvation in the hands of a fellow angel.

I could not see my savior's features, but I knew he was a strong Angel. So I had full trust in him. I turned fully towards him waiting for him to save me...

But he did not.

He shoved me

Away from the Light

Away from Heaven and my brothers and sisters. He shoved me towards the Earth. He wanted me fallen. Something worked its way into my heart. An ache I could not name. I was leaving behind the Light and my home for something cold and unknown. I was leaving behind the peace and serenity of heaven for the chaos and uncertainty of the Earth. The ache in me grew stronger... but I could not name it... I could not put a face to it.

So I just fell.

I'd heard other Angels in heaven claiming that when another Angel Fell, it was like having your wings ripped off, and having all of the joy and warmth sucked out of your very soul. It was like loosing sight of where the Lord was. Some even claimed that falling was like being condemned by The Heavenly Father.

They were wrong.

Falling was all of those things and more. It was like not being able to hear, speak or even move, while your body slowly burned and your wings are agonizingly shredded off of your bare back. It was like plunging into a frozen cloud and having all those tiny frozen water particles stab into you at every corner. And for an Angel feeling pain for the first time, all of these feelings would only be multiplied by ten folds. If I was able to open my mouth and work my lungs, I would have screamed my soul out of my body... but I couldn't. I could do was Fall...Fall from Heaven to Earth.

The landing was not a crash, as many Angels had claimed it to be. I was instead surrounded in a ball of light and gently dispensed in a forested area of the forest. The oval light force slowly dissolved, leaving me laying on the wet dewy grass of the forest. My body hurt too much for me to even breath let alone move. So I remained where I was.

I did not know how long I was laying there on the forest floor, barely able to see anything through the red haze in front of me.

After some time, I began to feel the cold air of the world as it began to seep deep into my body. Then I felt a soft warmth around me as one of the earth creatures came upon me.

It was a wolf... I knew of the creatures... as I knew of all the creatures of earth. The wolf, nuzzled me and sniffed me before laying down near offer me its warmth. Another wolf came and rested on my other side...they were trying to keep me alive... I thanked them although I could not speak openly, I knew I could touch their minds now that the pain has softened. Doing so, I took the initiative to not only thank them for their kindness, but also to find out where I had fallen.

They did not know the name of the territory, only that it was a place that received frequent visits by humans on horses...hunters...and from their knowledge there was a small hunting party headed this way...getting closer by the seconds...They were running away from the hunters when they chanced upon me and they were placing themselves in danger by remaining here to protect me. I did not want them to get caught, so I urged them to go...but they would not go... they had lost their pack to the hunters...and something about me drew them to me. One of the wolves licked my cheeks... to wipe away tears that had fallen from my eyes...I did not know I could cry. I had never cried. I had never felt any of these emotions. I wanted to go back... I wanted to go back home. I did not know this place and I had no intention of staying here. I wanted to return to the warmth and comforts of Heaven.

The hunters would be upon us within no time and they would kill the wolves. I did not want them to die. I could not have them die for my sake.

Mustering every piece of will I had I forced my body to move. It took me some agonizing time to get myself up, but when I did manage to rise.

I did not know the way out of the forest...nor could my eyes see... But the wolves did. They guided my body and supported me as I fell over everything in the forest... It was dawn...I could feel the sun's warmth tingling against my body.

Somehow, the wolves managed to keep me away from human eyes as I walked through the tiny village near the forest. They claimed to be leading me to a sanctuary, a place where creatures like me are always welcomed.

I did not know of this place so I searched their mind... It was a church. A grand church with Angel statues and statues of the Virgin Mary and the Prophet Joshua the Redeemer who they had mistaken as the True Lord...

Yes... That would do. I could find sanctuary there. They led me to the walls gates of the sanctuary, making sure that the lock was open, before running back into the forest to hide from the hunters and the people in their burrowed cave.

I walked through the thresh hold towards the church. Falling over stones and patches of grass... I still did not know how to use my legs and without the wolves to guide me and support my weight, I could not balance myself well.

I fell on my front several times, scrapping my wings occasionally. It hurt really badly. My wings were still sore, and the memory of them ripping too fresh in my mind.

I somehow managed to make it to the gates of the church. Which I pried open only to fall flat down on the cool church pedestal.

The people of this church were worshiping the Redeemer as the true Lord, but they still had a faith and they still believed in a higher power so the true Lord's grace was present even here. I crawled towards the place where his presence was most strong... and curled up around it hoping desperately that he would save me... that he would return me back to my beloved home...back to my beloved brothers and sisters... or at least back to the tree of life, where I will become a part of the three.

" AHAHAAAHAAAAAHHHAAAAAHAHAHAHAH. FATHER GALE. FATHER GALE... FATHER GALE... FATHER GALE..." A woman's scream sounded and resonated throughout the room, but I did not open my eyes to see who it was. I just drowned myself in the Lord's presence here. Forgetting everything else.

I did however hear if they were coming off from a far of distance. Two footsteps...then three...then four...

A collective sound of gasps went up through the air as the steps came to an abrupt stop right in front of where I was standing. Now with the presence of four humans, I forced my eyes to open. There in front of me, stood four humans with perplexed looks of surprise in their eyes. They stared at me for what seemed like hours, awed, shocked and somewhat frightened, before a semblance of recognition seeped into their eyes and they began to take action. First a chubby aged woman came up to me, flinging an apron over my bare skin...which she was grateful for to some degree, considering how the cloth irritated her flesh and especially her wings. She did not like the way they felt, in Heaven cloths were as unnecessary as food, but the Angels wore cloths-made out of cloud particles- in order to accommodate to the humans they watched over. It made things simpler when the Humans felt a resemblance to the Angels. Humans tended to be far kinder to something recognizable...and besides the humans and the Angels were all created out of one similar image...they just appear similar in different wings for instance.

"My dear God. What is this?" Another man came up in front of her, he wore a priest's uniform and had a cross across his neck which he brought up to her as if to ward her off...the though came across her like a spear shattering her hearth.

He thought she was a Fallen...

Well she was a Fallen, but not by choice. She was not a devil. She had not fallen from grace...or had she? She did not question the Creator. She was devout in all aspects and wanted to return back to heaven. She had not done anything wrong...she was probably here on a mission...yes. perhaps she was here on a mission... A mission of some sort, that she will soon discover.

"I dear say I think she is an Angel father Gale... The good Lord has sent us an Angel in our time of trouble...Our prayers are being answered...Oh might God...Thank You for your mercy...Thank You...Thank You." They went down on their knees spewing thanks to the heavens and bowing their heads to me like I was some kind of great savior. I was not a savior, nor was a God, I did not deserve their praise. It was my sole purpose to serve, protect and bring grace to the humans. Their thanks was to be reserved for the Lord and the Lord alone...occasionally they chose to thank his messengers...but in a way that was still thanks directed at him...but to thank angel for simply doing what she was birthed to do...was wrong in every form and manner.

"Do not bow to one that is not the Heavenly Father. I am a mere Angel. One birthed to protect the Heavenly Father's most fragile creation... I demand that you rise and listen...for though I fell from the Heavens I am not a Fallen. I am an Angel of Heaven. I am Serenity, the Angel of Serenity." The mere words alone, got them to their feet and looking at her as she stood there in front of the Crucifix with a ray of sunshine shinning down on her beautiful golden hair which seemed to sparkle under the sun's ray.

They were not ones to argue. One of the women in the white and black nun uniforms took her away to be " cleaned and better clothed." She wished she had refused her offer. The woman dipped her in cold water...claiming that it would not roughen her body like warm water...then she scrubbed her skin till it took on a red tint...claiming it was to clean her body and soul of the earthly sin she was being exposed to.

The bath was a nightmare. Never before had her body been so sore...and the cloths were even worst. They were more comfortable than the stiff and scratchy apron and the woman did made two huge tears at the back for her wings to appear through, but they still made her skin itchy and her wings uncomfortable. But she did not mind it to much.

The woman offered her food...which she politely denied...explaining to them that as an Angel, she was forbidden to take any form of life even for sustenance. Besides she found the very prospect of eating another living creature plant or animal... it was too appalling for her...and anyways Angels took their sustenance and nourishment straight from the sun. Humans were different. They were similar to Angels and yet still different. They had the Heavenly Father's permission to take part in the natural feeding cycle of life...that it why there were creatures out there that feasted on them as they feasted on cattle and plants.

The nuns did not argue with her, they instead took her back to the room they had found her in. It was the main chapel and it was quickly filling in with people...villagers in ragged cloths with somber faces and ever more somber souls. She felt their dark souls call out to her...pleading for some semblance of peace and solace...for some serenity...and she offered it out to them...openly freely as each person came to ask the Heavenly Father for guidance and help she offered them the only thing she could manage to give them...serenity. The peace of mind and the reassurance that things were going to get better. She knew it wasn't much...but the one thing the Heavenly Father had always instilled in all of his creations was that... no matter how little a good deed you can offer someone...if you can at all, then you should. So like any good child I was listening and offering the little that I can. I knew their prayers would be answered.

It did not take long for word of me to spread to further reaches of the Kingdom. I did not know who spoke of me...but whoever did they made it seem as if I was some sort of miracle worker, as if I was capable of granting every man's desires and making all semblance of suffering gone... before a week passed, there were villagers and human Lords from larger villages coming over to "greet" me and of course ask for things. I kept explaining to them that I did not grant wishes just peace... but none of them seemed to get it. And although many left with smiles on their faces, they soon returned with complaints only to leave again with a smile and return again even worst off than before... I did not understand why this was so.

Before the end of the third week... I had monarch and all kinds of people coming up to me asking me to grant them miracles... to save their ailing loved grant them eternal youth, immortality, riches...and all the while I had to explain to them that I could not grant them such items only peace of mind...and while in my presence they seem content to get it...but they return the next day with further demands...I was baffled as I am now with one such individual.

"Lady Agatha, I feel your suffering... but I cannot bring back you boy... I had told you this many times already. I can only offer you peace of mind." Lady Agatha...the King's consort's wive nodded at me a peaceful smile on her saddened hallow face moments before she released my hands and walked out of the tinny church filled with people. The gentle smile in her eyes should have brought me some solace... but it did not. I had seen that smile on her face for the millionth time only to see her tormented look the next day.

"I beg you my family...we cannot eat without some money...I pray to you again to save us." I did not know how to respond to that. I had asked informed Katherine two days now that she should not pray to me, but rather to the Heavenly Father...but still she refused...I could not fantom these humans and their frail frame of mind.

"Do not pray to me. It is a sin to pray to any other but the Heavenly Father...I can do nothing close in comparison to him. He is the true granter of wishes...I marly grand solace and peace of mind. I pray do not pray to me...I do not wish to be prayed to." I did not know if I was on the verge of some sinful transition or if being far from heaven was disturbing my state of mind...but whatever the reason I suddenly wanted far from these people...I wanted to be someone far away from them...far far away.

Katherine walked away a nodding smile on her face and understanding in her eyes. I however knew that she would be back by early morning like the rest. I let a sigh escape me in a feat of defeat...I was about to greet my next consulter when a dark sinister wave descended upon me and sent a wave of chills down my spine.

A man appeared in front of me. His eyes were a dark blue. The darkest blue I had ever seen in all my time with the humans. His hair was as dark as the night itself and it was tied at the back of his head in a loose ponytail at the back of his head. He was wearing beautiful aristocratic cloths...the most fancy and expensive that I had seen so far. He was wearing some eerily dark cloths with a cane that had a snake wrapped around the silver stick with its head extending to form the mantle.

He had the darkest aura in the room. The most shallowest and blackest spirit as of the moment and the thought of the pain that might have driven him here....and the disappointment that awaited him after he found out that she was not what everyone preached her to be...she could barely bare the pain she was about to cause...the helplessness she was about to feel.

"You must not be misinformed. I am not a miracle worker...only the Heavenly Father is. I am just here to to bring you some semblance of solace in the name of the Heavenly Father. Now if that is what you desire of me then..." The man stepped up on my alter, coming to stand right in front of me, and as I turned my face up to look at him, our noses touched and the strangest sensation went racing down my bloodstream and into the core of my being. The sensation was somehow I had the oddest sensation that I was going to regret this encounter excruciatingly.

The man took his hand and sent it behind me...I wanted to move away afraid that he was going to do one of those human rituals that I had seen so often taking place in here...hug...but instead he gently touched my feathered wings and began to smooth them out...the sensation was exhilarating...breath taking... it filled me with a kind of joy I did not know I could feel, but at the same time I was shocked...only another Angel would know how wonderful that felt...and by the way he was looking at me, he knew how wonderful it felt.

It was at that moment that I realized what was going on. Why I felt such a darkness coming from this stranger...why he felt so familiar with an Angel's form...

He was a Fallen.

A true deserter of the faith. A real disobeyer.

"Nephilim." I squeaked the words out, fully knowledgeable of what it meant that he was a Nephilim. But I could not bring myself to feel any form of hatred for him. Nor could I urge myself to want to seek his destruction. All I felt was sympathy...sympathy for him and his suffering for ever choosing to leave the grace of heaven. I reached out to him, releasing some of my powers to his being trying to offer him the same amount of peace and solace I had the others.

"Ahahaha...Little one. That just won't do it for me. Besides I would rather you save up that energy of yours for our journey." He moved away from me before I could respond, going to speak to the priest on the far side, handing him a lumpy sac which he graciously accepted his mood lighten up extremely hight. He returned with a smile on his face and took her hand gently into the crook of his and began taking her to the back quarters of the church. She was about to protest when she saw two women in white nuns uniforms waiting for her to come. They were not the same nuns as before...but they did handle her gently, as if she were some kind of frail person who could break at any moments without warning. The two nuns led her to the back exit where a horse drawn contraption awaited them...she'd seen a couple of the other nobles come with them. And she had often what the inside was sitting inside it with Nephilim made her feel quite uncomfortable. He kept grinning at her with a sheepish smirk in his eyes as if he knew something she did not. Something very secretive and she did not like that. She should be escaping from him at the moment...she should be hiding out, but instead she was just sitting there waiting for whatever was to come...almost as if the concept of escape was beyond her ability to muster.