Summary: She was the last of the pure Angels in Heaven. Her voice called out to the souls of all, her laughter brought peace to even the darkest of souls. She was born of light, and was loved and protected by all the Angels of Heaven... But some plot to kill her but instead of killing her, they somehow managed to drop her on Earth, making her A Fallen instead and to make matters worst she falls into the Territory of a Demon...The Demon... The Demon Lord Himself. Who takes interest in this pure little Angel thrown into 18th century Earth.

Chapter X: Side Story

London in the 1900s was so mystifying. The stench, the filth, the was all just unbearable especially considering where she was coming from.

The young girl stepped off the large vessel for the first time and just stared. The place was so different from her home, from the green threes that rose into the skies and the fresh air that was so sweet breathing it in made her taste honey.

She did not like this land, but here is where her destiny was. This was where she would find her elder ones.

Since the day she could remember, she had been dreaming the same dream. A woman with hair as golden as the sun's rays, and skin benevolently sun kissed, eyes as blue as the sea and lips like blood on snow, comes to her tearfully telling her that she must save them; that she must save her brothers and sisters. The woman edges closer to her in her dreams, but right before she touches her, a huge black shadow rears up behind her, the shadow is that of a massive beast with the body of a horned man. His eyes are red as fire, and his hands when he reaches for her and clawed like that of the mighty Leopard.

Those sharp hands land on the golden woman and she vanishes.

The young girl had asked the Wisewoman what she thought of those dreams, and she had explained that the pale faces coming to their lands had women with hair like corn, she had suggested young Rini travel with them to see if they can be of help.

They were not.

So here she was on her own, intending to search their whole land for the woman in her dreams.

As soon as she touched her feet to the ground her body ached with familiarity. Something was here.

"Young lady, wait for an escort. You will get lost." The man who had brought her, an aging man with white hair and eyes blue as the sky. He was a scholar, brought her to teach her the ways of his people and send her back to teach her people the ways of the Pale man. That was his intent, not hers. She only needed to learn enough to find her way.

"Be more careful, you will need to be chaperoned. I am sure my son Elios will be quite happy to meet you, he does not have many friends you see and my wife passed away before bearing me another child. I am sure you will get along well."

The old man pulled a horse driven contraption over and ushered her in. When she got in the thing moved away and there in the silence of the carriage ride the young Native girl took in the sights of the country where he true family was hidden from her.

She fell asleep having grown tired of the flat lands.

"We are here." The gentle coaxing voice of the elder man followed by the gentle nudging of his hands woke her. The young girl rose peeked her head out and took sight of the massive contraption they were to live in.

The old man's place was beautiful, and from where she was, she could see many people waiting.

They got out and she shrank behind him fearful of all the faces watching her.

"Don't be afraid. These are the servants and that there is my son Elios" The girl dared a peek at the young boy who was no older than she, but stood as if he were a thousand years older than she. His eyes were clear like the clouds and his face as gentle.

Ten years later:

"Rini, Rini. For God's sake Rini be careful, don't just wonder off like that, these gallas can be dangerous." Elios in his well tailored evening suite caught Rini by the elbow pulling her away. She was wearing a ball gown a color unlike that of any other woman's at the dance; a rose pink. Which was what earned her the envious stared from those very same women and the lustful side glances from the men.

"I feel it this time Elios, I'm so close to finding one of them...just…" She turned around just then and caught sight of a woman in white, with hair so black it caught the flames of the candles and seemed to turn red like blood.

Her eyes were focused on Rini and Elios, turning immediately to the young man at her side.

He was handsome, enchanting really. His hair was the color of midnight and his eyes...his eyes...they were the same eyes, the same eyes as the woman in her dreams. Blue like the sea.

She had done it, she had finally found one of her lost siblings.

She ran towards him, ignoring Elios' attempt to restrain her. When she made it to him, she threw her arms around him and just simply hugged him to her.

He hugged her back, though more tentatively.

"Umh… Not that I don't enjoy the hug of a beautiful woman so freely given, but may I ask who you are madam." Rini pulled back, rose to her tip toes and kissed him on the cheeks, Elios called after her mortified. The scandal of such a kiss would destroy her reputation. But she did not care. The man hugged her tighter and for some reason she was certain he knew who she was.

"I was named Ethan." He murmured to her.

"I'm Rini. The youngest I suppose." When they finally parted–more like Elio ripped her from his grip–the black haired woman was no longer around. She was cutting through the crowd making her exit. The woman scared Rini, but she did not dwell on that, here she was with her brother.

It took longer than she had hoped, but after she found Ethan, it was much easier for her to find the others. She had already reunited with thirteen of her closest. Just a few months ago while walking in the markets she met up with a young street urchin, a pick-pocket who turned out to be the third youngest. Their oldest Ariana was a governess, Rini met her when Elios' acquaintance Duchess Clarissa Rosden paid him a visit. To make the visit more socially acceptable she had dragged her young niece over with her Duchess who stayed with Rini in the sitting parlor while Clarissa and Elios went off to his conservatory to study some of Elios plants. Elios was an expert when it comes to flowers, especially at making rare flowers bloom, and the Duchess was a rare flower.

"Why must you attend to her Elios, she does not like me and neither do I like her." Rini grumbled as they walked down the dirty streets of London.

"You insisted on coming to see Ariana, it is not my fault we ran into each other." He offered buying a trinket from a street vendor.

"But its your fault we have to walk home together. I am not a little girl now, you did not have to tag along, I can make it to…" She stumbled, having nearly collided with a young person flung out of a work house by a gruff looking old crude.

"You dastardly little shit, I's done better for myself selling your hide to em slavers down yonder." The bearded man growled coming out to kick the little kid on the ribs. She hunched over to avoid the impacts with no success.

Rini made an attempt to stop him, but Elios got there first intercepting the kick aimed at the boy's cowering figure.

"Why you…" The man paused, took his crude words back when he noted the fine clothes, the cold pocket watch and the stern look of a man of wealth.

"The little shit gone and lost another day's earning. He's already useless, always getting sick and never doing no work. I's just wanted to teach em a lesson." Elios sighed, turned to face Rini who was already crouched to the ground checking the boy.

"How much would you demand for us to get him off your hands." The man's face lid up underneath the muck. He licked his lips, and smiled featuring a mouth full of rotting teeth.

"well, he's…" He began

"How much." Elios cut him off not about to hear how useful the boy was and how he was like family when a second ago the old fool was shouting about how useless he was and selling him to slavers.

"40 chillings." Elios pulled a pouch out of his coat.

"There 50 chillings." The man drove for the money pouch, and when he got it he scurried away like the rat he was.

"Is he?" Elios asked. Rini nodded, hugging her tearful boy to her tightly.

Elios called for a carriage, got Rini and the boy in and directed the driver to take them home; where five of the seven guest rooms were already preoccupied with Rini's siblings.

When they arrived, Rini instructed the servants to prepare a bath and a meal. She bathed the startled boy, dressed him in oversized clothing then settled him on the dinner table with loads of food all around.

Cleaned up the boy looked dashing. His hair was as golden as wheat in the summer time, his eyes as blue as the sea. He was the spitting image of the woman in her dreams. Rini sat besides him, and just stared at hima s he wolfed down plate after plate of food.

Ethan walked down in his night clothes, grabbed a pastry from the boy's plate and sat down besides Rini watching. He lightly kissed her on the forehead making her giggling.

"You found another love." Ethan stated with glee. Rini nodded, and Ethan ruffled her pale hair.

"How many more are left? And how long do you have to keep doing this, soon enough we'll need our own continent." Ethan murmured taking the mug of tea she placed in front of him.

"I do not know, the dreams have yet to cease but they are occurring less frequently now. Do any of you have dreams?" She asked taking a nip at the pastry he gently coaxed towards her.

"Beautiful little boy, is he one of ours?" Nad came down with Nat the twins. They sat next to each other and like the other two siblings just stared at the little boy wolf down food.

"What's your name?" Ethan asked when he finished.


"Michael do you know why you are here?" Ethan asked. He nodded and smiled brightly at them, and they returned the familiar smile, some wolfish other sweet and charming.

That night when she dreamt it wasn't the same. She woke up with tears in her eyes and a smile on her face. Michael who was staying in her room because he was too afraid to sleep on his own woke with her.

"What's wrong?" He asked her.

"We need to move on. We are done here. She is proud of us and so is daddy. I always thought he was evil but he's not. He appears to pul her back whenever she draws too close to the surface and risks hurting herself. He says he's going to open a passage for you all, so that you can leave and join them. That I must go elsewhere in search of the others." She cried, she cried so hard the whole household woke and came to her.

"I will stay with you." Ethan offered. Rini shook her head.

"No you must go, its not safe for you, I am safe on this side, but you are not. They will not allow all of us to stay here with our memories." Rini whispered.

Ethan kissed her on the cheeks and wiped away her tear.

"I will remain with you." Elios offered. She turned to him and nodded her tears fading with the forms of her siblings.

When they woke, it was to the gentle singing voice of an angel and the sweet scent of a well cooked meal.

"I think they are waking." Came a stern male voice

"Shhh honey, don't wake them." The feminine voice reprimanded.

"I didn't, they already are awake." The male voice injected almost whining.

"Can you believe it Endymion, our children. They are finally home. They are returning to us. Rini is bringing our family back together."

"Yeah. She is...Which is why I'm a bit worried, how am I going to feed and cloth close to a thousand children."

"I gave birth to that thousand, you can figure the rest out." They both laughed and watched as one by one figures began to rouse.