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Chapter 4.


Harry sighed softly as he woke up, blinking and turning his head away from the stream of light as it hit his eyes. Today was the day when they were going back on tour, which meant that he wouldn't be able to be with Lucius for awhile. He had spent nearly every day that he had left with Lucius or his friends, dreading the day when he would have to leave. Lucius had told him repeatedly that he could call or send e-mails, but couldn't help but agree that it wouldn't be the same.

"Come on love, it's time to get up and get ready."Lucius said, rousing Harry from sleep fully.

Harry smiled up at his blond lover, accepting the pale hand and allowing Lucius to help him out of bed. Lucius smiled as he sat down, watching as Harry dressed in his jeans and shirt. He stood up and walked over to Harry, wrapping his arms around the younger mans waist and pulled him against his chest.

"I will miss you."Lucius said, nuzzling Harry's neck which caused Harry to sigh.

"Same here Luc, but I'll be sure to visit whenever we're nearby. And you can come and see me again."Harry said, turning around in his lovers arms.


Harry leaned against the window of his RV, watching as Lucius and his family and friends waved sadly. He closed his eyes and sighed, blinking when Tom rested a hand on his shoulder. He opened his eyes and looked up at his mentor, smiling lightly though sadly.

"Don't worry, knowing you and your lover you will talk again."Tom said, smirking lightly at Harrys blush.

Harry sat down on the couch and listened as Tom told him of their new performance that they were going to have to train for. He knew that Fleur had already been told what the routine was, but was still shocked by what they had to do.

"When we get to Japan we can start practice."Tom said, raising an eyebrow at Harrys stunned look.

"We're going back to Japan?"Harry muttered, wincing when he remembered a really bad break up that he had with a boy he had been dating in said area.


(A year later)

Lucius smiled as he sat down in one of the box seats, peering down at the stage. He had been invited to one of Harrys shows and of course made his way to America since his job also called for the travel. He smiled as the curtain rose, settling back to enjoy the show. During the performance he noticed that Tom was sitting in the front row instead of being behind stage, he narrowed his eyes and wondered why the older man wasn't back stage like the others who helped the performers were. Lucius lightly shook his head and looked back towards the stage, smiling when Harry and Fleur walked on stage.

Their new routine was complex, and everyone in the audience could see that just from watching duo. Harry and Fleur were both up on the clothes, but before they had climbed up they had grabbed their clothes and took a running leap towards each other. Lucius lightly gripped the armrests as he watched his lover, her eyes narrowed in case anything should happen. He knew that Harry was well trained and knew how to avoid most disasters, but still, it unnerved him when his young lover did something like that.


Lucius sighed and smiled as he walked backstage, weaving his way around the many people that had flooded the area in order to meet the performers. He stopped at Harry's door and raised his hand to knock when he heard faint shouting from behind the door. He frowned and lowered his hand, wondering just who had gotten to Harry before he was able to.

The door banged open and James stepped out, blinking when he saw Lucius before scowling and walking roughly past the man. Lucius watched as James stormed away before turning and slowly walking into Harry's room. He frowned when he saw Harry lying on the couch face down, and made his way over to his distraught lover.

"Harry? What happened love?"he asked, his voice soft as he knelt down beside the young man.

Harry jumped at the sound of Lucius' voice but smiled when he saw the blond. Lucius smiled as well, but the worried look never left his eyes even as he hugged Harry.

"Dad came to see the performance and decided that he was in the right. I just told him that if he didn't accept that this is what I love to do and that you are the man I want to be with then he'll lose me. Apparently he didn't believe me and continued to insult both you and the circus before I snapped and yelled at him."Harry said, his voice low as he rested his head on Lucius' shoulder.

"James is just set in his ways Harry. It will take a lot to make him see what he doesn't want to see."Lucius said, pressing a kiss to his lover's hair.

He gently pulled Harry from the couch and onto his lap, wrapping his arms around Harry's waist and pulling him close as he did so. Harry sighed contently as he leaned against Lucius' chest. He had missed this, and even though Lucius found ways to visit often, it still didn't seem to be enough. He sometimes wished that he could stay in one place for more than a few weeks.

"Don't worry Harry; I'll always be here to talk too even through the phone."Lucius said, tilting Harrys chin up and kissing him.


(A year later)

Lucius, Remus and Sirius watched Harry and Fleur perform from the front seats, holding their breaths at the new daring routine. Lucius peered off towards the side of the stage, watching as Tom looked up towards the top of the cloths with worried eyes. His own eyes flashed towards the top but he frowned when he didn't see anything. From the way Tom was looking at the top, one would think something was going to happen. He shook his head and smiled at Harry when Harry glanced towards him, bowing his head lightly.

As their performance continued, Remus noticed that the man who had been sitting beside them had left over 15 minutes ago. He frowned but shook his head, wondering where the man was or if he had been called away before he could finish watching the whole acts. He turned back to watching Harry just as something happened. Harry went to climb higher on his cloth when his hands slipped. Fleur watched with wide eyes as Harry fell towards the stage, the crowd leaping to their feet.

Harry made a skillful grab at the cloth once move, only to have his hand slide right off. His eyes grew wide as he twisted his body in the air, trying to move so that he wouldn't take the full blow of the landing on his back. Lucius bolted towards the stage when Harry's cry of pain and shock filled the theater, Tom rushing out towards Harry while Fleur slid down and crouched by her partner.

A blond haired woman and a red haired man rushed over to Harry, gently pushing everyone back even as Lucius told them that he was Harry's lover. Harry's right arm was bent back, and a few pieces of the bone could be seen pushing against the skin. His left leg was broken as well while man gently checked him over. Lucius was able to crouch down beside Harry only after Harry had said his name.

"I'm here Harry, don't worry."Lucius said, brushing hair away from the younger man's face.

"Luc, I'm scared."Harry whimpered, closing his eyes while tears streamed down his face.

"Don't worry Harry, you'll be alright."Lucius said, wincing as a sedative as injected into Harry.

He helped to move Harry up onto a stretcher and rushed after the paramedics, not wanting to leave his lovers side. Remus and Sirius watched Lucius leave with Harry before moving on stage, watching as Fleur ran her hands along Harry's cloth.

"It was slicked."Tom said, looking at Sirius and Remus with saddened eyes.

"What?! How could that happen?"Sirius asked, grabbing onto Harrys cloth only have his hand covered in clear oil.

"It happened to me as well when I was younger. It was during a performance when I started to fall. Someone had managed to pour clear oil onto the cloth while I was using it. I broke my leg and hip and was never able to perform again."Tom said, looking up towards the top where the cloth was attached to a catwalk.


Lucius paced as he waited for the doctors to finish up with Harry. Remus and Sirius were looking ashen as they sat down in the plastic chairs that were in the hallway. Remus just got back from calling James and Lily, who had told them that they were flying in as soon as they could. Remus sighed and lightly placed a hand on Lucius' shoulder, making the man look at him with desperate eyes. They were all worried about Harry; so many questions were running through their minds.

"Are you Lucius Malfoy?"a doctor asked, stepping out of Harry's room.

"Yes, how is he?"Lucius asked, turning towards the blond haired male.

"He's lucky. We're bringing him into surgery so that we can set his leg right. He took a nasty fall, and shattered his leg for the most part. His arm and wrist were broken as well. I'm in charge of Harry's surgery and his care, Doctor Conner."he said, shaking Lucius' hand.

"Doctor Conner….well he be able to perform again?"Sirius asked, wringing his hands.

"No he won't. He will have to go through a lot of physical therapy in order to walk right and he won't be able to grip strong enough."Conner said, nodding his head and turning around.


Lucius looked at Harry sadly, wishing that his lover would wake up. Two day's had passed since Harry had been out of surgery, his leg was set and so was his arm. He had extended his stay at the hotel, and had met Lily and James when they had arrived. He lightly ran his fingers along Harry's cheek, smiling gently when Harry turned his face.

"Harry, I'm so sorry love."he said, his voice soft and strained.

When he had been told that Harry wouldn't be able to perform, he was shocked. Lucius knew that when Harry was told the younger man would be devastated. Tom had visited and told Lucius to send Harry to see him once he was able to get around. Lucius knew that Tom was the person Harry would need to see the most to overcome the news.

"Luc…what happened?"Harry said, breaking Lucius out of his thoughts.

"Harry! You're awake, thank god."Lucius said, resting a hand on Harry's cheek as the younger man looked at him.

"What happened? Why can't I move my leg?"Harry asked, panic starting to rise in his voice.

"Calm down love. We're in the hospital. You broke you leg and arm when you landed."Lucius said, watching as Harry's eyes widened.

"Lucius…will I be able to…"Harry asked, his eyes filling with tears when Lucius sadly shook his head.


Harry winced as James walked into the room, knowing that his father was going to try and get him to move back home. Lucius gently squeezed Harry's unbroken hand, silently telling his lover that he wasn't going to let anyone take him away. Lily rushed over and bent down, kissing Harry's forehead and smiling at Lucius.

"We're happy that you're going to be alright."she said, sitting down next to Harry's bed.

"It doesn't matter; I won't be able to perform again."Harry said, turning his face away from his parents.

"Harry, you'll be able to other things. This isn't the end of your life."James said, shaking his head lightly.

Lucius glared at James when Harry shook, wanting nothing more than to punch the man. Harry turned angry eyes on his father, making James take a step back.

"How would you like it if you were told that you couldn't do the thing you loved? At least you can still play for your old team. I won't be able to do anything involving Circ du Soleil."Harry said, his voice rising.

"I think you should leave James, before you upset Harry any farther."Lucius said, standing up and stepping towards James until he left.


(Three months after the accident)

Tom narrowed his eyes when he saw Harry staring off out the window. They were both headed back to England where Lucius had set up the manor for them. Tom knew that his student was feeling sorry for himself, but that wasn't the right thing. The police had found the man who had rigged Harry's cloth and it had been a man named Peter Pettigrew who had been turned down for Harry's place in Circ du Soleil.

"Harry, stop staring off into space and listen to me. They were able to take off the cast for your arm and wrist so we'll be working on that. Once the cast on your leg is removed I'll have you regain your strength for that."he said, watching as Harry looked at him.

Harry nodded his head and sat up more in his wheelchair, smiling when he looked out of the ships window and spotted land. Tom smiled faintly when he noticed a spark lit in Harry's eyes once more, nodding to himself. He wanted Harry to know that he could do things even if he wouldn't be able to work with Circ du Soleil. He and Lucius had been talking about helping Harry to open up a school for children and adults to learn how to do different tricks and other stunts like the one's Harry had to do. Albus gave them his support since the camp that he helped to run only lasted the summer but Harrys could run during the school year as well.


Lucius smiled as Harry was pushed through the door, watching as Tom looked around in mild interest. Draco smiled as he walked down the stairs, hurrying over to Harry and hugging him tightly. Lucius chuckled as Harry smiled and hugged Draco back, bending down and kissing his younger lover on the forehead.

"It's good that you can stay here. This will give enough room for Tom to help you gain back your strength."he said, lightly squeezing Harry's hand.

Harry smiled as Lucius pushed him down a hallway on the first floor while Draco took Tom and showed him a different room. Lucius steered Harry towards a door at the end of the hallway, pushing the door open and smiling when he heard Harry's gasp. The room looked identical to their bedroom on the third floor, including the pictures and pillows. There was a button that Harry could push and it opened both the door to the hallway and the door to the bathroom.

"This way you can get around easier and also still spend time with me."Lucius said, bending down and scooping Harry into his arms.

Harry blinked and wrapped his arms around Lucius' neck, smiling as his lover set him down on the bed. Lucius smiled as he sat down next to Harry, pulling his young lover to his side and running a hand through Harry's hair.

"Thank you Lucius, this means a lot to me. I don't know what I would have done if I had to go back home."Harry said, leaning his head against Lucius' chest.

"Don't worry Harry, Tom and I will help you from now on. I know that Lily and the others will as well."Lucius said, smiling gently.


(Harry: 28, Lucius: 48, Tom: 60)

Harry winced as he griped onto the small weight, Tom watching him and correcting his grip. It was a month into his therapy and so far he was slowly gaining back complete use of his arm and wrist. Yes it hurt like hell, but Harry knew that he needed to learn how to move everything again. Lucius helped him whenever he could, but often couldn't be there because of work. Sure enough though, Draco and many of the others stopped by and helped him even more.

"Once you gain back use of your arm, we'll start working on your leg."Tom said, looking at said leg.

The cast on Harry's leg had been sized down and was focused on his knee and lower leg. Because of the surgery he had lost a lot of muscle and there were now a few scars to show what had happened. Harry had been scared that Lucius would look more at his scar then him, but had been proved wrong many times.

"When will we move to my leg?"Harry asked, looking at Tom when the older man took away the weight.

"In a few weeks we can move on. You're regaining your grip nicely. Mind you might have to walk with a cane like myself from now on, but it's better than nothing."Tom said, leaning on his cane as he looked at his student.

"Thank you Tom, for everything."Harry said, smiling as he met his mentor's eyes.


Harry bit back the shout of pain that tried to escape his throat, closing his eyes tightly as Tom slowly stretched out his leg. The cast had been removed a few days ago, and Tom had decided that now that Harry was used to having it off, it was time to move it. He could hardly believe that it was his leg when the cast was removed. Nearly all of the muscle he had gained through his years of training was gone, leaving this frail looking leg that was a mere shadow of what it used to look like.

"Fight through the pain Harry, your bones need to get used to being moved and moving."Tom said, watching the watery green eyes closely.

They were in the room that Lucius had made of Harry, the new therapy room. There were many different items that would help Harry gain back his movement. There was a small pool, a massage table, weights against one wall of all different sizes; two metal bars which would help Harry learn to walk again by bracing himself on the bars and moving slowly, and much more.

{Damn it!}Harry cursed, closing his eyes tightly and so he didn't see Tom's raised eyebrow.

"I wish that you would refrain from cursing in my presence, even in Russian."Tom said, smirking when Harry's eyes shot open in shock.

"S-Sorry."Harry muttered, looking properly shamed only to cry out when Tom flexed his leg again.

The sound of the door opening and closing drew them both to a stop, and turned to look at who came in. Harry paled when he saw his father and Lucius walking towards him and Tom, James was currently glaring holes through Lucius' head. Lucius smiled lightly at Harry and bent down to press a kiss against his forehead.

"James wanted to see how you're holding up, though he made it seem like I'm holding you here against your will."Lucius drawled, looking at James with a raised eyebrow.

"There is no shame for me wanting to see my son!"James said, eyes blazing as Tom rolled his eyes.

"We can continue after dinner Harry, it's time for your break anyway."Tom said, placing a hand on Harry shoulder before leading the way out of the room, Lucius following.

Harry glared up at his father as he turned his wheelchair so that his back was to James, smirking when he heard the soft snort of surprise. James sighed and walked around Harry, narrowing his eyes when he saw his son's glare.

"Look Harry, I'm just here to make sure you're alright."he said, placing a hand on Harry's knee.

"As you can see, I'm fine."Harry said, his voice tense as he looked at James with a raised eyebrow.

"Look Harry, me and Lily are worried about you. You should be back at home."James said, blinking when Harry's eyes turned to chips of ice.

"And what would I do there? Be babied and have everything done for me? Because of Lucius and Tom I'm relearning how to grip things and soon I'll be able to walk again. I'm happy here! Why can't you get that through your thick head dad?"Harry said, his voice rising slightly in anger.

"You belong with us! We're your family!"James said, his eyes blazing as he looked at his eldest son.

"You never supported me! Out of everyone in the family you were the one who never liked the idea of me doing something that you didn't want! You can't have everything in your life dad! First it was because I joined Circ du Soleil, then because I'm with Lucius and now it's because I'm staying here! What next?"Harry asked, his hands shaking in anger.

"You should be with your family! Not with someone who's old enough to be your father!"James retorted, crossing his arms over his chest as he stood.

"I love Lucius and he loves me! Do you know how hard it is for me? So many people know me because they know you! Oh look there's James Potter's son! I finally found someone to love me for me and then it pisses you off."Harry said, closing his eyes as James looked at him.

"No son of mine would ever get with a Malfoy."James growled, turning around and walking towards the door.

"Then I no longer want to be your son."Harry said, his voice soft but it stopped James none the less.

"I would rather be Remus and Sirius' son rather than yours. At least they can be proud of me."


Lily glared angrily at James while Victoria, Vixen and Kevin stood nearby. Harry watched as Sirius and Remus signed the adoption papers officially making Harry their son. Harry had contacted Lily shortly after James left the manor and told her what had happened. Lily cried when she found out what her husband had said, knowing that things would never be the same again. Harry had told her that he loved her, but didn't want a father who couldn't accept him. Thus both he and Lily came up with the idea of Harry being adopted by Sirius and Remus.

"There, you are now our son."Sirius said, smiling gently as Harry beamed at him.

"Thanks dad."Harry said, his eyes dancing when Sirius' eyes lit up along with Remus'.

Lucius smiled as he watched from a ways off, Draco and Severus standing beside him. Severus shook his head as he watched James turn and leave the office, glancing at Harry and smiling when he saw that the man was smiling.

"Let's go out to eat."Sirius said, smiling when Harry and Remus laughed.

Lucius watched the trio leave, before looking at Lily as the shorter woman walked over to him. He noticed her sadness and yet there was happiness deep in her eyes.

"James is a hot headed man, and he blocks out and refuses whatever he doesn't like. I'm just saddened that that happened to be our son."she said, looking up at Lucius.

"Please, keep him happy. I'm ashamed to say that I wasn't as supportive as I should have been. That was my mistake but I'm slowly getting better. However much of a prick James is…I love him."she added, closing her eyes.

"It takes a lot of devotion to stay with a man like James. Harry knows this and doesn't blame you Lily. He loves you and knows that you're here for him."Lucius said, smiling as he hugged the smaller woman.


Harry smiled as Remus thumped Sirius over the back of the head, laughing when Sirius tried to pull the puppy dog look but lost when Remus simply raised an eyebrow. He knew that the couple were planning on adopting soon, but was happy none the less that he had chosen Remus and Sirius as his adopted parents. Remus smiled when he saw Harry looking at him and Sirius, walking over to his new son and placing a hand on Harry's shoulder.

"Are you happy cub?"he asked, smiling when Harry rolled his eyes lightly at the use of his old nick-name.

"Of course I am! Why wouldn't I be?"Harry asked, smiling as Sirius beamed.

Sirius looked at Remus and noticed his husbands pained look, frowning when he looked behind Harry and frowned as well. James was standing near one of the shops, watching Harry with longing in his eyes. Sirius sighed and looked back at Remus, nodding his head to his lover as he directed Harry towards another shop away from James. Remus walked over to James and looked at his friend.

"Why Remmy? Why did he choose?"James asked, looking at Remus with questioning eyes.

"Because, he wanted to follow his own dreams James. He has a passion for what he does and now that it has been taken away from, all he has left are Lucius and the others. If you hadn't tried to pull him away from his dreams then you would have him."Remus said, turning to watch Sirius and Harry.

"I just wanted him to-"James started, wincing when Remus looked at him harshly.

"You just wanted him to become you so that your image wouldn't die. James, while yes Harry does look like you, he is so much different than you at the same time. He longs for a different life, one that had come true. You've never had your dream taken away from you like he did. Now, because of the accident, he'll never be able to perform again."Remus said, his voice cutting.

"….Take care of him Remus."James said, his voice soft as he turned around and left.


(Few months later)

Lucius watched as Tom worked with Harry, his eyes scanning his lover closely as Harry gritted his teeth and slowly moved across the bar's, his arms slightly shaking from supporting himself while Tom moved beside him. Kevin bit his lower lip as he watched his older brother, his eyes following Harry's progress.

"You're doing good Harry, better than I thought."Tom said, allowing a small and rare smile to show through.

"It doesn't feel like it."Harry said, sighing as he lowered himself into his wheelchair.

"I know, but you are able to walk farther than last time. Just keep up with stretching your leg and your muscles will continue to come back."Tom said, looking at Lucius and nodding.

Lucius smiled lightly as he fully walked into the room, Kevin following beside him. Harry brightened up at the sight of his brother, quickly pulling Kevin into a hug once Kevin was close enough. Tom pulled Lucius to the side and talked to him in hushed tones, nodding his head when the blond agreed with him.

"Harry, me and Tom have something to show you."Lucius said, walking over to his lover.

"What is it?"Harry asked, looking up at Lucius as Kevin moved to his brother's side.

"Nearly everyone has been working on it as a way to make things slightly better for you."Lucius said, smiling as he stepped behind Harry and pushed him out of the room.


Harry sighed and muttered under his breath as he crossed his arms. Lucius hadn't told him anything even as he was led outside and blindfolded. He knew that they were in the van which Lucius and Tom now drove whenever they wanted to take Harry out for the time being, until he got full use of his leg again. He blinked beneath the blindfold when the van stopped, straightening in his wheelchair.

"Now it's still being worked on, but we're hoping that things will run smoothly like they have been."Kevin said, smiling as he watched his brother being lowered onto the pavement.

Harry opened his mouth to say something before Lucius pushed him forward. The sounds of the busy street soon quieted until they were muffled while the wheelchair moved over what seemed to be a doorway. The blindfold was slowly removed, revealing a large room.

"Welcome to your own studio Harry. When it's ready you can take on students who wish to learn how to be performers like you were."Bill said, smiling when the shocked man turned to look at him.

Sure enough, every one of Circ du Soleil's performers was gathered in the large room, smiling at him. Fleur walked over to him and bent down, kissing his cheeks and smiling brightly.

[Of course I can help you get started along with Tom.]she said, her voice rich as she looked at the man she considered a brother.

"When were you all able to do this?"Harry asked, looking around the large studio.

There were five cloths that hung from the high ceiling, and each cloth had mats underneath in case anyone were to fall when using them. Mirrors took up one of the walls while pictures of Harry, Fleur, and Dean were hung up on the other walls, each showing a different pose or performance. There was a door that led to Harry's office, the bathrooms, three private rooms for single practice and a room which had desks and a projector.

"Lucius came up with the idea and we had a few fundraisers at our performances. You have many supporters Harry, even though they don't know you personally."Kingsley said, smiling when Harry closed his eyes to fight back tears.

"Albus also helped by ordering many of the items."Dean pitched in, walking over to his friend and squeezing Harry's shoulder.

"I-I can't tell you what this means to me. Thank you, everyone. You've done so much for me."Harry said, opening his eyes and looking at all his friends.

"Just promise us that you'll spread your talent to others who are worthy and have the talent."Nina said, smiling when Harry nodded tearfully.


(Two months later)

Harry sighed as he leaned on his cane, smiling as he watched Fleur and Dean move around in the studio. Dean had changed positions in Circ du Soleil so that he was now Fleur's partner. Fleur had told Harry that while Dean was good, and was dedicated to his work, she would never be able to find someone like Harry. It had warmed Harry's heart to hear that from the woman and he had smiled at her with all his heart.

"We'll be leaving soon. We're going to hold a few performance's in India and then in Australia."Dean said, looking at Harry from where he was hanging upside down from one of the cloths.

"Alright, I'll miss having you two around. I should be opening the studio soon; Lucius just has to make sure everything is clear."Harry said, smiling as Fleur slid down to the floor.

"You 'vill be a great teacher 'Arry."she said, walking over to Harry and hugging him tightly.

"Thanks Fleur, and don't kill Dean if he messes up. You're allowed to hit him a few times but no killing."Harry said, laughing when Dean sputtered.


Lucius paced as he waited for Harry to get home from visiting Remus and Sirius, worry and slight fear flickering in his silver eyes. The small ring box in his back pocket felt like a large and heavy weight, and seemed to get bigger by the second. He blinked and looked up when he heard the front door open and close, the sounds of Harry removing his boots sounded louder than normal.

"Lucius, where are you?"Harry called, looking around the main room in confusion.

"In the bedroom love."Lucius answered, swiping a lock of hair that escaped from his pony tail.

He watched as Harry made his way into the bedroom, smiling at the other mans stunned face. There were many vanilla scented candles around the room, giving off the only light in the whole room. The sheets were a royal blue and had white and purple petals strewn over it. Harry blinked and looked towards Lucius, his eyes widening as his lover walked over and gently led him over to the bed. Lucius smiled as he sat Harry down, taking away the black haired mans cane and setting it down before kneeling in front of Harry.

"Harry, I love you with all my heart. Even though you were raised to hate my family, I was stunned when you became friends with Draco and then wound yourself in my heart without me knowing it. I would be honored if you would marry me Harry. I can't see my life without you in it anymore."Lucius said, gulping lightly as he pulled out the ring box and opened it.

Harry looked at Lucius with shocked eyes, his eyes trailing to the silver and white gold band that rested against black velvet in the box. He had never thought that Lucius would ask him to marry him, but he knew the answer clearly. He smiled and launched himself at Lucius, tackling the blond to the floor and kissing him soundly.

Lucius blinked and groaned lightly as he crashed into the floor, but wrapped his arms around Harry none the less. He sighed contently as Harry kissed him happily, smiling into the kiss as he held his lover tightly. Harry pulled back breathless, his eyes shining with unshed tears as he looked down at Lucius.

"Of course I'll marry you Lucius!"he said, his voice breathless as he leaned down and kissed Lucius again.



Lucius and Harry were wed three months after Lucius proposed to him. The wedding included their families and closest friends. For their honeymoon, Lucius took Harry on a cruise around the world, showing his husband new cultures that Harry had only caught a glimpse of when he worked for Circ du Soleil. When they returned home Harry was able to open his studio and was soon teaching children and teens about the performers of Circ du Soleil.

A few years later Harry had two students, a boy, Chris and a girl, Jessie. Chris was 9 and Jessie 6, and while they were brother and sister they were forced to live in different houses after their parents had died in a car crash. They were hard working for their age, and often hung around Harry's studio even when their classes were over. Harry had finally convinced Lucius to consider adopting the siblings after telling his husband what was going on. Lucius finally talked with Chris and Jessie's' aunt and uncle and got permission to adopt them.

Remus and Sirius adopted a boy named Jason, while Charlie finally settled down with a man named Lucata. Bill met a girl during one of the performances and it was love at first sight, which made Molly a very happy mother. Tom worked with Harry throughout the years, but still traveled until the day came when he wasn't able to. He never did settle down with someone, and when he passed away he left everything to Harry, his student and confidant. James finally talked to Harry about his choices and slowly started gaining his son's trust back, but things were never really the same between them.

Kevin, Victoria and Vixen moved on and did what they wanted to do, reaching out and going after their own dreams instead of what their parents wanted. While James took it hard, Lily stayed by his side even though she had to threaten him a few times. Draco finally married Isabell and Severus married Alex…after the man cornered him. Jessie and Chris followed Harry's footsteps and joined Circ du Soleil when they were old enough, becoming aerial performers and also partners in the show. To say the least, life was settling down nicely, and while things were never normal, they were still good….after all, who wants a normal life?


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