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Millionaire Playboys Arrested After Midnight Brawl

By Jason Jenks/Chicago

January 28, 2009

Late Wednesday night, patrons of the hot spot Sound-bar in downtown Chicago found themselves in the middle of what seemed like an old-fashioned western brawl which left one man on his way to the hospital, three with minor injuries and two others arrested. Right in the middle were none other than Chicago's own version of Paris and Nicole, James and Edward Cullen. According to multiple sources who were in attendance, the Cullens arrived to Sound-bar a little around 11:30 and appeared to have already started the partying earlier that evening.

"They were already loaded when they walked in. You could tell, especially the cuter one, what's his name? Edward. He was pretty much leaning on the other one the whole time," Carmen Eleazar of Oak Park tells us. Carmen was having drinks with friends to celebrate her 21st birthday when the incident began.

"We were just sitting around getting ready to open the gifts when they arrived. They walked in like they were on a mission and stormed straight up to that guy at the bar. I don't think he knew what was coming until he saw the fist," Katie, Carmen's sister, adds.

The man at the bar was Austin Marks, the fist in question belonged to Edward Cullen. Marks was at Sound-bar with girlfriend, Lauren Mallory and three friends just looking to unwind after a long day at work when the Cullens arrived and headed straight for him. Marks was taken by surprise when Edward suddenly turned him around and punched him in the face. Marks friends tried to pull Edward off which aggravated James and the fight escalated from there. Tables and glasses were broken as the fight moved around the room causing many to flee so they wouldn't be hit with flying the debris. As to why this fight began, no one seems to know. However, it didn't end well for Austin Marks who was taken to Chicago Memorial with multiple injuries.

"There was no reason for them to target my boyfriend. He did nothing to them, he doesn't even know them," a visibly upset Lauren Mallory told the Tribune after Marks was carried away.

For many this is just one of countless stunts that the Cullen cousins have rained on the Chicago area over the past 5 years when Edward Cullen arrived in Chicago and became a permanent fixture on the night scene with his cousin James, who was already notorious for his bad boy behavior. The grandsons of billionaire Anthony Cullen are also no strangers to the Chicago P.D. having had many run-ins with them in the past. With that aside, these boys do have promising futures. Edward Cullen graduated from the Feinberg School of Medicine at Northwestern while cousin James earned a degree from the Chicago University Law School. Edward and James Cullen were arrested on charges of Assault and Drunk & Disorderly and were released on bail to the custody of James' parents, Irina and Marcus Cullen.

Anthony Cullen also has two other grandchildren, Emmett and Alice Cullen who both reside in Northern Washington.

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Carlisle's POV

"Esme, I want him brought home, now!"


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