A/N: My attempt at a coherent Hilson fic. Sorry if its crap, it's my first time writing this pairing. This is for Raven Mirta, by the way.


House heard voices down the hallway. One of them was definitely female; the other was Wilson's.

Good for him, House thought, until the picture of Wilson with any woman entered House's drugged-out brain. He leapt out of his chair and ran to the glass door to see who the woman was. She was a recent patient; a diabetic who had took too much insulin two days before and had put herself in a coma. She had awoken four hours later, only to find herself being pumped with ungodly amounts of sucrose (sugar water). Wilson had been there as the hysterics of a coma had ensued a couple of minutes later.

The thirty-two-year-old lady was now in the faded blue jeans and red and white striped boys' tee she had been wearing when the ambulance had dropped her into an IC bed two days before. Wilson was beside her, a worried expression on his face.

Well, isn't that cute, House thought. It wasn't.

She was showing Wilson the tattooed words on her wrist: Pippin Amaranth; Diabetic had been engraved in her skin as a rebellion from the home she grew up in, as well as the fact that she was sick of ID bracelets and wallet cards. Better to just rebel against your parents and potentially help save your own life at the same time.

"Hello, House," Wilson said, studying the M.D's squashed face against the glass of his own office.

"Hello, Dr. House," Pippin said brightly.

"I'm sorry… did you miss us so much that your O.D'd on insulin for the third time this month just to see us?" House retorted sharply.

Wilson's eyebrows furrowed slightly, "Now, House… she's getting the pump next week, thanks to this…"

"And I didn't O.D on insulin just to see you, Dr. House. I also O.D'd mostly to see Dr. Wilson here," Pippin replied.

House's stomach lurched. Or was that his heart? He couldn't actually tell anymore. Anything involving Wilson was a heart-and/or-stomach matter.

"How nice of you," House replied bitterly.

"I'm taking her home because she left her car at work," Wilson told him.

Another stomach/heart lurch.

"And then tomorrow I'm taking her to work. Can you get a ride with Chase or something?" Wilson asked.

"Are you taking her to dinner and movie, as well?" House asked.

"That's also an idea…" Wilson said, seriously thinking about it.

"In that case, I'll just find a nice empty room and sleep in there… have a lovely time with Ms. Diabetic," House replied, and slunk back into his office.

Wilson put his arm around the young girl and left the vicinity.

House sat in his chair. Wilson didn't care about him right now. All he cared about was Pippin and work. And sometimes those two just happened to collide at the most inopportune times. If Wilson was here, he would have told him to do something about his feelings, but Wilson was entertaining Pippin, and these weren't just any old feelings. They were feelings for Wilson.

And he had been so close to telling him, if Pippin hadn't shown up for the third time that month.


"Hey," Wilson said, poking his head in House's office.

"Is Pippin coming back any time soon," House asked, lifting his head from the desk.

"We had a lovely time, thank you. I think she's the one, too," Wilson said, ignoring him just slightly. He came in the office and sat in front of House.

"The One? As in, you're thinking of marrying her?" House asked.

"Maybe. Why do you seem so hostile about it? Are you jealous of me, or something?" Wilson asked.

Or something, House thought.