A/N: Sorry about the delay on this one, but I just figured out that this part was missing. So, without further ado: the second part of a incoherent Hilson fic.


"I'm going to her house tonight, to check on her," Wilson said when House didn't answer. He got up and left the office.


Wilson had met Pippin when she had come in for a check-up after her move up from Florida. She was fine, until she was dangerously low and fell in the lobby. Wilson just happened to be there at the time, and had picked her up and gotten her in the ICU. House had been there with him, and that's when House realized that he might have been feeling more than friendship for the younger man. It was then that Wilson realized he might have feelings for the young diabetic.

She was all Wilson talked about after that. She was in three times a month because she hated poking herself every time she wanted to eat, so she took too much each time, thinking she would eat more than she actually did. House learned everything he didn't want to know: She was a graduate of University of South Florida, grew up in Miami, and had gotten a degree in English. She was dirt poor right now, but her parents were rich, and sent her money every time she asked. House hated her more and more each day.

But mostly, he knew, he was jealous of her. She had Wilson, and he didn't.

House lounged back in his chair, his cheeks flushed as he thought. His phone rang.

"Dr. House, yes, I am awesome…" he said.

"Dr. House? Have you seen Wilson?" Pippin whined into the phone.

"No… why are you calling me?" House asked.

"He stormed out of my apartment last night, and I was afraid to call. He said something like he couldn't see me romantically because he loved someone else more…" Pippin replied, trailing off.

"Was this before or after you had sex?" House asked.

"He never touched me!" Pippin almost whined. House could feel her writhing on the other end.

"Okay, okay," House said, right as Wilson walked in. House pointed to the phone and mouthed something incoherent, but Wilson sat down in a chair and began tapping his fingers on the armrest.

"I gotta go… important patient…" House said to Pippin and slammed the phone down before Pippin could reply.

There was an irritatingly long silence as House and Wilson stared each other down.

Tell him. House thought.

More silence.

"I love you," Wilson said right as House blurted it out.

More silence, this time, blush crept onto their faces. Wilson then jumped up and kissed House on the lips over the desk. House was tempted to roll his eyes, but he stopped himself, and allowed Wilson's weight to push him into his seat. It was soothing, to say the least.

Once Wilson pulled away, not completely, as they were still on top of each other in the chair, House smiled, "So you left Pippin for me?"

"I realized that someone so creative couldn't be the One for me. I need someone who's brilliant, and who so obviously needs me," Wilson replied.

"Oh, not fair, Wilson," House replied, his grin so apparent now, it was frightening.

Wilson smiled, and leaned in for another kiss.