Another's Note

Sorry that I haven't updated in a while. I will be posting hopefully in a week a two on all three stories. I will be up loading maybe two or three chapters for each. I had internet troubles. I have been writing a new story but I won't post it until I finish one of my other stories first. I want you all to know that My Little Girl and MY Savior My Light. My Little Girl has ten chapters to it and that's the way I planned it but since you liked it I will make a sequel.

My Savior My light will have at least three more chapters. That is my first fanfic and I love it. I had always planned a sequel but I am ending it a little earlier. I already have ideas for it. If you have any ideas or title suggestions I'm welcoming them. I have a idea but not to positive on it.

A Second Future oh I am updating that hopefully it will be every other day. It will be a mini sequel about them meeting. But that's a little into the future. Maybe a couple of months but it will be written and ready to post for later.

My Little Girl has been planned for ten chapters but I have a ending that will make up wanna read the sequel. I was not going to end it this way but what a way to start a sequel.

I am writing another story that will not be a Twilight story. It won't be posted until my two other stories are or almost completely finished. Right now I am writing it down on paper.

I wanna thanks those who read and review my stories. I wanna thank those who believe in me and encorage me to write. I wouldn't have posted my first fanfic if it wasn't for my best friend. So thank you. Even those who don't review and just read. Thanks and I hope I can keep you interested. I know you hate author notes so do I. I will only post them if I find them necessary. I just wanted everyone to see where I am at. I wanna say thanks to all and say I really appericate everybody else. I'm pretty sure I have read your stories to and I wanna say keep writing. I find it's the way to express yourself and to give way into your dreams. So please look out for future outdates.

Thank You!!!!!