Because of the most recent events in VK I felt the need to write a very short and very angsty fanfic for Zero and Yuuki. Beware, this is not beta read. Hope you like it!

Author: Ongaku
Genre: Angst
Pairing: Zero/Yuuki
Summary: Do you cry because you know this is your end or do you cry because you pity me?
Disclaimer: Yeah, don't own the characters.

Paralyzed - One Shot

It's a cold, cold night and I'm standing all alone underneath the bright moonlight. My long hair flows with the wind but never gets in my face.

I'm paralyzed, paralyzed by the cold eyes that stare deep into my soul.

He hasn't changed and I wonder to myself if he thinks the same of me.

His eyes burn with so much hatred and pain that it makes my heart throb and twist. I want to reach out to him but I know he will pull away.

So I continue to stand here in no hurry to make the next move.

I never thought I would run into Zero like this. I have been in hiding for the past eight years, living my life like a prisoner in the company of my brother, my lover.

I made up my mind. I was going to spend the rest of my life with Kaname. I knew it would hurt to have to give up on everything else but I did not want to regret my decision.

Which is why I'm standing here, paralyzed, because the shock of seeing Zero like this has thrown my mind into complete chaos.

Has he come to kill me? Will this be the end of my pure blood life?

"Do you cry because you know this is your end or do you cry because you pity me?"

The sound of his voice shocks me and sure enough tears were falling freely from my eyes with no indication that they would end soon.

And I don't understand.

I wasn't afraid of Zero and I definitely did not pity him. So why was I crying?

"I don't know why..."

My voice is barely above a whisper but I know he heard me.

The swish of the wind and the snap of the gun break through the silence and before I know it Zero is standing right in front of me, gun pointed to my heart.

"So, you have come to kill me." My voice is a lot steadier than I expected it to be.

"I never lie."

I think back to when he told me that next time he saw me he was going to kill me. I guess I never thought he was truly serious but all those doubts have gone out the window.

"Then why do you hesitate?"

My question seems to catch him off guard and it is then that I notice his gun isn't steady in his hands.

Instead of answering me he comes at me with another question.

"Why aren't you running?"

It feels like d j vu all over again.

"DAMNIT YUUKI!!! Why can't I let you go?"

His words make my legs weak and I fall to the ground, wide-eyed and short of breath. Everything was starting to make sense. The reason I was crying and the reason I couldn't move.

"Perhaps... it's because I never truly let you go..."

My body is now shaking with uncontrollable sobs.

I was such a fool. I thought that I would get over Zero in time, especially with Kaname by my side but it seems that all I was doing was lying to myself.

I felt so stupid and so mean. I even thought I deserved to die.

The pain and sorrow is too much to bear so I begin to wail. It's loud and unbecoming of a pureblood like me but I don't care anymore.

Zero stands in complete shock, lowering his gun down to his side.

The sound of a twig breaking stops me from wailing and I look around in fright wondering what was going on.


How did I not notice we were surrounded? I laugh at the irony of it all. Perhaps I didn't have to die by the hands of Zero. It brought a strange kind of peace to my soul.

It feels like I'm watching a slow motion movie, one scene at a time, though I know it's all happening in an instant.

The cold of the night no longer touches me as Zero wraps his arms around me in protection. I grab at the front of his shirt, shaking.

We are impaled from all over. I want to scream but Zero's body keeps me from being able to open my mouth. The weapons used were anit-vampire weapons and they hurt much more than I ever thought they could.

If these were vampire hunters, then it seems zero had made many enemies. Not just of the vampire, but of the humans as well. I wonder if he has been spending the past eight years all alone.

We fall to the ground, lying sideways so it looks like two lovers embracing. Only, we wouldn't have been able to pull apart even if we wanted to because what held us together were the weapons that impaled us.

Zero is looking into my eyes again only there is no hatred this time, only a deep sadness.

I don't know what came over me but I felt like I had to say it.

"I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry. I'm so, so sorry."

I cough and realize the taste of blood is in my mouth.

I want to reach him. I want to hold him forever. I want to get up closer to him.

Pulling with all of my strength, the weapons digging deeper, I'm finally face to face with him. With the last push, I press my lips to his.

His hand gently massages my hair and I know that he has forgiven me, or perhaps, never even blamed me.

He pulls away from the kiss and shows a small smile. "Yuuki, I have always loved you."

If I wasn't already in tears I knew I would have been by then. I reach my hand up to cup his face and try to smile back at him but the feeling I had when I touched his face let me know what was going to happen.

"Zero... I love you too."

He seems satisfied with this as he closes his eyes and nods slightly.

He is cold as ice and the energy in him is fading away fast.

"Zero, please... don't leave me again."

But it is too late, he is now as still and cold as this awful night and I'm left with despair and rage.

I pull the weapons from my body and his and slowly get back up to my feet.


The vampire hunters look at me with fear.


They don't answer me and my anger gets worse.


With that they start to make a run for it, but I wasn't going to let it end there. They would not get away with killing my one and only love.

My powers are sharp and strong as they rip of the heads of each human being. I'm covered in blood now, my blood, Zero's blood, the blood of my sin.

A gush of wind blows over and my hair goes wild. The blood is so much that even my tears look like tears of blood. If anyone saw me now they would know instantly that I had lost it.

Perhaps my anger and hatred was the same or worse than Shizuka's.


I turn my attention to my name being called and see Kaname standing there with a strange look on his face.

"What happened?"

In my breakdown I had no more room for wailing or tears so I begin to laugh. I'm laughing so hard that the holes in my body begin to flare up in pain so I fall to the ground one more time, next to Zero.

I was numb.

Nothing was going to bring me back to the way I used to be.

I lower my body down to Zero's and lay down on him, my arms outstretched to try and hold him.

"He's gone."

Kaname doesn't make any moves. He is the one who is paralyzed now.

"Funny. I was the one who was paralyzed before and now it is you."

My voice is cold and uncaring.

"You took me away from it all. You loved me so much, but you took it all away from me thinking you knew what was best for me. I curse our parents for doing this to us."

I'm no longer feeling cold. Instead I'm really tired so I rest my head and close my eyes.

"I'm sorry."

Those would be my last words and Kaname would always wonder if they were directed at him or not. I don't think I could even tell him if they were if he had asked.

The pain is gone and I have nothing left but darkness. I felt no fear or hatred anymore for I knew I was not alone in this death.

I take my last breath...

The End.