Nariko's body floated away in silence as Kai and Master Shen turned away from her void body. Kai gripped Master Shen's arm as he held his arm across her shoulders in a comforting manner, his loss of Nariko had to have been thrice as bad to Kai – her sister. Kai, overcome with emotion sat among the other warriors as Nariko drifted further and further away. Memories flowed through her mind of her sister and she blinked the tears away. Master Shen watched her with a soft expression and spoke slowly.

"Kai…You know that Nariko may no longer be here with us physically, but you and I have not lost her." He said and Kai looked up toward him and nodded softly. Master Shen patted her head and strode back to their current head quarters.

In time, Kai was the last still placed at the shore. Silence surrounded her and she stood, cold but immersed in thoughts of Nariko.

It was almost five years ago that Kai fell into a river a great distance from the village, Nariko rescued her from the frigid waters and carried Kai home without stopping for two days. By the end of the two days, Nariko's face seemed that of a zombie's, her voice timid from the long lack of speaking aloud. Nariko suffered an extreme case of pneumonia and Kai stayed by her side all the way through it, even at the point of exposing herself to the illness.

Kai's thoughts were interrupted by a distant clutter in the nearby forest and a largely built horse was galloping toward her. The horse's mane and tail both long, it's coat a fire-like red color. Kai's eyes widenened, the horse was the exact same color as Nariko's hair. Shaking slightly as the mare halted before her, Kai watched her nervously. The mare dropped her head slightly down to meet Kai's gaze, her irises a flaming red-brown and sincere.

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