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No one moved none of them were fast enough to get past the vampire's defenses. A silver syringe flew through the air, but the vampire merely caught it before it hit him and smashed it.

The vampire lurched forward and everyone startled their weapons at the ready. Instead of attacking he reached behind him and yanked Juan off of his back and threw him into Dave. Bones and Vlad flew at the vampire, neither of them armed with a silver syringe, but both very deadly.

Together the evenly matched the supped up vampire, each one trying to get a grip that would bring him down. Bones and Vlad each had an arm and were trying to keep him down. Cat jumped into the fray, stake in one hand syringe in the other. She used the stake first. She plunged it into the struggling vampire's chest, very near to his heart. He instantly stills, his fists still clenched and his eyes rolling around in his head as he looked around trying to figure a way out of his predicament.

Cooper stepped around the mess of undead and quickly made his way down the hall to where the capsules were kept. Many were torn apart, but there were a few that were still intact. He wheeled it down to the pathology lab so they could get the vampire under lock and key.

It took all of them to keep the vampire inside of the capsule as they tried to shut the door. They had removed the stake before shutting the door not wanting to accidentally give the vampire a way to kill himself while captive.

The latch on the capsule just clicked close and everyone sighed in relief. But their relief was felt too soon, as they still had another vampire that was on the loose, and he had been brought to them following the sounds of their struggle.

"Shit." Leslie exclaimed, as Vlad was tossed aside by the newcomer.

Bones was struggle with the vampire to try and keep him away from the capsule. A syringe went flying missing Bones and landing in the other vampire. Bones couldn't get a hand free to depress the plunger and the syringe didn't stick. It hit the floor rolling, the vampire made sure it made its way under his boot, shattering it.

Recovered Vlad forces himself into the fray, followed by Cat and Dave both of him still had their syringes left.

Vlad fought alongside Bones, both of them backing the vampire into a wall. Dave with syringe in hand reached between them to press it into the struggle vampire. Dave quickly depressed it, the vampire's eyes went wide, he shuddered and then collapsed in death.

They didn't have time to rejoice in their victory, as with the last supped up vampire the capsule did not hold them for long. There was groan as metal was stressed and then the capsule seemingly exploded. Metal flung out; a piece striking Juan taking a good chunk of skin with it, mixed with the glass from the window everybody had small cuts that were bleeding. The vampires healed as fast as they could, while the humans whipped blood from their faces.

The vampire's eyes glowed green at the site of the blood and lurched itself at the humans, the closest to him being Cooper. Dave and Juan intercepted him before he could land a blow on Cooper but they were not fast enough to stop him from turning around and setting his sights on Cat.

Cat's eye's glowed in an answering green as the vampire charged her. She had a stake in her hand and was ready to attack the vampire in turn. She never got her chance, as Cat ready to lunge herself at the vampire, he jumped over her head and landed in front of an unarmed Doctor Drake. Leslie stood there with nothing, as the vampire flew at her.

Cat tried to interfere but she was nowhere nears as fast as the vampire. Cooper handed off the last syringe to Bones and who flew at the attacking vampire. Neither was fast enough.

The vampire knocked over Leslie and bit deeply into her neck. Bones tried to yank the vampire off of her neck, but he held strong. Bones raised the syringe and pushed it into the vampire.

He screeched and tried to get it out of his back, Bones pressed the silver nitrate into the vampire.

Vlad went over to Leslie a vein already cut; he tilted her head and poured the blood into her mouth.

Leslie clamped on to Vlad's arm and sucked in the blood, the gash in her neck healing quicker with every swallow. Bones did the same with Cat, making sure that all of her injuries were healed before pulling away. Juan offered an arm in Cooper's direction, but he shook his head in refusal, pushing his sleeve into one of the cuts on his face.

Leslie slowly got up the taste of blood still in her mouth. She gathered her papers, and slowly began setting her lab to rights.

The rest of them head towards Don's office to see if he escaped without injury. Don was holed up in his office with the other team standing guard.

Cat let them know that they were taken care of and that none of the vampires survived. They took in the death toll, a lot of people that they most of them had worked with and befriended had worked down there. Most of them had some sort of self defense training but nothing that would stand up against a vampire.

Cat and Bones waited out the rest of the week that Cat had left, Don had Cat interviewing potential candidates that would replace her. By the end of the week no suitable candidate had been found.

"Don I can't." Cat told him once again, when he pressed about her staying.

"Just until we have a replacement."

"Sorry, old chap, but I have plans for her." Bones cut in. Don's ears grew red, and it was only from Bones' training from years ago that kept Cat's face from turning red.

Don watched the two of them leave, knowing that he would never get a decoy as good as Cat. Don interviewed more girls over the next few days, each of them confident that they would be able to do the job, but when put to the test of defending themselves against Juan, none held up.

Don walked through the new underground labs; all of them were back in working conditions. He talked to a few scientists making notes of what still needed to be done. He walked into the pathology lab to witness a plume of smoke erupt from a beaker.

"Why didn't the smoke alarms go off?" Don asked as he watched Leslie fanning the smoke away from her.

"I disabled them; we've had enough troubles here lately without having to evacuate constantly while I'm trying to mix up more liquid silver nitrate." Leslie told him as she poured out the silver liquid into several syringes.

"You seem to know what you were doing, when the vampires came after you." Don commented.

"Oh, hell no." Leslie said empathetically.

"What's that?"

"I know what you've doing all week, I am happy here, I am safe here, and I am not replacing Cat."

"It was worth a try." Don grumbled under his breath as he left, heading back to his office. He had more files to go over, candidates to interview and the unwilling had to be green eyed.


A/N: There will be One more Chapter, that chapter definitely changes things up a bit, and will start similar to this one and then change. It is the original ending I had planned for the story, but as I was writing it didn't seem appropriate anymore.