Dark skies of smoky grey and musty cream colored clouds drizzled and rumbled with thunder. Fresh cut flowers were laid atop the newly packed grave soil. A slight sweet scent cloaked in the stench of rainwater dispersed through the air. Strands of silky navy locks hung from a high set pony tail, framing sharp and serious features.

"Oi Moyashi," Kanda muttered as he crouched in front of the chiseled marble tablet. "You don't know what you've done to me." Kanda's tone was soft holding much less contempt than normal. He remembered everything vividly, from the argument with Komui and Lavi, to the panic surrounding the disappearance of the ark – the gateway simply vanished. Though there was such a hustle about the Order, and even as everyone was drawn away to figure out what had happened, the only thing Kanda had thought about was Allen. Later that day Lulubell had showed up on the doorstep of the Order, Allen's limp body held in her arms.

"Allen!" Lenalee cried as she ran to the Lust of Noah in a frenzied panic for Allen's well being, "what did you do to him?"

"I'm sure it had been his wish to return home," Lulubell said resting the boy on the ground before stepping back from the sobbing girl.

"Lenalee, what are you-" Lavi's eye widened before he ran to the girl's side. Kanda instinctively drew Mugen pointing it at the Lust of Noah.

"He killed the Earl," Lulubell said gesturing to Allen, not perturbed by the sword pointed at her in the least.

"Allen did what?" Lavi asked incredulously. Cobalt eyes drifted to the body in Lenalee's arms and chocked at the sight, reason flying out the window as he sheathed Mugen and ran to the boy. Allen was deathly pale. Blood staining his skin, making him look worn and battered.

"Kanda, he's dead," Lenalee wailed as she hugged Allen's cold body, "Allen's dead."

"You're lying," Kanda growled, but he had already noticed the stillness of the body – Allen wasn't breathing.

"You seriously fucked me over," Kanda said as he leaned his head on the grave marker. "To have the damn audacity to kiss me, tell me you love me and then die before I could say anything…" Kanda heaved a sigh as the rain licked his skin.

Nothing was the same after Allen had died and it would never be the same, especially for Kanda. The stoic Japanese male couldn't help but think it was his fault, it had been his mission to bring Allen back and he'd failed that miserably. 'I should have been more attentive. That look on his face…' Kanda thought remembering the silver pools filled with yearning and regret. It had been plaguing his mind since he'd lost sight of Allen through the door in the ark.

"You are just so damn troublesome," Kanda hissed as his hands clenched into fists at his side. "You're annoying, ridiculously naïve and your smile pisses me off."

"I love you Kanda," Allen whispered before pushing the samurai through the door.

"You're always doing something stupid and you never ask for help," Kanda said as cobalt eyes traced the engraved lettering of Allen's name. "You're stubborn as hell, and always make things harder than they have to be…suffering for strangers and crying like a baby! So fucking complicated!"

Everyone had cried for Allen Walker, except for Kanda – he had remained the stoic Japanese male during the funeral. He hadn't wanted to shed tears – Allen had made him loose his composure and fail a mission, not to mention making his heart race and he would not allow the boy to have been the one to make him cry.

Kanda had been called heatless for his apparent lack of emotions, but how could they know of his inner turmoil. Cobalt eyes had been hardened and the scowl had been set, only Lenalee and Lavi had known Kanda was also grieving.

It had been stormy, the day they had buried him. Lenalee had begged for it to wait until the day was sunny and bright, something about feeling better about saying goodbye when things looked brighter. But it couldn't wait, there was already unrest raging in the heart of the Order and they all need some sort of closure, a sense of finality.

"Even so, you're not entirely useless," Kanda laughed despite himself. He missed Allen more than he'd ever let on. Even though Allen had taken down the Earl there were still a couple of Noah and several akuma that still had to be taken care of. Without the Earl to command them, there was no structure to their movement. Even as missions were conducted to eradicate the small pockets of akuma remaining, the darkness in the world hadn't changed – people still died and others still cried and demons were born in their souls from grief.

"I don't know if I could have loved a brat like you," Kanda said as he sat back on his knees.

"We're destroyers not saviors, but I want to be a destroyer who saves."

"Full of foolish ideals…" Kanda sighed as he hung his head, navy hair sliding over his shoulders and cloaking his face in shadows.

"I'm painfully addicted to you."

"I guess I'm addicted to you too," Kanda's whispered as silent tears trailed down his cheeks, hidden amongst the free falling raindrops.


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