"You look like Santa Claus!" Parker squealed with delight as she hopped onto the bathroom sink, taking in the sight of Hardison's face covered in white foam. Hardison stopped his hand mid-way to his face, placing the razor back on the countertop. He grinned at his only slightly crazy girlfriend, which sounded nicer each time he said it, and waggled his eyebrows suggestively.

"And what do you want for Christmas, little girl?" Taking him quite seriously, Parker tilted her head to think. Her eyes lit up as she settled on what she wanted.

"Toe socks!" She paused to swipe her finger tips through Hardison's foam beard and redistribute some of the foam onto his eyebrows.

"Now you match," she grinned at him in explanation. He waggled his eyebrows again, causing Parker to clutch her sides as she laughed. Hardison couldn't help but laugh with her, he loved to see her so happy.

"Why toe socks?" he asked, curious. Parker lifted one incredibly bendy leg up to her waist to examine her toes. She patted them absently as she answered,

"They shouldn't always have to share the covers, so crammed in together all the time. This way, they all have an equal amount of sock."

Hardison just stared for a moment, he couldn't help it. She still surprised him, even when he thought he'd heard it all. The worst part was, what she said had made perfect sense to him, and he told her so, and his stomach fluttered when her eyes narrowed in that special way that usually led to them being late for work. Not that he minded, of course. Parker wiped the dissolving foam from his eyebrows before it could sting his eyes, laughing as his beard dripped to the sink. Pulling Hardison over to her, she wrapped her legs loosely around his waist as she patted his still stubbly face dry with a hand towel.

"What do you want for Christmas?" she inquired, the last bit coming out a little bit breathless as his fingers traced up her sides. Hardison decided to forget that it was months until Christmas, after all, time didn't matter so much, as long as he could spend it with her. Images of various tech toys flashed through his mind as he considered, along with more than a few costumes he was itching to have Parker model, but he came up blank. He wanted to tell her that he already had all he wanted, and he'd be happy as long as he woke up on Christmas morning with her, pajamas optional, but he couldn't. Not because he was afraid of sounding too sappy, but because he knew she really wanted to get him something; she might even pay for it.

"You know what?" he said as he rested his tracing fingers on her waist, "I want toe socks too. Hell, my toes are always fighting over who gets what. That little guy… he's a troublemaker. Don't let him fool ya." Parker rolled her eyes but smiled at his answer. Toe socks it was. Hardison reluctantly unwrapped her legs from his waist and moved back to stand in front of the mirror.

At her confused look, he explained, "I really do need to shave. I'll be all scratchy." Parker rubbed her fingers across his jaw before leaning in for a kiss.

Her eyes narrowed in that special way again, "I like scratchy you."

The razor hit the sink again as they raced to the bedroom, Parker running back briefly to grab the shaving foam.

"I wanna draw," she explained to the swiftly undressing Hardison. He groaned at his own response, but it couldn't be helped, "Well, call me your canvas, baby."

Having already pulled one of her magic disappearing clothing acts, Parker pushed him down to the bed, crawling up to straddle his waist, shaving foam in hand. Concentrating deeply, she drew her name in pretty white letters across his chest, tracing them as she finished.

"My canvas," she emphasized the first word, "Mine." And as she looked down at Hardison just like that, he knew that he was.