Resident Evil: Naruto style

Chapter 1:Prolouge


"Human Speech"

'Human Thought'

Computer speech

"Demon Speech"

'Demon Thought'


Sarutobi gazed at the retreating figure of what use to be his sergeant grandson; his eyes were full of regret and sorrow. He hated what he had just done, but like most things he did, it was for the good of the village. He barely flinched when the door to his office was slammed with such force that it cracked. Sighing, he looked down to his desk at a file labeled, L.E.A.F. and bit his lip. Opening it up he came across 7 pages, each was of a different member of LEAF, and all but one had a big red stamp that said, Deceased. Looking over each of the pages he noticed that each of the deceased had their own area of expertise: Ninjutsu, Genjutsu, Taijutsu, Kenjutsu, Demolition, and medical.

Sighing once again, he put those six aside and looked at the last one, Naruto Uzumaki, Age 14, Special jonin and Leader of the unit, unlike the other six his said 'demoted' in big red letters with 'to genin' in smaller letters.

Sarutobi disbanded the unit after the mysterious deaths of the other members and found out what LEAF really stood for, Lethal Efficiency Assault/Attack/Assassination Force (Which ever you like). At first he thought that it was a little training group that had named itself after their village, but soon things started to seem strange. Missing persons that would turn up weeks later mutilated, stolen lab equipment, missing chemicals. Sarutobi got his best ninjas to look into the recent occurrences and soon LEAF started to ask for missions, working their way up from D-rank to B-rank that required long periods of time to be spent outside of the village, in a matter of months.

It was only after the six LEAF unit members died that things started coming into focus for him and while he had no solid proof about anything, LEAF was till under his command, so to stop anymore people from being harmed, he disbanded it and then temporally discharged Naruto from active ninja duty.

Closing the file, Sarutobi could help but give a small shutter for reasons unknown.


Naruto Uzumaki growled as he went down the many steps of the Hokage's tower, the feeling of impending doom that he was emitting kept anyone from bothering him at all. He was dressed in what used to be the LEAF unit uniform that consisted of black cargo pants tucked in a pair of dull black combat boots that stopped at mid calf, and a pair of knee pads. He wore a white tank top with a short sleeve fishnet shirt that was tucked in his pants under a black unbuttoned long sleeved battle coat with his sleeves rolled up to his elbows, under his shirt was a metal tube and n the right shoulder of his coat was the LEAF unit patch, it was basically the Konoha leaf symbol but pointed down, with L.E.A.F. stitched under it.

His skintight leather gloves squelched and strained when he clinched his hands tightly.

'Old prick,' He thought heatedly, 'Demote me to genin, just because those 6 peons died… and after all I did for both him and this piece of shit village.'

Slamming his fist into the wall, he felt the wood buckle under the force of the blow and the bone in his hand crack.

"Shit," He cursed, cradling his broken hand, which only served to further his anger.

Taking a deep breath, he calmed down. He was suppose to be the leader of LEAF, even if it was now disbanded and he was the only one still living, LEAF was called an elite unit. It wouldn't due to lose his cool, after all their deaths were in fact partly his fault.

Over the 3 years that LEAF had been together, they had been working off and on with different chemicals in secret, trying to create substances that could help them in their ninja careers, and after they learned of Naruto's super healing, they started working on a way to recreate it for the rest of the unit.




Naruto stood over a line of small cage, along with the rest of his unit, they all wore their uniforms but unlike their leader, they wore plain ANBU-like masks. Inside the cages were small white lab mice and sitting on a small metal cart was pile of syringes and multiple small bottles each with a different color.

"How close are we to stabilizing and getting rid of the virus's negative effects," came Naruto's emotionless voice.

The medical specialist of the group, who was filling the needles, stopped and placed the needle down. "Out of the last five, only two showed any promise, but over time they started to mutate and became vary volatile, it was so bad that I had to eliminate the specimens. However, I took the two that worked and started changing parts of it, I'm about to test them now," the medic told them.

Naruto nodded and crossed his arms, watching with fascination as the med specialist stuck the needles into the mice's water bottles and injected the purplish experimental drug. As the mice started to drink the laced water he wondered which would react first. After a few minutes one of the mice started to squeak loudly, bringing everyone's attention to it. They all watched as the mouse started to twitch violently and slam itself into the metal bars.

"What the fuck" gasped on of the masked men, taking an involuntary step back.

Suddenly, the mouse stopped moving. Naruto noticed that its beady little eyes had changed from black to a red-orange color and the gash on its head was healing "Which drug is this," he questioned,

"Ah… compound RHC-014/VP-009,"

Naruto nodded, looking towards the other mice who had dropped dead while they were looking at the other mouse, "Clear the cages, replace the mice and start testing on multiple mice, if the results are the same we'll start human testing."

When they started human testing on a civilian, they were pleasantly surprised when the subject quickly healed, seemingly showing that they had indeed succeeded in replicating Naruto's healing factor, so with this success they killed the subject and started administering the drug to the unit. When the drug was injected they all showed signs of extreme pain, their skin bulged and looked like there was something slithering under it, then their eyes, mouth and ears bled before their eyes changed to the same reddish orange color as the mice had.

At first they were exited, they felt godly, like nothing could ever harm them. But sadly for them, it was short lived, just as they were getting used to their new strength they all buckled and fell to the floor in pain.

Naruto backed away slowly and made his way up a set of metal stairs to the elevated observation room. It was a medium sized room, with 4-inch thick steel walls, and a door that could only be sealed from the inside. One whole side of the room was a window that looked out into the testing area, he didn't have to worry about it breaking or anything because of how thick it was, along with some minor seals.

Sealing the door, Naruto walked over to the window just in time for a red strobe light to start flashing along with the sound of locks latching down. Looking out the window, Naruto's eyes widened at the sight he saw, these… human shaped leech-like monsters were crawling around trying to find a way out. Slowly and shakily he reached over to a computer terminal and flipped a small glass case up to reveal a red button with the words, Area Purge underneath it. Glancing out at the beasts he shook his head and murmured a quite 'sorry' to what used to be his comrades before pressing the button.

Going back to the window he watched as a bunch of small cylinders slid out of the ceiling and released a fine mist of highly combustible gas that turned the room hazy. After the mist was dispensed the small cylinders slid back into the ceiling and another one slid out.

Looking back to the terminal, he pressed the button again and the small cylinder gave off a small but strong spark that set the room beyond the thick glass ablaze.


Flashback end


Snapping out of his thoughts, Naruto nearly ran over a young dark haired boy with a long scarf and his friends, a orange haired girl and a brown haired, snot nosed child wearing glasses.

"Hey watch it, ya big lummox," yelled the scarf wearing child, pointing at Naruto who just kept walking.

"Hey I'm talking to you"

Naruto kept walking, ignoring the little brat. Besides he was too busy thinking of ways to get back at the old man. Leaning his head to the side, a rock sailed past and he turned around.

"Do you know who I am, my granddad it the Hokage and I'll get him to arrest you if you don't apologize to me right now,"

Naruto looked at the smirking boy, he had arrogance and ignorance dancing in his eyes, something that he didn't like. The fact that he was the old fool's grandson didn't bode well for the child either.

"Get away from the honorable grandson" interjected a voice from the rooftops.

Naruto instantly knew who this was, "Well if it isn't Ebisu," he said in a bored tone with his arms crossed.

A man in all blue jumped down from the roof and landed in-between Naruto and the group of kids. "Honorable grandson, do not associate with street rats like him-" that was as far as he got before Naruto slammed his fist into the back of the man's head, sending him off into a wooden fence.

"Just because I've been demoted back down to genin doesn't mean that my skills have gone down to genin, I was a special jonin for a reason," Naruto spoke, crossing his arms again.

Konohamaru and his friends watched, wide eyed, as their instructor didn't get back up. They had always thought that Ebisu was the strongest, mostly because that was what he told them, and that they couldn't beat him even if they teamed up on him. It was amazing that this guy who was way younger than their sensei had knocked him out with one blow.

Turning on his heel, Naruto started to walk away from the three, leaving them with their unconscious sensei, only to grow annoyed when he heard them running after him.

"Hey" he heard the dark haired, scarf-wearing boy yell to him.

Naruto stopped and turned around, "What" he asked with a dangerous edge to his voice.

The other two seemed to hear the danger in his voice and took a step back, while their friend and unofficial leader didn't and stood his ground,

"Your strong and beat sensei in one hit, how would you like the honor to teach me, the Hokage's grandson, and my friends," he spoke over the squeaking of Naruto's leather gloves.

"No," Naruto's voice was quite, it carried the feeling of icy death with it. The brat's two friends felt it and began to fear for their friend's safety.

"No?" Konohamaru questioned, sounding surprised. After all who would refuse the honor of teaching the Hokage's grandson. "What do you mean, 'No', do you know who I am, I demand that you teach me, don't make me-URK"

Naruto lunged forward and gripped Konohamaru's neck with one hand, only giving his enough room to breath so that he would keep conscious, "Make you do what, tell granddad. You arrogant little fuck, hiding behind his name and riding on his coattail, expecting everything to just be handed to you. It's fools like you that just piss me off,"

Somehow konohamaru got enough air to say, "What are you done do huh, hit me? I dare you, when granddad hears about this-" that was as far as he got.

Naruto pulled back a slugged the boy right in the stomach and threw him to the side into the fence, not to far from the downed special jonin.

"Pathetic little prick," he mumbled, before looking at the other two, "What about you two, anything to say?"

The little girl and boy quickly shook their heads and took a step back.

Turning around once again, Naruto started to walk only to stop one last time and look up into the sky


Sarutobi grimaced as he watched the whole thing through his crystal ball and nearly hyperventilated when he saw Naruto look right at him through the crystal sphere. If he did all of that knowing that he was watching that meant Naruto was truly pissed at him. After all, Naruto would normally just knock a person out quickly and painlessly by hitting nerves or pressure points, not knock the breath out of him and throw them into a wall… a child no less.

Lighting his pipe, he started to question his decision of demoting Naruto to genin. Naruto took pride in his skill and for him to be taken down to the lowest rank was a major blow to it, basically calling him pathetic, slapping him, and spitting in his face. Now he knew why he shuttered earlier, Naruto wanted payback for the personal humiliation of demotion. He would have to be vary careful from now on. At least one good thing came out of it; both Konohamaru and his sensei have had their egos popped.


A few days later

"Kill that bustard for attacking the Hokage's grandson."

Naruto tried as best he could to dodge the attacks, somehow word of his homes location had gotten out and the 5 ninjas who hated him decided to kill him for hitting that little brat.

'Probably on the old fuck's orders' he thought ducking under a sword.

He had already been hit quite a few times and the blades seemed to be coated in poison, seeing as the cuts he had were still bleeding and stinging. Normally he could have escaped something like this, but today he had dropped his guard and was attacked when he was disarmed in his lab.

Suddenly everything seemed to stop, all the warmth in the room seemed to fade away and was replaced by an icy cold. His chest, stomach, and leg felt like they were on fire. Looking down his body went cold; protruding from all three points was a blood-covered blade.

"Y-you f-fuckers" he gasped losing control of his balance as the blades were removed. Stumbling to the floor he felt his life slipping away. He vision was blurry and started going from clear to blurred.

"Come on, lets find a way out of here and let the poison take care of the rest" he heard.

"Yea, I don't want to be here if the ANBU show up,"

He heard footsteps moving farter away and he struggled to stand.

"What the fuck" he heard as he stood and slowly stumbled his way over to the labs main computer terminal.

Ignoring the pair he started typing on the computer causing the screen to turn into a timer.

Emergency self-destruct activated, stated a computerized female voice, all entrances sealed, please proceed to the emergency exit imminently. T minus 7 minutes until Self-Destruction

Naruto grinned evilly as he heard the frantic voices cry out and get farther away, typing a few more commands a message that said all emergency exits had been seal as well, appeared.

Chuckling he fell to the ground he gripped his necklace and broke it off from his neck. Twisting the top off, he removed it to reveal an inch long needle filled with the compound RHC-014/VP-009. Sticking himself in the side of the neck he injected himself with the purple liquid and started to lose consciences. If he had to die he sure as hell wasn't going to let the village get off that easily.


Sarutobi did a little victory dance on top of his desk, the reason why? Well he had just finished his paper work. Doing the pelvic thrust, he never noticed his secretary walk in carrying a stack of papers followed by a Chunin carrying a larger stack.

"Hokage-sama?" she questioned making him stop and look over to them, only to slip and fall to the floor at the sight of the stacks of paper,

"Whywhywhywhy" he yelled, slamming his fists into the floor childishly.


The tower shook at the force of the explosion, sending the papers into the floor. Scrambling off the floor, he ran to the window.

"No" he gasped, seeing the building that he knew Naruto lived at in flames.


Near the top of the rubble a black gloved jutted out from underneath a steel support beam followed by a body. The person crawled out from under the metal and slowly stood, before opening it's glowing silted red-orange eyes.


RHC-014/VP-009 means: Rapid Healing Compound 14 with Viral Parasite 9.

What do you all think? Dose it sound right?

I used parts of the Resident Evil games, like how Wesker injected himself with the T-virus, the Leach monster from RE5, my own knock-off of the S.T.A.R.S unit, the cliché Self-Destruct, and maybe a few things I didn't even notice.

Some things I need from you'll:

1. I would like to know a pairing…

2. I would like to know if Naruto would like to,

A. Destroy Konoha

B. Destroy the world.

C. Other

3. If he should leave and return to Konoha only to betray them later.

4. Team up with Orochimaru, kill him, or both.

5. What dose a summoning contract for the different zombies sound like, you know how awesome it would be for him to summon an evil looking monster carrying a chainsaw, or a huge ogre looking motherfucker?