Resident Evil: Naruto style


Well that's the end of RE Naruto style, look for the sequel coming out later where Naruto unleashes hell upon the world for revenge and the reader learns about his childhood.

Here is a summery:

Driven to near insanity, Naruto unleashes the virus upon the world in retaliation for Konoha's crime against him. With the world still fighting against it a year later, he enters Konoha and lies his way into getting Danzo to follow him before revealing himself to the Hokage, who sends Kakashi and his unit after him. Fighting against Root, zombies, and other grotesque monsters, they chase him around Konoha where he gives clues as to what his plan is and reveals his brutal childhood which made him into what he is now.


After that the next sequel will be a crossover that I've been planning since the beginning, where Naruto ends up in another world. It will be between Batman, Teen Titans, and Naruto.