Their House. Several months after Abby's abduction in LA. Middle of the night.

At first he tries to ignore her restlessness. After all these years he knows she is never a 'peaceful' sleeper to share a bed with but having her there is more than worth that small price but after being kicked for the third time he rolls over and shakes her shoulder.

"Abby. Wake up sweetheart."
"Huh?" She sits up and rubs her eyes. "What?"
"I think you were having a nightmare darling. You kept kicking me."
"Oh, Jethro sorry. I think I was being chased but I couldn't move and...." her voice trails off as she remembers. He hates to see her looking so vulnerable and scared and searches his heart for the words to make it right. To make her feel safe again. He sits up and pulls her to him. She snuggles into his chest but her body is still stiff with tension.
"Tell me Abs" the concern in voice does little to hide the fact this is basically an order.
"They came back Jethro." Even in these circumstances he is pleased to hear her use his name as she only does when they're alone. "They came back" she repeats now fully awake.
"Who?" he questions vowing in that instant to do whatever it was going to take to erase said persons from her mind.
"The faces Jethro. The faces and now there's one more." He knows without asking she is referring to the man who kidnapped her in LA.
"Look at me Abs." Her eyes meet his seeming as usual to see straight into his soul.
"You are safe Abigail." His name only for when they are together like this. "You are safe and no-one is ever going to hurt you again and if they do...."
"You'll make them sorry they ever did" she interrupts in a teasing tone her mood beginning to lighten.
"Yes" he responds perfectly seriously. "I will.
"I love you Jethro but even you can't promise that. I know you're only doing it to make me feel better."
"No, Abby you don't understand. I can and I am making you this promise. I will keep you safe."
"Jethro?" somehow the intensity of this conversation has gone far beyond discussion of a nightmare and she is not sure where he is going with this.
"You know about my first wife and daughter. About Shannon and Kelly?" After all these years he still finds it hard to say the names.
"Well there is something else you need to know." As he goes on the explain about Mike Franks giving him the whereabouts of their killer and the actions he'd taken next she strokes his hair and tries to pull him even closer. This information does not shock or surprise her. She understands it was simply what he had to do and he wouldn't be her Jethro if he hadn't reacted that way.
"Why are you telling me this now?"
"So you know my promise to keep you safe is not mere words and so you know everything about me. You need to know everything so you can make an informed decision."
"About what?" He rolls away from her and rummages in the drawer of his beside table before taking out a small box. He turns back to her.
"I've been thinking about this for months. Before LA even but the time never seemed quite right but I need you to know exactly how I feel and that I will keep my promises....all of them....if you say yes....." He opens the box to show her the ring within.
"Leroy Jethro Gibbs!" She is staring at him her eyes widening in amazement.
"Will you marry me Abigail Sciuto? Will you be my wife?"
"Yes. Yes. Yes." She holds out her hand and he slips the ring on. As she brings her lips and her body to his he can't help the quick thought that crosses his mind that sometimes restlessness is a good thing and then he stops thinking altogether. She is finally truly and forever his as he is hers and he will do whatever it takes to keep her safe.

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