Chapter 1

Dear Karigan,

I missed you. I am truly sorry for my actions at the end of last summer. I didn't know what I was doing. Only now did I know truly what I had done. I really miss you now. Please forgive me.


P.S. I am returning to Sacor City.

Karigan sighed as she read the letter written in Alton's own elegant writing, under the dim candle light of her room in the new Rider quarters inside the castle. She remembered clearly Alton's rejection of her last summer at the D'Yer wall. At first she was confused than she was frustrated before being extremely angry at Alton. They were great friends or maybe even more but they were firm friends. Karigan didn't know what she did that upset Alton so much.

Karigan sighed again. Now Alton wants her forgiveness. Didn't he know how she felt at that time? But deep down she felt grateful that she was not responsible for his action last summer. Perhaps the strain of having to fix the Wall was making him feel touchy.

Alton rode swiftly on Night Hawk through the Green Cloak forest. He was almost a day ride from Sacor City. Part of him wanted to go forwards to Sacor City. The other part of him wanted to flee away from the City. What would Karigan do when he returns? Would she forgive him? Would she throw a fit? All these questions swirled around in his head as he rode towards Sacor City.